June 27, 2016

2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition Pays Homage to 1966 Le Mans Winner

Special edition GT will only be available in limited quantities To honor the winning GT40 Mark II race car driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon […]
June 27, 2016

Jaguar F-Pace Tackles Goodwood Course on Two Wheels

Stunt Driver Terry Grant returns to pilot the performance crossover During the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K., stunt driver Terry Grant and theJaguar F-Pace […]
June 24, 2016

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The Future of Auto Safety is Here Now Until recently, automotive safety has been focused on softening the blow of a collision or crash; i.e., limiting […]
June 24, 2016

Sweden testing electric trucks on wired roads

The Swedish Transport Administration is working on two test projects involving heavy-duty trucks that receive electricity from the road. Well, not something built into the asphalt, […]
June 24, 2016

5 best smartphones launched in 2016

These gadgets are not likely to get obsolete despite the launches that will happen later in the year. We are in the second half of 2016, […]
June 23, 2016

Rolls Royce Robotic Ships In The Works

Rolls Royce are working on a new project for robotic ships and the company has published a whitepaper on what it thinks the future of autonomous […]
June 23, 2016

Complete HTC One M10 Specifications as We Know Them

It is being speculated that HTC One M10 is going to be the flagship smartphone that will turn the ship around for the company and set […]
June 23, 2016

Mind-Reading Algorithm Knows What You’re Looking At

Could eventually help rehabilitate damaged brains Researchers trained an algorithm to accurately predict what patients were looking at in real time. The black line illustrates the […]
October 6, 2015

7 Essential CSS Tools for Designers

1) Get Preboot Preboot is a great collection of LESS utilities (variables and Mixins). It is an improvement from bootstrap. This is the best and most powerful […]