3d Isometric Vector Box Icon Tutorial

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April 8, 2014
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April 8, 2014
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What is Isometric Anyways?

Isometric projection is a 3d method, being a form of ortographic projection; representing a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions.

In a bit simpler english; we can make 2d objects easily converted to 3d objects by adding equally measured perspectives. That’s what we will do to create our 3d vector icon =)

Here is what we will try to achieve:


Phase 1: Making the Square into a 3d Box with Isometric Projection

1– Okay. To do that, we will need a square first.

Open a new Illustrator document, preferably in cmyk color and draw a 100pt x 100pt square:


2– Next, we will need to duplicate that square 2 times to prepare the front left and front right sides of the box imitation:


3– Now we will rotate our top side isometrically to build the top side of the box.

To do that, let’s go to effect > 3d > rotate > select isometric top:


4– Ok now let’s do the same for the front left side with one difference; the rotation will be isometric left:


5– Same goes for the fron right side; rotating isometric right:


6– Now let’s  object > expand appearance them to make the 3d rotated sides more editable:


7– We can now put them all together, to form a box:


Since we are almost done with the basic shape, we can move along with the effects to apply on it.