Canon’s EOS 60D D-SLR for taking photos in the outer space

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June 3, 2014
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Love photography? Or you just simply love taking pictures? For the techies out there who just love everything about pictures, here is our new tech updates for you.

If you are a fan and a user of Canon’s popular EOS 60D D-SLR, get ready and be amazed about its new feature. The favorite D-SLR has now been optimized for a perfect picture taking on any objects in the outer space. If you love astronomy, then this is really a fascinating gadget.
The new EOS 60Da still uses the same 18-megapixel image sensor. However, the new image sensor has been improved and tuned in for the extra sensitivity in the outer space such making it possible to capture images despite the wavelength for instance. Thus, capturing celestial objects and even emissions from nebulae are perfectly captured using this camera.
So if you are an enthusiast, instead of only looking the wonderful night sky in your telescope, with the 60D’s enhanced capabilities, start capturing moments of the shooting night sky. The improved EOS 60D are available at the price of $1,499 and will be available at selected dealers only. So start hunting and grab your gadget now.
So now that you have the latest update on cameras, let us give you one last tech updates but still is related to pictures.
You have captured great images, and you are appreciating it too much. But as much as you enjoyed it yourself, why not share it with others so they could also see your work? Best way for sharing it – online. Use a free photo sharing application and share it on a variety of social networking services such as twitter.
Instagram are compatible with any gadget running under iOS, but now, just recently, it has also been available for Android users. Upload your captured images on your running iOS or Android phones and share it online. The vintage photography application allows you to edit and personalize your photos with cool effects too.