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So many times, the graphic designers, even freelancers, search for high-quality photo resources for use in their projects, but not everybody have the budget to buy  stock images. That’s we need to know at least a couple of sites in which we can found a good amount of all types photography’s in high resolution and totally free to use.

Now we bring you a compilation of the best free stock images sites for your consideration.

01. Pexels.

A great site in which we can found over 3,800 free stock photos in high resolution, and the best thing is that all the photos in the site are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, therefore the pictures are completely free to be used in personal and commercial projects without attribution required.


(Photo: Source)

02. Magdeleine.

Unlike the previous site, in this one we can found a lot of high-quality images, but some of these have a license with attribution required and the remaining are CC0 license. The site contains a great deal of very useful images and a new picture is added everyday.


(Photo: Source)

03. Unsplash.

All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.

This site contains an amazing collection of high-quality photos and 10 new photos are added each 10 days.


(Photo: Source)

04. Life of Pix.

This is a site in which we can find a big collection of free high-resolution photos without copyright restrictions, all images are donated to the public domain, besides this some new photos are added weekly.


(Photo: Source)

05. Splashbase.

Splashbase is a search and discovery platform for more than 15 sites of free stock photos and with the plus that some of these are video stocks sites which make it a really extensive and complete option.


(Photo: Source)

06. Gratisography.

With a great collection of high-quality photos, this site is characterized by providing a lot of funny and creative original photos, all with CC0 license.


(Photo: Source)

07. Picjumbo.

This is a really amazing site because it has a considerable amount of professional and high-quality totally free photos for personal and commercial uses, also has more than 12 different categories that will make easier to find what you are looking for.


(Photo: Source)

08. Pixabay.

Pixabay is another really amazing site in wich we can found a big collection of not only photos but also vectors and videos totally free and published under CC0 license. A great bonus of this site is that the site provides us the option of choose between four different sizes for the photos which are S, M, L and XL.


(Photo: Source)

09. Realistic Shots.

What happens when you need a realistic photo and you only find some too elaborate? Well, this site offers a lot of very genuine and natural photographies that will give to your project a really personal touch. All of these are free to personal and commercial use.


(Photo: Source)

10. Designer Pics.

In spite of the number of images that this site contains is limited, we can found some very gorgeous images that will be very useful for our projects that’s why not be amiss add this site to our bookmarks.


(Photo: Source)

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How To Create Your Own Vocal-Free Karaoke Tracks Wed, 09 Nov 2016 06:57:55 +0000 […]]]> I’m sure you will agree with me that there’s nothing better for the spirit than karaoke. Whether you like singing or not, once you get over the initial embarrassment and start picturing yourself standing on stage and singing with a real band, it becomes a truly uplifting experience.

Karaoke is not necessarily a group activity – what about karaoke tracks you can listen to in the car, singing along to yourself? Or even while working on your computer? There’s an endless amount of fun to be had with vocal-free tracks.

Somehow, though, it’s always hard to find the ones you really want. YouTube is full of vocal-free tracks, but it’s never the ones you really feel like singing. I’ve always wished I could create my own karaoke tracks from my own favorite songs, but it always seemed like a really complicated task. Something only real audiophiles would be up to. Turns out I was wrong. Creating your own karaoke tracks is actually easy as pie, and takes about 5 to 60 seconds to accomplish, depending on the method you choose.

The songs you create may end up sounding a little bit warped, but hey, no one’s coming to karaoke night for the quality of the music anyway.

Do It Yourself With Audacity [Windows, Mac, Linux]

I’ve been seeing this method around for quite a while, but never believed it actually worked until I tried it. This method is the more satisfying of the two, and works with any audio format you can think of (I tried Mp3 and Ogg, both worked perfectly).

To create karaoke tracks using this method, the first thing you need to do is download Audacity. Audacity is a great audio editor, and works on pretty much any OS. Once you have Audacity, launch it and load the song you want to strip of vocals (File –> Open or File –> Import –> Audio will do the trick).

create karaoke tracks

Once your audio track is loaded, you’ll usually see two blue tracks. These are the two stereo tracks of your song. In order to get rid of the vocals, your first step would be to split these tracks into two separate audio tracks which you can edit individually. To do this, click on the small black triangle on the top left and choose “Split Stereo Track”.

create karaoke songs

Now that you have two separate tracks, double click on one of them (doesn’t matter which) to select all of it. Click the “Effects” menu and choose “Invert”.

create karaoke songs

This will invert the entire track, which will enable us to cancel it out. If you listen to the track now, the vocals will still be there. There’s one step left, and this is the important one: Click on the black triangle for both tracks, and change both of them to Mono.

create karaoke songs

It’s very important that you change them both, otherwise the vocals will not be stripped. That’s it, you can now hit play and listen to your new karaoke track. You can also export it into an audio file to create your custom karaoke playlist (you’ll need the LAME Mp3 encoder if you want to export to MP3).

So how does it work? This method doesn’t work with every song, but it should work with most. Without getting too technical, most songs are recorded on two stereo channels, with some instruments balanced more to the right, and some balanced more to the left. The vocals of the song are usually in the center, therefore appearing on both tracks. When we split the tracks and invert one of them, the vocals on the inverted track cancel out the vocals on the regular track. We then switch them both to mono, and we’re left with only instruments.

If the song you chose uses reverb, you might here a slight echo of the vocals, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If the song you chose is different than most, and the vocals are not dead centered, this method might not work at all. The best way to find out is to give it a try!

For Mp3s & CDs: Karaoke Anything! [Windows]

If you don’t feel like doing the actual work, you can let Karaoke Anything! do it for you. Note, however, that this app only works with audio CDs or Mp3 files, and you can’t load Mp3 playlists, only individual files.

Using Karaoke Anything is dead simple. Launch the app, choose “MP3 Player Mode” or “CD Player Mode” and you’re pretty much done. If you chose to use Mp3 files, click on File –> Open to add your song. Click play, and the song will start playing without any vocals. It’s like magic!

create karaoke tracks

You can use the “Karaoke Effect” slider to control the vocals’ volume, in case you want to be able to hear it but still sing over it without it interfering.

Which One Should You Use?

That really depends. In general, both methods give similar results, although some songs may end up better using one method than the other. If you want to create your own vocal-free files, if you want to use anything other than Mp3s or CDs, or if you’re not using Windows, Audacity is the obvious choice. Otherwise, give Karaoke Anything a try, and you might be able to kick off the party in the time it takes you to download a 2.5MB installer.

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3 Best WordPress Plugins to Auto-Post to Social Networks Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:51:53 +0000 […]]]> As bloggers, apart from traffic from search engines, we are aware that social networks plays a substantial part referring visitors to our blog. It is a source that cannot be underestimated. The bad thing about social media is that it takes time and effort to build your fan base and authority. It’s not going to happen overnight, and in order to grow our social accounts and bring traffic, we need to be active and regular in sharing posts and interesting content. These social activities can take a fair bit of our time and resources if we need to manage many accounts over different social platforms. And if this is going to be our daily and regular routine, why not make it automated right? In this short post, I have handpicked 3 of the plugins that I have personally used and tested on different blogs of mine. All these plugins are free to use, with the options for you to upgrade if you outgrown your requirements, or need more features.

1. JetPack

The plugin Jetpack comes packed with many many features that you can use for your blog. But for now, I’ll just talk about how it can increase your social productivity by auto-posting to social networks when you publish new content on your WordPress blog. Jetpack connects up to 6 different social networks as per follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Path
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

The number of networks supported by Jetpack is nothing to shout about. BUT, it can auto-share to Google+ (page or profile), which is a BIG thing for a FREE plugin. If your post is appearing on Google+ as a private share (i.e. shared only to you), this is probably caused by the Google Plus, and can be resolved by tweaking it’s settings. More about the settings here.

For Facebook, it only limits you to choosing either your personal profile or Facebook Page. Doesn’t really matter if you separate personal and work. Besides, you can always use another WordPress plugin or web-tool to do the necessary sharing.

Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn are pretty straightforward. Just hit the connect button and provide the necessary credentials and you are done.

One drawback, is the lack of option for us to customize how we want our posts to appear on the selected social networks. Most of the plugins give us the ability to format the post to our preferences to include/exclude items such as title, URL, excerpt, hashtags, categories, etc.

auto share social networks wordpress plugin 2

2. NextScripts (SNAP)

SNAP is a powerful social network auto-poster created by NextScripts. The plugin supports more than 20 social networks for you to auto-share to. Whenever you publish new posts on your WordPress blog, these posts can be shared  automatically and immediately to your selected networks, or alternatively you can have them scheduled using WP Cron. The latter method may work better if you prefer to staggered and have your posts shared in different timing.

auto share to social networks wordpress plugins 1

SNAP is available on free or paid plans. Take a look at the table to see what social networks you can auto-share to between these two versions.

Free Version PRO Version
Facebook Google+
Twitter Pinterest
Blogger Instagram
StumbleUpon LinkedIn
Tumblr YouTube
Flickr & more Reddit & more*

*includes  those in the free version.

There are a number of reasons why I personally prefer SNAP over other paid plugins. Here are some:

  • The plugin doesn’t self-promote themselves when our content are shared to the social networks. For example: “Shared via” or “Posted by SNAP for WordPress” messages.
  • Many ways to format how your content appear in different social networks.
  • Able to auto-import Facebook comments into WordPress comments.
  • Able to auto-import Twitter replies and mentions as WordPress comments.
  • Exclude or include categories.
  • Able to share/post to multiple networks simultaneously without publishing any WordPress posts. Very useful if you want to write unique content specifically for micro-blogs, etc.
  • Able to choose and use your URL shortener. Great for obtaining stats, and tracking the number of clicks on your links.

Why bother paying for the PRO version?

One key benefit and advantage is that you get to auto-post to much more social networks. It saves you time, effort and makes you more productive. Networks such as Google+, Instagram and YouTube do not have provide any free native API for automated posting, so in order for us to auto-share on these social platforms, we need to use NextScript’s API.

The cost is $49 per year which is consider fair since the plugin supports lots of networks, frequently updated, and comes with comprehensive settings for customization. Other than that, the PRO version also provides the feature for you to add multiple accounts for each social network. If we can have the cron job done via a 3rd party or NextScripts, that will be perfect.

3. Microblog Poster

Depending on your requirements, it’s either you love or hate Microblog Poster. There are good features that makes you want to use it, but there are also features you wish it’s available for free to use. Let’s go through the facts, the good, and then the bad.

The number of social networks support is not a lot compared to other plugins. It’s better than Jetpack in this aspect though. Currently Microblog Poster only supports 11 platforms. I do hope more get supported since this plugin really has plenty of potential to be a big player.

  • – Auto post to your account.
  • – Auto publish to profile wall.
  • – Auto post to your account.
  • – Auto submit bookmark of your post.
  • – Auto submit bookmark of your post.
  • – Auto publish to profile wall.
  • – Auto publish to your blog.
  • ( – Auto publish to your blog.
  • – Auto submit bookmark of your content.
  • ( – Auto publish to profile wall.
  • – Auto publish to profile wall.

auto post to social networks with wordpress plugin 3

The Good

  • Supports multiple account for each social network (even for FREE accounts!)
  • Auto-republish your old posts.
  • The cost is only one-time $49, and includes future all days.
  • Purchase is backed by 30 day guarantee.
  • URL shortener available.
  • No self-promotion links on your shared posts.

The Bad

  • Does not support Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Cannot auto-post to LinkedIn company page and Facebook Page (only made available for paid plans)

Final thoughts

I have seen many plugins come and go. It doesn’t only happen to auto-post plugins. Most WordPress plugins started free or freemium, but eventually either ends up a pay-to-use model, or die peacefully because the developer no longer wants to continue the development for free. Jetpack is the only plugin that managed to stay free and reliable as much as I can remember over these years. It’s good to start free, but think long term too. If you are considering a plugin, do factor in how you may outgrow these plugins, and make sure that their paid plans are something you can trust and depend on.


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6 TOOLS TO AUTOMATE SHARING TO SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:45:57 +0000 […]]]> Promoting your post to social media channels is as important as creating an engaging content to improve readership. Syndicating your posts to your relevant social networks can significantly enhance visitors to your site. This will help you improve your overall search rankings. For your content to be found, no matter what topic it is, you must be active on social media.

So, it’s important to publish your posts to your own social networks every time you add a new content to your site. Unfortunately, not all bloggers have the time in the world to promote their new posts to G+, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The best solution? Use auto-posting tools.

Automating the way you promote your latest content to your social networks is now possible through social media auto-posting plug-ins. There are hundreds of solutions that can automatically promote your blog posts to your social media networks but these are the most popular ones

1. Hootsuite

HootSuite Tool

Why use Hootsuite when you’re already using Buffer? Is Hootsuite better than Buffer and vice versa?

Hootsuite and Buffer are good services that can automatically share your posts. When it comes to social networking support, Hootsuite has wider coverage.

Cool features I love:

  • Auto post to: Facebook groups / profiles / business pages, LinkedIn company pages / groups, Google+ pages, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi.
  • Ability to share from: Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, StumbleUpon and much more.
  • Auto post updates from RSS feeds.
  • Schedule multiple posts in bulk.
  • Determine how people share their posts. For example, if someone shared a post from your site using Hootsuite, you’ll be able to track that they used Hootsuite to reshare your post.
  • Monitor activities of multiple social accounts – all at once in one dashboard. Here’s an example (click for larger size):
    Hootsuite Stream
    See how I can view my Twitter mentions, Facebook group activities and Google+ feed from one single dashboard? Instead of opening and closing a new window back and forth, I can view these information and even interact easily using Hootsuite! Such a time saver, right?
  • Share links and photos. It uses the hosted server for link and photo sharing.

Some more info:

  • Pricing: Free / Pro (From $8.99 a month) / Enterprise
  • Post through: Chrome extension / Firefox extension / iPhone app / iPad app / Android app / Even if you’re not on chrome, you can just drag and drop their icon to your browser.

With basic account, you’ll have message scheduling and can set up 5 social networks. Its pro version has unlimited social networks, atom feeds, and stats history. It also allows bulk scheduling. But you don’t have to rush into getting a pro account as its basic version is already enough to automatically share posts to your important social networks.

For personal and professional use, this auto-posting tool is worth a try. It’s great if you want to establish a market on your online brand.

2. Buffer App

Buffer Interface

It’s one of those apps that can help you out in posting stuff to your social networks. You’ll learn how to do publishing posts automatically to your social networking sites and embrace this useful tool. What I love the most about it is its clean and easy-to-use interface.

With this app, you can:

  • Set up buffering patterns for different days of the week. For instance, on Mondays through Fridays, you post an update every 4 am, 5 pm and 6 pm. And on weekends, you can publish update every 4 hours.
  • Find out the times of day that your post gets the most engagement and the type of topics your audience like the most.
  • Track which updates get the most engagement. Analyze which of your updates get the most reshares/retweets, mentions, clicks and favorites.
  • Shorten or not shorten your links. Available shorteners: / /
  • Use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you get from social media posts.
  • Buffer adds content suggestions that you can post to your social networks.

Buffer info:

  • Pricing: Free / Awesome ($10 or $102 a year) / Business ($50 – $250 month)
  • Post updates through: Buffer’s dashboard / iPhone app / Android app / Chrome extension / Firefox / Safari
  • For free account, you can already manage multiple social networking accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
  • The free account allows you to provide 10 updates per day.

3. TweetDeck


TweetDeck underwent major tweaking. The most noticeable one is its overall interface. Its new dashboard is now in white that resembles that of HootSuite. With its new interface, you now have more options depending on the number of social network accounts you’ve added.

Unfortunately, this app no longer supports Facebook integration. So, if the majority of your audience is on Facebook, then you better use HootSuite or other auto-posting tools on this list.

However, if your audience spends more time on Twitter, then this could be a great app for you to provide automatic updates for your followers.

Key features:

  • Available in: Mac / Windows / Chrome app / iPhone / Android
  • View and monitor lists, searches, activity and more – all in one single dashboard.
  • Ability to select what kind of tweets to display in your stream, exclude unwanted terms from any or specific users.
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts.

4. Dlvr.It

DlvrIt tool

From the term suggests, will help you connect with your readers by delivering your content to various social networks. Yes, just like the other options mentioned above. But what’s unique about this app?

Key features:

  • Auto-share content of your favorite sites (through RSS feeds) to your social networks. Take a look at this example. See how I was able to distribute the feeds of my favorite sites? Every time they post a new content, my social accounts will automatically update with the link + title (and the author as well) to their new posts:DlvrIt
  • Promoted stories. It’s the promoted stories feature where you can pay $1 for a story that you want to spread to a wider network base. For such amount, your story will be delivered to search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Your content will also reached top news sites and feeds, such as ABC news, Boing Boing, etc. Of course, it’ll reach your social networks. However, the $1 is only applicable to your first story. The next time you promote another story, you’ll have to pay $10-$30 (depends on your plan). It’s still a good deal though. Click here for more info.
  • Ability to filter the content that this app shares. You can filter it by categories, body content, title and URL. It’s a useful tool if you only want specific authors or categories that you want to be shared.
  • Plus, you can set up your Google Analytics’ custom tracking codes to effectively track your click-throughs and conversions, among other things.

5. SproutSocial


It’s one of the social management tools that let you fulfill most (not all) of your social-management needs. One of the striking things about this app is its simplicity. Unlike HootSuite and Buffer App, this one doesn’t have learning curve. From the moment you open an account to the minute you make your first update.

Although it’s a one-stop shop for your Facebook, G+ pages and LinkedIn social network accounts, it emphasizes more on your Twitter account.

Key features:

  • Sexy dashboard. Really sexy.
  • In-depth reporting system. You have the ability to view your social media performance such as how people are engaging with your posts, # of new followers, fans, retweets, mentions, etc.
  • RSS scheduler. Like Hootsuite and Dlvr.It, you can set up feeds to auto-publish posts to your social networks when new blog posts are live.
  • Discovery. It’s also capable of helping you discover interesting people to follow and not so engaging networks to unfollow. All tabs are self-explanatory.
  • Sync feedly account. You can connect your Feedly account and view the latest content right from your Sproutsocial RSS reader.
  • Available in Chrome / App Store / Android / any browser using their bookmarklet toolbar.
  • Plans: Deluxe ($59 per month) / Premium ($99 per month) / Enterprise ($1500 per month) – with 30 day trial in each plan

6. Rss Graffiti

It’s a Facebook app that can work with your personal profile or fan page on Facebook. This app is specially designed to share your own blog’s RSS feeds on your Facebook wall.

When setting up your scheduled posts, make sure that you won’t be posting several updates on your wall as your followers might find them annoying. You can choose the number of posts this app will share in one day once it goes live.

You can also use this app to post updates for your Facebook groups. And connect your Graffiti account to your Twitter so it’ll auto-update your posts to said networking site.


  • Plans: Free / Broadcast Add-on ($5 per month) / Optimize Add-on ($50 per month) / Express Add-on ($150 per month)
  • Free account can post unlimited feeds, unlimited Facebook targets, up to 300 posts per page, per month

I suggest trying out the free account. It caters to most of your social-management needs. However, if you need to update more than 300 posts each month, then subscribing to one of its premium plans could be a viable option.

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25+ Free Plugins to Help You Auto Share Your New Blog Posts Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:41:33 +0000 […]]]> One of the best things you can do when you publish a new blog post is publish a link to that post on the various social networks you use. It keeps up your social activity – though you do need non-promotional posts occasionally – and it spreads awareness of your new post. The trouble is, it can take a while to do. It’s annoying and time consuming to take your blog post link and go to each social network in turn, writing a post and putting up the link.

Savvy marketers are always looking for ways to save hassle or time via automation.This is one case where you can automate simple tasks and save yourself a lot of annoyance. That’s why I’ve compiled a huge list of tools, plugins, and methods you can use to share your posts. Just be wary; automation has its downsides. If your social profile is nothing but an automated feed, people aren’t going to follow it or pay it any attention. Only use automation for some of your posting, and make sure you give the profile the attention it deserves.

1. Jetpack Publicize

This is the option the vast majority of you will want to use, for one simple reason; it’s included by default with and is a very simple, easy integration with It supports a bunch of different social networks, and all you need to do is click a button to log in to that network and authorize Jetpack. From there, just configure how you want it to post when a new blog post is published, and your automatic posting will be set up and ready to go.

2. WP AutoSharePost

This is a very simple autoposter with one unique feature, which is the comment grabber. It will fetch comments left on Facebook or Twitter and publish them to your blog as well. However, it is limited to just those two social networks. Use caution, though; this is an old plugin that has not been officially updated in nearly three years. As such, you never know if it has an open security hole or an incompatibility with other recent plugins.

3. Social Networks Auto Poster

SNAP, by NextScripts, is one of the most popular autoshare plugins available. It supports a wide variety of social networks, some that barely even fit the description. The list includes the big names, as well as LiveJounral, Plurk, VK,, and more. This plugin is also very well supported and kept up to date, with the most recent update being two weeks ago as of the time of this writing.

4. Microblog Poster

Initially concepted to post to microblog sites like Tumblr, this plugin has expanded. It’s still smaller than something like SNAP, but it also supports sharing old content, rather than just new published content. It allows multiple accounts per social network, as well as shortcodes. Additionally, they have support staff that speak English, Russian, and French, for multilingual assistance.


If This Then That is a workflow recipe system. It’s excellent for autoshares, but you will have to set up individual recipes for each social network. Essentially, you will run off your blog RSS. When a new RSS entry is made, IFTTT can then push an update to the social network of choice. You will have many recipes, like RSS to Twitter, RSS to Facebook, and RSS to Tumblr, or whatever else you happen to use. As a bonus, IFTTT is very robust and lets you do a ton of other automation as well.


DeliverIt – minus the vowels as is so trendy with web 3.0 branding – accepts input from five RSS feeds, publishes to 3 social pages, and checks for updates every 30 minutes on an ongoing basis. It has the ability to upgrade to paid plans that publish to a much broader range of profiles, if you like it enough to pay for it.

7. Buffer

One of the premier content curation and autosharing plugins available, it allows detailed post scheduling as well as automatic social sharing. You can also create content through it using Pablo, their new content creation engine. Buffer is high profile, well-supported, and it’s free for the basic plan. There are, as always, paid upgrades if you choose to use them.

8. MailChimp Social

Powered by the fantastic MailChimp, this plugin has the same comment grabber features as some of the other plugins on this list. It integrates easily with MailChimp, of course. Automatically post to major social networks, pull replies as comments, and swap through different social identities for posting.

9. HootSuite Publishing

The social publishing wing of HootSuite is another one of those side features that integrates really well with a broader plugin or CMS, in this case HootSuite itself. Not only does it allow blog to profile automatic posting, but it also does all sorts of social management, including moderation and the management of a content library. As always, if you like it, consider upgrading to the paid plans; they’re worth the money.

10. Content Resharer

Produced by 99Robots, this plugin primarily focuses on Twitter. The emphasis of this plugin is not the initial publication of your content, but rather the extended republication of it down the line. When we recommend that you tweet about content on publication, later that day, the next day, and in the coming weeks, it can get obnoxious remembering to do all of it. That’s what this plugin is for; managing that scheduling automatically.

11. Twitter Feed

This shockingly yellow-brown site is managed by Bitly, the prominent URL shortener company. They make you sign up with an account, either via email or through another social network – Google, LinkedIn, and Yahoo are listed, but Blogger, WordPress, OpenID, AOL, Flickr, Verisign, Hyves, LiveJournal, and Netlog are all supported. Which is odd, because no one uses half of those and cares about marketing. Still, it’s a basic RSS to Twitter app, and it works just fine.

12. Reddit Bots

Very few social media auto posters take Reddit into consideration, and with good reason; the site is very sensitive about automatic posts made in their subs. However, you can still use custom bots to post for you, if you’re careful about how you do it. That, or you can make your own subreddit and make the rules yourself. That’s up to you.


13. Social Marker

This is one of the few widespread social autoposters that will do Reddit, because it’s specifically designed to send posts to social bookmrking sites. It’s free, the plugin is easy to use, and it works with Slashdot, Reddit, Digg, Fark, and a handful of others.

14. OnlyWire

This is another one that works both for social media sites and social bookmarking sites. It’s perhaps one of the bigger options, in that it has RSS automation alongside various extensions, and a whole pile of analytics. As any good marketers knows, analytics are the key to success, and this is no different. Make use of them and you can get a lot of value out of automated posting.

15. Revive Old Post

Previously known as Tweet Old Post, this plugin is specifically designed to help you tweet older content that may not be published recently. It doesn’t run off RSS like so many others, so you don’t need to bother with setting up an RSS feed just for automation. It does have a pro version, which is required to share image posts on Twitter, so make sure you want that functionality before you buy. Also, make sure to update your old posts before you promote them, so you’re not promoting outdated or invalid information.

16. Tribe Pro

This is a somewhat gray hat option, but most of the black hat features are gated behind the paid versions. With the free version, you have an activity feed and leaderboard, you have a whole tribe social system, and you have the ability to share and submit content on over 50 websites. It also shares blog comments, but I don’t recommend automatic comment submission on blogs. That road leads to spam.

17. Social Media Auto Publish

Not to be confused with SNAP, SMAP supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They do image posts as well as text posts, allow category filtering, and allow custom post type filtering. It’s also kept relatively up to date, with updates only a few months ago. The one unfortunate downside is just that it handles so few social networks. If you wanted Pinterest or Instagram posting, you’re out of luck.

18. WP Pinner

Speaking of Pinterest, that’s one social network that is often woefully underrepresented in the world of social media autoshares. If you post graphical content frequently and you want it posted to Pinterest, this is one of your best bets. It’s completely free and only requires your name and email address to sign up.

19. Facebook Auto Publish

This plugin is like a smaller version of SMAP above, in that it’s made by the same person and it has all of the same features, except it only works on Facebook and not on any of the other social networks. Really, if the only network you use is Facebook, this plugin will probably be more than enough for you.

20. Social Oomph

This app has both a free and a professional version, with a great comparison of their features on their homepage. It works with Twitter above all else, but allows you to manage up to five Twitter accounts at a time. It also has a whole lot of additional Twitter management features, if you need them.

21. PostPlanner

Yes, PP is technically a paid app, but it’s really great and it’s really cheap. There’s not much reason to avoid it just on the grounds of $7 a month. Skip two coffees any time during the month and you’ve got it covered. PostPlanner does all of the automation you could want for Facebook, plus a whole lot of extra features.

22. TweetDeck

Free and perfectly accessible on Twitter, this app has a lot of Twitter management capabilities, along with autoshare capabilities, scheduled tweets, curated feeds, lists, multiple account management, and a whole lot more.

23. MassPlanner

This one covers a bunch of different social networks, but it notably covers many that are hard to automatically post to. The reason it’s listed as free when it’s not, besides the free trial, is that it’s one of the only apps that does Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram all at the same time. Normally, you’ll be out of luck, or will need to use three different apps for those three sites.

24. A Custom Twitter App

Maybe you want some additional functionality. Maybe you want more customization. Maybe you just don’t trust outside code. Whatever the case, it’s actually really easy to make your own Twitter app. All you need is a little bit of coding know-how and access to Google Scripts. Mock something up, make it a Twitter app, and you’re good to go.

25. Networked Blogs

This option is less of an autoshare system and more of a blog network. You register via Facebook and post a link to your blog, and it is added to a massive list of blogs that are shared, shown, and posted around the web. Some great sites use the system, and a lot of mediocre sites as well.

★ Paid Options

I know this post is about free plugins, but there a few great plugins worth mentioning that have a small monthly fee.

25. Postcron

Rocking a very Patreon-like logo, Postcron hooks into 15 social accounts and allows teams to manage it, with a bunch of additional features to make automation that much easier. It’s $10 a month, with a discount if you pay annually, as these sorts of apps are so frequently encouraging. It’s pretty basic all things considered, but it handles large volumes quite well.

26. SocialAdr

This takes your initially posted content and shares it throughout the web, but it also goes one step further, putting it in front of audiences that are highly likely to be interested in what you have to say. Think of it like a viral surge in a box. The only drawback is that it’s not free. The lower level is $15 and gives you a fixed number of usage credits per month. Did I mention this is gray hat? Yeah, be careful using it; it can look a lot like reciprocal link networks from the outside.

27. 1-Click WP SEO

This is an application I would be careful with if I were you. The software works and is recommended by some big name bloggers, but the website seems a little sketchy to me. It has all the hallmarks of a templated affiliate site. That said, it’s a relatively low one-time fee rather than a monthly payment, which warranted inclusion.

28. PostRSS

This works very much like the IFTTT method of taking RSS input and publishing to social media. Unfortunately, while it had a free plan, that free plan was disabled. The cheapest plan is $5 per month and limits you to one target. For $10 per month you get 10 targets, an incredible number of monthly tasks, and some other features. It’s limited to just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and VK, though.

29. CoSchedule

This is one of those high-end enterprise-level management programs you hear about on the radio and see posted about around the web. It has a free trial, but it’s only 14 days, so I didn’t include it with the rest of the free plugins. For the fee, though, you get a ton of features, ranging from blog autoshares to editorial calendars, Evernote integration, a Chrome extension, and a lot more.

30. Exxica’s Social Marketing Scheduler

This plugin was going to go up in the free section, but they hid a little fine print around. They offer a “free” plugin but it stops working after 45 days and nags you to pay their fee, which is 10 Euros per month. Honestly, it’s not even that great a plugin, given how few sites it works with and how little customization it has.

What is your favorite sharing plugin? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 Awesome Prototyping Tools for Designers Fri, 22 Apr 2016 10:26:23 +0000 […]]]> Here’s a coherent presentation of 13 prototyping tools which will help you design your project and test it. Read on and prototype away!
1. Balsamiq

Creating a list about prototyping tools without mentioning Balsamiq is like a sphere: pointless. It is one of the basics when it comes to creating your first wireframes and mockups.

It is quick and easy, so if you want to jump right in and leave with a good locking prototype, then it’s a great choice. What captivates is its simplicity.

There’s no need to think about which font to use, which color and whatnot because of the limited choices. You focus on the layout only and that’s it. Balsamiq is cheap, has good support is easy to pick up. If you don’t need interactions with your prototype, this is a perfect choice.

balsamiq prototyping tools

Here’s a sample mockup with a Google Translate infused Lorem Ipsum. The Skirt of Zen.

2. Lucidchart

The front page is deceitful, but it’s not only about diagrams, flowcharts and graphs. Lucidchart is for IT and Engineering, for Business clients and for Product Management and Design.

The back-end functionalities such as server diagrams or UML are free, and the wireframing requires a subscription.

Wireframing uses interactive drag and drop interface where you can use preset elements to create your frame.

And of course you can share your project with others. Lucidchart is well priced and its versatility allows you to jump in for a quick project or sit and tweak at a little bit to later use it for your final product.

lucidchart prototyping tools

My own Wingdings inspired design, expected to hit shelves in: never. The tool offers good options, though.

3. MarvelApp

Marvel attracts you with its simple and clear design which allows you to get right to work. It also operates on web browsers, so it is accessible via many platforms (PC, mobile, etc.).

Marvel syncs with Dropbox, and offers access to projects for full teams, like other tools. Marvel can export the prototype as an .apk for Android developers, so you can turn your prototypes into offline apps.

To follow their words “napkins supported”, you can take a screenshot with your phone iPhone and turn it into a prototype with few clicks. It’s simple, clear, and most of all free, with some extensive plans available.

MarvelApp prototyping tools

A prototype of our old website. It’s gone.

4. Moqups

How can you not fall in love with a front page which already is an editor for wireframing? If you want to check out the features, just click on any element of the website for yourself live.

Moqups is easy and fast, like Balsamiq. No visual clutter included if you want to focus on the frame alone. The fact that it’s in HTML5 make it  fast and seamless. The amount of members on projects is unlimited, so it’s perfect for larger and growing teams.

Moqups prototyping tools

Dear Moqups, I introduced some improvements. Feel free to hire me.

5. MockFlow

Don’t mock this one, as this is a fine tool for prototypes. It looks confusing, but once you get the hang of the interface and of the MockStore, you can use all the elements and templates available.

Creating a non-cartoonish mockup is simple, looks good, and you have an online link to a HTML wireframe which you can share as you wish. MockFlow is constantly updated and receives new features and fixes all the time, so it is good to see it develop rapidly. It uses Flash, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

mockflow prototyping tools

I got excited at the sight of 2 notifications, but then I remembered it’s not 2010 any more.

6. UXPin

UXPin is a great tool with tons of options for wireframing. But what  caught my attention is the option of turning your sketch into a digital wireframe.

I don’t mean taking a screenshot and then using it as a background image – UXPin sells notepads which contains UI elements that can be modified as you wish. After having done so, you upload the picture to UXPin and it changes into a digital version! It’s a bit pricey, but the idea of seeing your sketches come to life is quite alluring.

UXPin doesn’t need that much recommendation – it’s a big player used by other big players such as Microsoft and Sony

UXPin prototyping tools

Because one date connected with one day of the week will be the harbinger of doom.

7. Protoshare

The strength of Protoshare lies in collaboration.

Protoshare makes you feel like you are entering the professional world of creating professional wireframes, but it also offers you the option to discuss projects in real-time.

Sharing is the proto principle, after all. The tool is clear and extensive – it may appear overwhelming at first, but the multitude of options available makes it a worthy contender.

Protoshare prototyping tools

See what I did here? Hint: It’s a completely normal picture.


Let’s follow the naming convention a little bit. When I first entered the site it charmed with the simplistic design of their page and tool. It’s clean and slick, and somehow familiar. Made me want to try it straight away without any further ado.

It’s a valuable tool for prototyping for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which you can later test on live devices. Give a go.

Protoio prototyping tools

I’ve been greeted with a similar message, and I don’t look good in pictures ever since. Figures.

9. HotGloo

It will stick to you. Even though it uses Flash, it is rather slick and clean, and like it also gave me that feel of familiarity – it means it follows already successful design principles.

I was able to play around and get the hang of it fast, so that definitely is a plus. It is another viable option for creating your prototype, and it’s rather well priced. Most features offered by HotGloo are enough to get you going, so don’t hesitate.

HotGloo prototyping tools

A screenshot given us from HotGloo.

10. iPhoneMockup

I’ve stumbled upon this little thing completely by chance. It is the perfect tool for people who are suffering from a PTSD caused by transferring from paper to digital.

You choose one of the styles, illustration or pencil. One has straight lines whereas the other is a drawing by a drunk chimpanzee. Then, you use few basic elements to create a simple iOS mockup.

If you are in a situation that you need to create a mockup in 30 seconds or else the world will end, then this is perfect. Also, the “projects” are shareable, but you can’t control the changes once you made the link public – beware.

iPhoneMockup prototyping tools

I know, I know, this is a lot to digest, but breathe, slowly, don’t let the options overwhelm you…

11. FluidUI

Their name is not a coincidence.

FluidUI design is fluid and the tool is simple to use, even though it might appear to be a bit clumsy once you perform too many actions.

You can prepare some basic wireframes or go armed to teeth and use high fidelity components, which simulate the environments you are creating for.

You can see the screen flows thanks to the Fluid Player, which will show you exactly how the prototype will behave on a real device. Features such as cloning screens or adding notes are also a plus.

FluidUI prototyping tools

I made a prototype of a convenient program for fixing all the IT problems of your relatives.

12. Pidoco

Remote usability tests!

Yes, that’s what makes Pidoco stand out from other competitors. You can run tests of your prototypes by sending a link to users, and then you start gathering data. Otherwise, it is also a solid option for creating interactive prototypes and wireframes.

Pidoco prototyping tools

I decided to create something constructive here, but the result varies.

13. Wirify

This one came off as a surprise. Wirify offers you a script which turns any website into a wireframe. Cool when you find an inspiring website and you want to use it as a basis for your new project.

This option is free, but the Pro version of the service allows you to export the wireframe into, for example, Balsamiq, for further edit. You won’t use it all the time, but it’s a neat service to remember about.

Wirify prototyping tools

Wireframed UsabilityTools. Be inspired.

This is where we close off the list. Of course, there are many other tools on the market, some maybe even better than anything listed here. But this list tried to be eclectic in its choices. So, after you check out and find out which tool suits you best, you can start prototyping away.

20 Most Useful Online Generators Wed, 02 Dec 2015 04:30:11 +0000 […]]]> Online Generators can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes. In such cases online generators can be of great help which do the necessary job and some tools don’t have to be downloaded also. So in this article, I have postrd some of the best online generators that can save you some time and still give you great results.

1. Typetester

Typetester is used to compare three different type of fonts on screen making your designing job easier , Just specify the specifications and compare them.

2. Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer 3 has a really fantastic user interface that’s both attractive and easy to use. Just select a color, the type of color scheme you want to create and then make adjustments.

3. Free Online Barcode Generator

Barcode label printer is an online barcode generator where a CGI form is used to enter a text and generate a printable and scannable barcode in Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 A, B, or C symbologies.

4. 256 Pixels

256 Pixels creates favicon designs where you can upload a picture or color the pixels by choosing any color and save it or create a favicon for any new challenges posed by the website.

5. Kuler

Kuler is one of the best color scheme tools available, with multiple options for both creating and finding color schemes.

6. Color Combos

Find the perfect combination of colors for your project through Combo Tester which allows web developers to see how different color combinations work together on the screen and Combo Library contains hundreds of color swatches with their hex values.

7. AJAX Info

Create your own AJAX loader icon by selecting the type of indicator, background and foreground color and clicking in ‘Generate It’.

8. YAML Builder

Here’s a visual tool for creating a YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) design. It’s super easy to use and offers a lot of customization options.

9. Corner Shop

Corner Shop is used for create rounded corner graphics for website designing.

10. AJAX Loading GIF Generator

AJAX Loading GIF generator create your AJAX loading GIF image by defining the indicator type, background color, foreground color and controlling the speed of the loading indicator.

11. WordPress Theme Generator

This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.

12. CSS Button & Text Field Generator

Generate a button or text field by CSS Button and Text field generator by filling the fields for CSS object like object type and class name and CSS object style where the border and text settings are defined.

13. Background Maker

A unique background maker where you choose the colors from the pixelised tile which depicts the tiled background.

14. Templatr

Templatr is another simple generator for creating quick WordPress layouts. It lets you edit virtually every element in the design, all using a visual editor.

15. CSS Layout Generator

CSS Layout Generator creates a fluid or fixed width floated column layout, with up to 3 columns with header and footer where the values can be in pixels, ems or percentage.

16. pForm

pForm is a free HTML form builder. Just choose from their pre-designed templates and then customize your form.

17. ColoRotate

ColoRotate lets you view and create color schemes in 3D. Being able to manipulate the color palette tool in 3 dimensions.

18. CSS Tab Designer

CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!

19. Font-Face Kit Generator

This @font-face kit generator from Font Squirrel lets you create full kits for any font you can legally use with @font-face.

20. Stripemania

Stripemania is a striped background image generator. Pick the strip width and spacing, the orientation, and the colors, and it generates a repeating stripe pattern.

– See more at:

7 Essential CSS Tools for Designers Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:44:12 +0000 […]]]> 1) Get Preboot

Preboot is a great collection of LESS utilities (variables and Mixins). It is an improvement from bootstrap. This is the best and most powerful tool for CSS development.


2) Extract CSS

This is an online tool that can help to extract ids, classes and inline styles from an HTML document and output them as a CSS style sheet. All you have to do is to type or paste your HTML document and let extractCSS do the rest for you.


3) Formoid

Formoid is an amazing tool that helps creates advanced and attractive web forms. With a no-coding drag-n-drop GUI, trendy Flat, Metro, Bootstrap form themes, pure css styled, responsive, retina-ready form elements are readily available.


4) Topcoat

Topcoat is another great tool for css. It is a clean and fast web app. It provides more useful features as themeable, BEM architecture, free fonts, icons, designs, components galore and much more.



5) Create CSS3

Create CSS3 is an online tool with inbuilt code and functions.


6) Tridiv

Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.


7) CSS Typeset

CSS type set provides a facility to type text that you want to modify and find the CSS-generated sheet to your style sheet.


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12 Bootstrap Tools for Web Designers Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:20:07 +0000 […]]]> Bootstrap is a great front-end website development platform. It provides a lot of components together that are essential for developing effective and efficient websites. This gives a great level of convenience to the web developers and web designers who work full time on designing websites. It also offers them quick and easy access to all of their web development platform components in a single place.

Bootstrap turned out to be the number one project on Github. It broke many world records. Bootstrap is compatible with all new web browsers and also has a backward compatibility option for Internet Explorer 7. The platform is responsive. The code will make self adjustments, i.e., the website’s design or re-scaling will  adjust for tablets, smartphones or a desktop. Bootstrap uses HTML5 and CSS3, helping you kickstart your web app development process.

Bootstrap can be summed up as an HTML5 and CSS3 authoring tool. It eases the development process, saving the developer time and work while effectively producing wonderful results. And we know this makes for happy clients, happy visitors, and happy developers.

This platform has a lot of highly useful tools with great features for web designers. Recently, we shared some of the best bootstrap frameworks for developers. Today we round up the best bootstrap tools via the Internet. Share your thought with us in the comments below.

1) Easel


2) Layoutit

Layoutit is a useful tool that helps to make your front-end coding easier. You don’t  need to be an expert in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 to use this tool.

layoutit 1

3) Jetstrap

Jetstrap is another wonderful tool for web developers and designers. It is a web-based interface building tool for Twitter bootstrap. Jetstrap helps you get awesome websites up and running fast, with less work and digging through docs.

jetstrap 1

4) Get kickstrap

Kickstrap seamlessly combines Bootstrap with top-tier web technologies. It’s so advanced, it can run an authenticated, database-driven web app without a native backend. Kickstrap’s partnership with provides a strong front-end package dependency manager built on Require.js.

getkickstrap 1

5) Flatstrap

Flatstrap is an open-source platform to develop effective and creative websites.


6) Bootstrap Designer

Bootstrap Designer is an online design tool. It produces awesome HTML5 templates based on Bootstrap framework. Use Bootstrap Designer to create various design styles: minimalist, black & white, grunge, typographic-driven, monochromatic look, clean & creative, and more.


7) Bootply

Bootply is  a complete HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootstrap editor and builder for designers and developers.


8) Bootstrap Magic

Using this bootstrap magic framework,  developers can create their own new and fresh Twitter bootstrap themes.

bootstrap magic

9) Font Awesome

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.

font awesome

10) Webflow

Webflow is the top drag-and-drop website builder for designing custom, professional websites without code. Webflow automatically generates beautiful code for you as you design. You don’t have to write code yourself or hire a developer to do it.


11) fBoot Strapp

Fbootstrapp is a toolkit designed to kickstart the development of Facebook iframe apps in both relevant sizes. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more. All options are styled in the typical Facebook look and feel.


12) x-Editable

This library allows you to create editable elements on your page. It can be used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-ui, jquery only) and includes both popup and inline modes.

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30 Free-To-Use Sketch Font for Designers Mon, 28 Apr 2014 02:13:21 +0000 […]]]> We continue to provide you with a selection of freely downloadable fonts. In today’s post, we collected some fonts which are ideal for distressing your designs. Sketch font had been widely used and happen to be the favorite of graphic designers for their art pieces as it provides a naturally friendly look and feel to their design. These sketch fonts are hand drawn and that tends to make the design be noticeable. A lot of designers prefer to employ sketch font for their works of art to finish a fantastic design.

Made With B

Made With B font
By: Måns Grebäck
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Candy Inc

By: Billy Argel
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source


appleberry font
By: Brittney Murphy
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

The Quiet Scream

the quiet scream font
By: Last Soundtrack
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source


blockography font
By: Måns Grebäck
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source


sketchy font
By: deFaced
Licensed as: Shareware
Download Source

Sketch Block

Sketch Block font
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Vtks Study

Vtks Study font
By: Douglas Vitkauskas
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

FFF Tusj

FFF Tusj font
By: Magnus Cederholm
Free for personal and commercial use
Download Source

Mr. B

Mr. B font
By: Etherbrian
Licensed as: Freeware
Download Source

Manuscrit Regular

Manuscrit Regular font
By: CloutierFontes
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

Rock Show Whiplash

Rock Show Whiplash font
By: Last Soundtrack
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source


sketchme font
By: CloutierFontes
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

Love Ya Like A Sister

Love Ya Like A Sister font
By: Kimberly Geswein
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

Satin Stitch

Satin Stitch font
By: ElasticTissue
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Sketch Rockwell

Sketch Rockwell font
By: Artill Fonts

Download Source

Urban Sketch

Urban Sketch Font
By: Nils von Blanc
License: Free
Download Source


By: Billy Argel
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Denne At The Tea Party

Denne At The Tea Party
By: Denise Bentulan
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Denne Milk Tea

Denne Milk Tea font
By: Denise Bentulan
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source


buteco font
By: Billy Argel
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

Janda Apple Cobbler

Janda Apple Cobbler font
By: Kimberly Geswein
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

!Sketchy Times

!Sketchy Times font
By: !Exclamachine Type Foundry
The license information for this font is unknown.
Download Source

Angel Tears

Angel Tears font
By: Billy Argel
Licensed as: Freeware, Non-Commercial
Download Source

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones
By: Brittney Murphy
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source


awakening font
By: Brittney Murphy
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source


PK CoBrA font
By: paintblack éditions
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source

A Song for Jennifer

a song for jennifer font
By: Brittney Murphy
Licensed as: Freeware, commercial use requires donation
Download Source


kabupaten font
By: Gunarta
Licensed as: Freeware
Download Source


Licensed as: Freeware
Download Source

Which sketch font in the list is your most liked and which one did you use for your design?

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How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator Tue, 08 Apr 2014 12:02:35 +0000 […]]]> For starters you will learn how to prepare a new document, how to setup a simple grid and how to create and save a pattern. We’ll start with some basic shapes, a simple piece of text and a pretty simple 3D Extrude & Bevel effect.

Next, taking full advantage of the Appearance panel and using basic blending and vector shape building techniques along with that saved pattern and some effects, you will learn how to add color, shading and highlights for your coin shapes. Finally, you will learn how easily recolor the entire coin using the Recolor Artwork option.

Final Image

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Hit Command + N to create a new document. Enter 600 in the width box and 400 in the height box thenn click on the Advanced button.

Select RGB, Screen (72ppi) and make sure that the Align New Objects to Pixel Grid box is unchecked before you click OK. Enable the Grid (View > Show Grid) and the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid).

For starters you will need a grid every 1px, so simply go to Edit > Preferences > Guides > Grid, enter 1 in the Gridline every box and 1 in the Subdivisions box.

You should also open the Info panel (Window > Info) for a live preview with the size and position of your shapes. Do not forget to set the unit of measurement to pixels from Edit > Preferences > Units > General. All these options will significantly increase your work speed.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 1

Step 2

Select the Rectangle Tool (M) and focus on your Toolbar. Remove the color from the stroke then select the fill and set its color to black. Move to your Artboard and simply create a 1px square, the Snap to Grid should ease your work.

Continue with the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a second 1px square. Fill it with white and place it right next to the black square, as shown in the first image.

Make sure that the Rectangle Tool(M) is still active and create a third 1px square. Place it next to the white square and make sure that it has no color set for the fill or stroke.

Select all three squares and simply drag them inside the Swatches panel (Window > Swatches) to save them as a simple pattern. Once you can see that new pattern inside your Swatches panel you can remove those tiny squares from your Artboard.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 2

Step 3

Using the Rectangle Tool (M), create a 60px circle, make sure that it has no color set for the stroke and fill it with R=57 G=181 B=74.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 3

Step 4

Make sure that your green circle is still selected and go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Click the More Options button, enter all the properties shown in the following image and click OK.

Go to Object > Expand Appearance.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 4

Step 5

Focus on the Layers panel (Window > Layers) and drill down into the existing group until you get to the Clipping Mask. Remove it then select the entire group and hit Shift + CTRL + G four times to get rid of all those groups and subgroups. In the end you should have two green shapes. Select the darker one and make a copy in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F).

Select this copy along with the bottom, green shape, open the Align panel (Window > Align) and simply click the Vertical Align Bottom button.

Reselect the copy made in this step and replace the dark green used for the fill with R=127 G=128 B=129.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 5

Step 6

Make sure that the grey shape made in the previous step stays selected, send it to the back (Shift + CTRL + [ )

Focus on the Appearance panel and add two new fills using the Add New Fill button (indicated by the little, blue arrow in the following image).

Select the bottom fill, lower its Opacity to 10% and go to Effect > Path > Offset Path. Enter a 3px offset and click OK.

Go to Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Enter a 3px radius and click OK.

Go back to the Appearance panel, select the middle fill, lower its Opacity to 10% and go to Effect > Path > Offset Path. Enter a 3px Offset and click OK.

Return to the Appearance panel, select the top fill, lower its Opacity to 25% and go to Effect > Path > Offset Path. Enter a 1px Offset and click OK.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 6

Step 7

Disable the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid) then go to Edit > Preferences > General and make sure that the Keyboard Increment is set to 1px.

Select the bottom, green shape and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px up using the up arrow from your keyboard.

Reselect both copies, open the Pathfinder panel (Window > Pathfinder) and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.

Fill the resulting shape with R=127 G=128 B=129, lower its Opacity to 15% and change the Blending Mode to Color Burn.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 7

Step 8

Select the bottom, green shape and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 3px up using the up arrow from your keyboard.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel.

Fill the resulting shape with R=127 G=128 B=129, lower its Opacity to 10% and change the Blending Mode to Color Burn.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 8

Step 9

Reselect that bottom, green shape and focus on the Appearance panel. First, replace that flat color used for the fill with the linear gradient shown in the following image. The white numbers from the Gradient image stand for Location percentage.

Next, you need to add a second fill for this shape using that same Add New Fill button from the bottom of the Appearance panel. Select this new fill, lower its Opacity to 20%, change the Blending Mode to Soft Light and add the pattern saved in the second step.

Make sure that this shape stays selected, open the Graphic Styles panel (Window > Graphic Styles) and simply click the New Graphic Style button (indicated by the little, blue arrow in the following image).

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 9

Step 10

Enable the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid). For this step you will need a grid every 1px, so go to Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid and enter 1 in the Gridline every box.

Using the Ellipse Tool (L), create a 60px circle and place it as shown in the first image. Fill it with none, but add a 3pt stroke. Set its color to R=255 G=222 B=23, align it to inside and then go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke.

Switch to the Type Tool (T) and simply click on your Artboard to add a “V”. Use the Copperplate Gothic Bold font with the size set at 35pt and the color to R=255 G=222 B=23. Make sure that this piece of text is selected and hit Shift + CTRL + O (or go to Type > Create Outlines).

Select both shapes made in this step, pick the Selection Tool (V), click on the border of the circle (it should get emphasized) then click on the Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center buttons from the Align panel. In the end things should look like in the fourth image.

Reselect both yellow shapes and turn them into a compound path (Object > Compound Path > Make or CTRL + 8).

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 10

Step 11

Return to “gridline every 5px”, simply go to Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid and enter 5 in the Gridline every box.

Make sure that your yellow compound path is still selected and go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Enter the properties shown in the following image, click OK and go to Object > Expand Appearance.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 11

Step 12

Focus on the Layers panel, select the group made in the previous step and hit Shift + CTRL + G three times.

Select only the shapes that make up that yellow “V” and Group them (CTRL + G).

Keep focusing on the Layers panel and turn off the visibility of this new group by clicking on that little eye icon.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 12

Step 13

Duplicate the visible, yellow shapes (CTRL + C > CTRL + F). Select these copies and click the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with white.

Duplicate (CTRL + C > CTRL + F) that dark green shape. Select this copy along with the white shape made in this step and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with R=39 G=170 B=225.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 13

Step 14

Disable the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid). Reselect the blue shape and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px up using the up arrow from your keyboard.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with black, lower its Opacity to 20% and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 14

Step 15

Reselect the blue shape and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 3px up using the up arrow from your keyboard.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with black, lower its Opacity to 10% and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 15

Step 16

Reselect the blue shape and make only one copy in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px down using the down arrow from your keyboard.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Fill the resulting shape with black, lower its Opacity to 25% and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 16

Step 17

Select the remaining, green shape and replace the green with the linear gradient shown in the following image.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 17

Step 18

Focus on the visible, yellow shapes. Select the bottom path and simply add the graphic style saved in the ninth step.

Keep focusing on this thin path, go to the Appearance panel and add a third fill. Select it, change the Blending Mode to Soft Light and add the linear gradient shown in the following image. Remember that the white numbers from the Gradient image stand for Location percentage while the yellow zeros stand for Opacity percentage.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 18

Step 19

Select the top, thin, yellow path and replace the yellow with the linear gradient shown in the following image.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 19

Step 20

Select the remaining yellow path and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px down.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Ungroup (Shift + CTRL + G) the resulting group, remove the bottom path and then fill the remaining shape with white and change its Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 20

Step 21

Select the remaining yellow path and make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px up.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Ungroup (Shift + CTRL + G) the resulting group, remove the bottom path and then fill the remaining shape with black, lower its Opacity to 50% and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 21

Step 22

Select the remaining yellow path and replace the yellow with the linear gradient shown in the following image.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 22

Step 23

Focus on the Layers panel and turn on the visibility for that group of yellow shapes made in the twelfth step.

Select the “V” path, replace the yellow with the linear gradient shown in the first image then make two copies in front (CTRL + C > CTRL + F > CTRL + F).

Select the top copy and move it 1px down.

Reselect both copies and click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder panel. Turn the resulting group of shapes into a compound path (CTRL + 8), fill it with the linear gradient shown in the third image, lower its Opacity to 75% and change the Blending Mode to Soft Light.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 23

Step 24

Select the remaining yellow shapes, click the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel then hit CTRL + 8. Fill this new compound path with the linear gradient shown in the following image.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 24

Step 25

Reselect that “V” path and duplicate it (CTRL + C > CTRL + F).

Select this copy along with the compound path made in the previous step and hit the Vertical Align Bottom button from the Align panel. Make sure that only the shape made in this step is selected.

Focus on the Appearance panel and replace the existing linear gradient with R=127 G=128 B=129.

Move to the Layers panel, drag this grey path below the two shapes that make up the “V” and go to Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow. Enter the properties shown in the left window (in the following image), click OK

Go again to Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow. Enter the properties shown in the right window (in the following image) and click OK.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 25

Step 26

Enable the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid). For these final steps you will need a grid every 1px, so go to Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid and enter 1 in the Gridline every box.

Select all the shapes made so far and Group them (CTRL + G).

Duplicate this new group (CTRL + C > CTRL + F) and focus on the Layers panel. Open this new group and simply remove the bottom shape.

Reselect the entire group copy and drag it a few pixels up and to the left as shown in the second image. Again, the Snap to Grid option will ease your work.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 26

Step 27

Repeat the technique mentioned in the previous step, add some new coins and randomly move them to the left or to the right.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 27

Step 28

Finally, you can easily recolor your coins using the Recolor Artwork option. Select your coins and go to Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork. Go to the Edit section, check the Recolor Artwork box and the Link harmony colors button, adjust the Brightness slider then drag the color handles roughly as shown in the following images.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 28 How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 28 How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator 28

And We’re Done!

Here is how it should look. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and can apply these techniques to your future projects.

How to Create a Coins Icon in Adobe Illustrator

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3d Isometric Vector Box Icon Tutorial Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:36:16 +0000 […]]]> What is Isometric Anyways?

Isometric projection is a 3d method, being a form of ortographic projection; representing a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions.

In a bit simpler english; we can make 2d objects easily converted to 3d objects by adding equally measured perspectives. That’s what we will do to create our 3d vector icon =)

Here is what we will try to achieve:


Phase 1: Making the Square into a 3d Box with Isometric Projection

1– Okay. To do that, we will need a square first.

Open a new Illustrator document, preferably in cmyk color and draw a 100pt x 100pt square:


2– Next, we will need to duplicate that square 2 times to prepare the front left and front right sides of the box imitation:


3– Now we will rotate our top side isometrically to build the top side of the box.

To do that, let’s go to effect > 3d > rotate > select isometric top:


4– Ok now let’s do the same for the front left side with one difference; the rotation will be isometric left:


5– Same goes for the fron right side; rotating isometric right:


6– Now let’s  object > expand appearance them to make the 3d rotated sides more editable:


7– We can now put them all together, to form a box:


Since we are almost done with the basic shape, we can move along with the effects to apply on it.

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10 Mistakes in Icon Design Tue, 08 Apr 2014 06:01:51 +0000 […]]]> It is much easier to criticize somebody else’s work than to create something cool yourself. But if you apply a systematic approach to criticizing, make a numbered list and prepare illustrations, it will be regarded as a fully-fledged analysis! In my opinion, icon design is undergoing a transitional period. On the one hand, screen resolutions are increasing, hence enhancing icons. On the other hand, we still have good old pixels. Icons sized 16×16 and even smaller are still widely used. And so, here are the most commonly observed mistakes in icon design…

#1 Insufficient differentiation between icons

Sometimes within one set of icons, we have icons that look alike and it is very hard to understand what is what. If you miss the legends, you can very easily get the icons mixed up.

Insufficient differentiation between icons
Icons from the Utilities section in Mac OS X. I am always getting them confused and launching the wrong application.

Small similar iconsThe problem is aggravated by having small size icons displayed on screen.

#2 Too many elements in one icon

The simpler and more laconic the icon, the better. It is preferable to keep the number of objects in a single icon to a minimum.

Nevertheless, Microsoft’s designers, inspired by the new format of icons featured in Windows Vista, decided to go big and drew bloated icons to justify their bloated budget:

Mistakes in Windows Vista icons

Each icon presents us with a mini-story with an intertwined plot. The problem is that in small size you are unable to work out what is depicted. Even in larger sizes, it is not always that easy to decipher the icons.

#3 Unnecessary elements

An icon should be easy to read. The fewer elements it has, the better. It is better if the whole image is relevant and not only part of it. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the context of using icons.

Let us take for instance some database icons:

Unnecessary elements in icon
At first glance everything looks alright.

But if this application (or a separate toolbar) deals only with databases, we can (and should) remove the unnecessary part:

Unnecessary elements in icon
The sense is not lost here but the icons become much more discernible.

Here is a real-life example of unnecessary elements occurring in BeOS 5 icons:

BeOS 5 icons

Ticks here are absolutely superfluous. By the way, why are they done in red?

#4 Lack of unity of style within a set of icons

It is a unity of style that unites several icons into a set. The uniting property can be any of the following: color scheme, perspective, size, drawing technique or a combination of several such properties. If there are only a few icons in the set, the designer can keep some rules in his head. If there are many icons in the set and there are several designers working on them (for instance, icons for an operating system), then special instructions are created. Such instructions describe in detail how to draw an icon so that it fits straight into the set.

Lack of unity of style within a set of iconsA multitude of styles in the shell32.dll file in Windows XP. This is the default set of icons suggested to a user wishing to change an icon.

#5 Unnecessary perspective and shadows in small icons

Progress does not stand still: interfaces have gained the potential to display semi-transparent objects, lost the limitation on the number of colors and there is now a trend towards 3D icons. But is it really all that useful? Not always! Especially if we are talking about icons sized 16×16 or smaller.

For example, let us take the application manager from GNOME 2.2.0 (RedHat 9):
Unnecessary perspective in small icons
Perspective in icons of such minute size is unnecessary and even counter-productive.

And here is the application manager from Windows XP:
Unnecessary shadows in small icons
As standard, icons in Windows XP are given a two-pixel black shadow; but in 16×16 size the shadow appears too large and makes the icons look dirty. The Address Book icon looks especially bad in this set.

#6 Overly original metaphors

Selecting what is to be displayed in an icon is always a compromise between recognizability and originality. Before a metaphor (image) is developed for an icon it is wise to see how it is done in other products. Maybe the best solution lies not in coming up with something original but rather in adopting the existing solution.

An example of excessive originality is the bin icon in OS/2 Warp 4, which is not actually a bin at all but a shredder.

Overly original metaphors
Another problem with choosing a shredder is that there is no one well-known type of shredder out there. The icon appears very much like a printer with an octopus hidden inside. What is more, it is absolutely unclear how a full bin would be displayed according to this metaphor.

#7 National or social characteristics not being taken into account

It is always necessary to take into account the conditions in which your icon is going to be used. An important aspect here is national characteristics. Cultural traditions, surroundings and gestures can differ radically from country to country.

Let us suggest that we need to draw an icon for working with e-mail. It makes perfect sense to use a metaphor of real paper mail. A mailbox for example.

International Post Box

These images are courtesy of the Wikipedia article entitled Post box.

The answer can be found in the manual on creating icons for Mac OS X: “Use universal imagery that people will easily recognize. Avoid focusing on a secondary aspect of an element. For example, for a mail icon, a rural mailbox would be less recognizable than a postage stamp.”

Mail icon in Mac OSThe idea of using a stamp is great but the use of the eagle red-tailed hawk image is definitely questionable.

However, you need to account not only for national features… That reminds me of something funny. Once, we needed an icon for a data filter, which is often portrayed using the metaphor of a funnel. It was drawn like this:

Filter icon

The client’s response was as follows: “I do not really understand why for a filter, you drew an icon shaped like a Martini glass!”

#8 Images of real interface elements in icons

The manual on creating icons for Mac OS X warns us: “Avoid using Aqua interface elements in your icons; they could be confused with the actual interface.” But all in vain! For instance, take a look at the following icon:

Mutant-iconYou reach out to click on the radio button but end up clicking the whole icon!

Here is an interesting example from the OmniWeb browser interface:

OmniWeb Toolbar
Pay attention to the Previous and Next buttons, a rare type of button with legends underneath. Oops! They are not buttons at all, they are icons!

#9 Text inside icons

This mistake is commonly seen in application icons. Clearly the first thing that comes to mind when working on an application icon is to adapt the application’s logo. What is so bad about the text inside the icon? Firstly, it is directly language-related and so impedes localization. Secondly, if the icon is small, it is impossible to read the text. Thirdly, in the case of application icons, this text is repeated in the name of the application.

Icons with titles

#10 Outside the pixel framework

As a rule, this problem occurs if you use a vector editor for drawing icons. In large size everything looks pretty and clear; but in reality the icons are small, and under rasterization anti-aliasing frets the objects’ borders.

Icons with Blured Edges

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30+ Best Video WordPress Themes Mon, 10 Mar 2014 14:31:11 +0000 […]]]> Whether you want to become a video blogger or embedding the videos from popular sites like youtube, you can easily create a video site using wordpress. Here we have collected the 30+ best wordpress themes for you to create your video blogging sites.

WooTube is a video player. Need we say more? Based on the same style that has made Busy Bee & Fresh News so popular, WooTube offers you some amazing multimedia goodness. Why not get cracking straight away… All you need is a camera, a nice smile and obviously this theme!

Olya is a colorful, versatile business portfolio theme, all the while its layout being completely responsive. It is packaged with an informative homepage template with loads of optional modules, as well as a custom team archive and contact page. A portfolio section is available to highlight noteworthy work.

Premiere is a powerful video-based theme that is custom post driven, separating your video posts from your blog content. With a custom single video page template with great social sharing links, the option for your site visitors to recommend videos and a featured home page slider this theme helps videographers, and movie fans alike – with great custom-ability.

Auditorium is a video and gallery theme for WordPress. Showcase your videos or photo galleries in this clean, responsive and easily customizable design.

Bring Focus to your videos with a theme designed to make your videos explode. It has support for multiple video sharing methods, including self hosted video.

Showcase your lifetime work or blog like you never blogged before with this insanely great video WordPress template.

Video Theme
SEO friendly video sharing websites in minutes with this theme.

The Series Theme is likely to be one of the most simplistic and elegant video-centric themes currently available for WordPress. Built specifically for anyone looking to deliver a true “video series” website experience, the Series Theme will deliver just that and much more. The Series Theme is perfectly responsive as well, which means that it will look just right on any device.

Vidley combines many aspects from my other popular video-centric themes to bring you all the features you are looking for in a one great theme. Vidley also includes advanced style customization options that allow you to customize the background and content colors of the theme right through the theme options page.

Gigawatt has a tonne of great features including, 8 different page templates, gorgeous slider, portfolio section, quotes post type, visual customizer, eCommerce ready, array of homepage layouts, sidebar layouts, social links, google fonts, custom post types and so much more.

Motion Picture
Make your videos front and center with this neat and impactful video blog theme featuring High Definition post designs and our Typography Manager.

Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Unlimited color schemes and a 3 unique featured slider options.

Azione is a theme for video bloggers, with a clean and minimal design, giving you huge scope to turn the design into anything you like. It’s also flexible and features a neat little home page slider effect.

deTube is a Professional Responsive Video WordPress Theme designed for video site, video blog video Portal. This theme will help you get a professional video site up and running quickly, it is inspired by the popular websites: YouTube, Vimeo and Dribbble. No modest to say that it is the most powerful video WordPress theme so far.

Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Video Support and Responsive Layout.

Wave is a beautiful and flexible theme catered to those that want to build a video focused site.

Videozoom is an elegant theme with a neat featured slider, ready to play any videos you want to embed into your posts. With JW Player integration you can even play your self-hosted videos!

onPlay is an advanced magazine theme for WordPress, with a lot of unique features and flexible layout. Everything is easy customizable and you can add as many featured categories on homepage as you want.

Video Elements
Featuring a slick gallery-style layout, a unique featured content carousel, and “Instant View” for videos… the Video Elements theme is perfect for any video-centric site. Of course, just like any of my other video WordPress themes, you can use ANY embeddable video format with the Video Elements theme.

eVid is a theme designed for video bloggers. I have set it up to easily integrate videos from video hosts such as Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, MetaCafe, and so on. This theme does not have a native video player, but it does include a custom video interface with added “blogger-related” functions. This theme is only for sites that plan to showcase videos within their post pages. I have test the theme with all the most popular video hosts, but I expect that it will work with any website that offers a flash embed code.

The producer
The Producer is a film focused WordPress theme for studios and production companies. It was entirely designed around showcasing videos. Features a unique “panel” effect when scrolling as well as a traditional credit roll effect.

Vidiho use WordPress’s built-in video functionality which makes embedding videos really easy.

VideoPlus is a feature-rich theme that can be used for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine.


VideoCraft is not just your regular Video Theme, Using VideoCraft you can run a full-blown user generated Video Site. VideoCraft Theme comes with a complete User Registration Module and Video Upload Module which allows Users to upload their own video files and also allows to easily embed the Video through URL’s from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, MetaCafe or Dailymotion.

VideoPro is a feature-rich theme that can be used for video sites, news & magazine sites or any type of sites that you can imagine.

Conduit is a rad new WordPress theme from elite author Matt Brett. It comes packed with two styles; each with light and dark variants, 2x images for devices with high resolution displays, a responsive design; optimized for tablets and phones, built-in reviews functionality, backwards compatibility with Matt’s most popular themes, and loads more!

Vidio is created with the video blogger’s needs in mind. Vidio is around videos to eventually constitute impressive multimedia seamlessly wrapped in WordPress. The design, functionality and features clearly define Vidio as a video WordPress theme ideal for video bloggers, video portfolios, animators and videographers. It has a large content slider for showcasing HD video or photos, multiple layout options, featured video sections and many more.

Selecta’s rounded edges and bold, modern color palettes make for a fresh theme that’s best suited to blogs where video will be the main focus. The wider-than-usual frames around thumbnails and videos bring to mind the retro-cool of Polaroid photographs and old home movies.


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15+ Free PSD Brochure Templates Mon, 10 Mar 2014 14:09:38 +0000 […]]]> One of the best way to draw people ‘s attention for your business is to use brochures. Brochures can give a boost to your company or product. But make sure you use the best and perfect design for your brochures. Unfortunately the cost of creating a brochure is very high. Fortunately there are lots of free brochures available online. We have collected the 15 best free PSD brochure templates for you. Use the brochure templates any way you want and please share it. Hope you enjoy these free psd brochure templates.

Corporate Tri Fold Brochure Template
A perfect minimalist 8.5 x .5.5 corporate tri-fold brochure. The trendy and modern design is ideal to showcase any company business. Update colors and photos to suit your needs. All fonts and photos are royalty free. Download

Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template 2
A nice clean 11 x 8.5 bi-fold corporate brochure with a contemporary design. You can swap photos and change colors with ease to adapt it to any project you are working on. All fonts and photos are royalty free. Download

Brochure Template
Brochure template psd designed in the trendy flat style. It has a colorful superhero character that really adds friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Grab the freebie and either store it in your personal collection or use it for your next projects. Brochure template psd featuring tons of eye-catchy graphics and details. It’s a 300 dpi brochure, made in CMYK color mode. So, all you have to do is just to add your own images and text and you are ready to print the brochure. Download

Restaurant Menu PSD Template
Restaurant menu PSD template suitable for all kind of eateries, eating houses, fast foods, cafes and any other businesses that prepare and serve food and drinks. Download our free menu PSD now! Download

Free PSD Retail Marketing Postcard
Great retail marketing postcard template made in PSD file format. The marketing postcard to fit various of businesses that need to promote services and products attractively. Created in simple and clean style which will look great once you print it. That’s why you will surely make great impression and engage new customres. There are no limitations when it comes to creating color variations. Just open the PSD file and edit the style and effects. Both front and back templates are included. The marketing postcard template is available in CMYK color model, 300dpi, ready to get printed. Download

Tri Fold Brochure PSD Template
Tri fold brochure template in clean, elegant style that will present your company services or products more attractively. Both front and back views are included in the free psd file. Our creative brochure can easily fit your needs – you just have to edit the colors, images and the text. All layers are separated and grouped properly. The tri-fold brochure is print ready (CMYK, 300pi). Download

PSD Brochure Template
Free clean and simple PSD brochure. It comes with 4 different layouts, paragraph styles for heading and body text. The PSD file is print ready 300dpi CMYK . Highly customizable layout that allows changing your own text and images.  The source files are fully editable and well organized into groups. Download

Bi Fold Automobile Brochures PSD
Most definitions of the term specify that automobiles are designed to run primarily on roads, to typically have four wheels, and to be constructed principally for the transport of people rather than goods. Here we have introduced an automobile brochures or a rally event brochures for you. This brochures is sized B5 and 300dpi resolution. Its an RGB flyer. Install missing fonts before edit this PSD. Fonts are avaliable in .The font used in this design is Transformers .It can also used as an event brochures like rally/racing championship or sports brochures. Download

Free Brochure Template Download

Technology Brochure
With geometric shapes, a clean layout, and a modern font, the technology brochure design from is perfect for techie businesses. Web designers, web developers, and other IT professionals will find that the technology brochure gives their business a professional look and feel that matches their industry. Download

Business Brochure Design Template Download

Restaurant Menu Brochure PSD
If you are running your own restaurant and need of a new and exciting menu design,Restaurant Menu Template will be best option for you.Menu card is an essential material for a good restaurant to impress your customers and it also helps the customers to know what product is available in that restaurant and the price of the items is also listed in the restaurant menu, choose any items you needs fixed in your budget. Download

Tri-Fold Brochure PSD Mockup Download

Free Tri Fold Brochure Mockup PSD Template Download

Tri Fold Brochure Mock-up Template Download

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100+ Free PSD Mockup Templates Mon, 10 Mar 2014 14:04:39 +0000 […]]]>
How could you stand out from the crowd, if you want to grab the attention of the audience? People are getting tired of boring covers. If you want to create a best PSD mockup template  for your business, it’s gonna cost you very much. A good idea is to use a best free PSD Mockup Templates that available online. Here we have collected the 100+best Free PSD Mockup Templates for you. So, if you are on a low budget these free psd mockup templates would be the perfect choice.  Use it anyway you want but also give credits to the owners, it will motivate them to create more free stuff for you.Poster Frame PSD MockUp
This PSD mock-up allows you to showcase your posters, artworks or pictures in a very realistic way. It comes in both vertical and horizontal views and works with smart objects so you can easily drag and drop your design. Download

PSD catalog Mockup Template
A psd mock-up catalog template, ideal to present your final design to clients or for your portfolio. Size your design at 980 x 670px and our·smart object action does all the work for you displaying your catalog design to all its greatness. Download

PSD Soda Can Mockup Template Download

iPad Psd Vector Mockup Template
iPad vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPad psd. It has 3 highly detailed views of the iPad with smart layers to present your design on our iPad mockup. Download

Psd Wine Bottle Mockup Template
wine bottle template is a very realistic vector shape wine bottle psd mockup. You can easily apply your own wine label template with the use of smart layer, the neck label is also editable. Download

Tshirt Mockup Template Psd
T shirt mockup is ideal to present any design on a shirt mockup with your color of choice, drawn from scratch a high quality vector shape tshirt mockup and the model wearing it. Download

iPhone 4s Psd Vector Mockup Template
Iphone 4s vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iphone 4s psd with 3 highly detailed views of the new black and white iphone 4s (new antennas placement compared to the iphone 4) and used smart layer. Download

MacBook Pro Retina Psd Mockup
MacBook Pro Retina Psd Template is a perfect replica of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display in vector shape and 300dpi fully-scalable. Use the smart layer to easily apply your design on our MacBook Pro Retina mockup screen. Download

iMac Psd Mockup Template
iMac Psd Template is a very realistic iMac vector shape psd mockup. You can easily apply your own graphics on the screen with the use of smart layers. The iMac mockup comes in 3 different views, fully-scalable. Download

3D View iPhone 5 Psd Vector Mockup
3D view iPhone 5 vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5 psd laying down. It comes with 3 detailed perspective floor texture to showcase your mockup with style. Or use it with a plain color background, either way your web or iOS app will look great on our iPhone 5 mockup. Download

iPad Mini Psd Vector Mockup
IPad Mini vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPad Mini psd with a very detailed front view of the new black and white iPad Mini with smart layers to present your design on our iPad Mini mockup Download

3-4 View iPhone 5 Psd Vector Mockup
New three-quarter view iPhone 5 vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5 psd. We have created a very detailed 3/4 view of the new black and white iPhone 5 and used smart layers to create an easy way to show your web or iOS app as an iPhone 5 mockup. Download

iPhone 5 Psd Vector Mockup
iPhone 5 vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5 psd. We have created a very detailed front view of the new black and white iPhone 5 and used smart layers to create an easy way to show your web or iOS app as an iPhone 5 mockup. Download

iPhone 4s Psd Landscape Mockup
iPhone 4s landscape psd vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 4s psd in landscape layout. It comes in black and white and uses smart layers to showcase your design on a landscape psd iPhone 4s. Download

Psd iPad Retina Mockup Template
portrait and landscape psd iPad retina vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPad retina psd. It comes in black and white version with smart layers to showcase your design on our iPad 3 mockup. Download

iMac & Macbook Psd Flat Mockup
A flat design version of the iMac and Macbook in a psd vector mockup template. Use the smart layer to drag and drop your design on the screen. This is a great way to showcase your flat design projects. Download

Psd A4 Paper Mock-Up
Two A4 psd mock-up papers to showcase your print content. Use the smart layer to display your layout on a A4 paper and create a realistic paper print design. Download

iPhone 5 Psd Flat Design Mockup
This is the ideal companion to any flat design project where you need to present mobile screenshots. Download

Psd iPad Perspective Mockup
psd iPad vector mockup template is a detailed and fully-scalable vector shape iPad psd. We have created a tilted perspective view that will help complement the way you showcase your app and responsive web design. Just drag and drop your design on the smart layer. Download

iPhone 5 Psd Landscape Mockup
iPhone 5 landscape psd vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5 psd in landscape layout. It comes in black and white and uses smart layers to showcase your design on a landscape psd iPhone 5. Download

Perspective App Screen Mock-Up 5
A new perspective mobile app screen mockup with a transparent glass feeling reminiscent of iOS7 and its contextual screen visuals. Use the smart layer to show the different levels of your app UI. Download

Perspective App Screen Mock-Up
A simple and nice app screen mock-up in perspective with a striking shadow effect to showcase your latest app design. Just use the smart layer to drag and drop any screenshot and display it with our mock-up. Download

iPad Psd Flat Mockup
This mockup uses smart layers to dimension and apply any of your design on our flat design iPad. It comes in black and white. Download

Perspective App Screens Mock-Up
3D app screens perspective mockups with three stacked screen design to showcase your design. It also includes a perspective info display to detail parts of your UI. Download

3-4 iPhone 5C Psd Vector Mockup
iPhone 5C psd three quarter perspective vector mockup in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. This scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd uses smart layers to let you drag and drop your design easily. Download

3D View iPhone 5S Psd Vector Mockup
iPhone 5S psd vector mockup is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5S psd. Ideal to showcase your apps design with a choice of three iPhone 5S colors including black, white and gold. Use smart layers to drag and drop your creations. Download

Psd CD Cover Disk Mock Up Download

Psd iPad Air Perspective Mockup
iPad Air vector mockup template with a white silver iPad Air and a black space gray iPad Air mockup. Just drag and drop your design on the smart layer to showcase your project. Download

MacBook Air Psd Mockup
MacBook Air Psd Template in all its glorious detail and with only vector shape to allow you to scale it according to your use. Thanks to smart layers you can quickly apply your design on our MacBook Air Psd mockup screen Download

iPhone 5S Psd Flat Design Mockup Download

iPhone 5C Flat Design Mockup Download

Perspective Tablet Mock-Up 2
A new tablet perspective app screen mock-up in portrait that can be stacked to create a great presentation showcase of your web or app designs. Download

PSD Cover Template
PSD cover template featuring loads of creative typography. We’ve made a psd cover template that is easy to edit and customize – place your image and text in just a few clicks. Download

Corporate Identity PSD Mockup
Corporate identity PSD mockup made in classy and clear style. If you are looking for a stylish and impressive way to present your new branding, then this free PSD file is perfect for you. Our mock-up contains a wide range of accessories and advertising materials that will help you to present your logo in attractive and effective way. Download

Book Cover PSD Mockup
Book cover PSD mockup designed in perspective view. Present your book in just a single click – all you have to do is to replace the smart objects. Download

Ipad Psd Graphics
iPad PSD graphics designed in perspective views. We have included both white and black versions in our PSD. Download this massive PSD set and use it to present your applications in an eye-catchy way. Download

Iphone PSD Graphics Download

Album Cover PSD Mockup
Album cover PSD set containing 3 perspective graphics. We present you an easy and simple solution for displaying your album cover designs. Just download our free PSD file and replace the smart objects with your own graphics. Download

App Showcase PSD Mockups
App showcase PSD mockups designed in 4 creative styles. Use our mockups to present your applications in an unique fashion. Download

Music Player PSD Mockup
Music player PSD mockup designed in light and dark styles. We have created a GUI that will surely impress your clients. Download the PSD file for free! Music player PSD mockup containing buttons for play, next, previous, volume and much more. Use our music PSD skin to build a powerful player for your web and mobile applications. We have organized properly the free PSD file, so it will be pretty easy for you to create more color variations. Just download the music player PSD and put your creative juices into action. Download

DVD Cover PSD Template
Photo realistic DVD Cover PSD Template. That’s a really useful PSD resource that could be used for presenting a software product for example. Nowadays it’s extremely popular to showcase your software products in a DVD box even if you’re not shipping a DVD disk, but providing a download link. Be sure that when you put your products on a DVD box, your sales will grow up. That’s because people often need to “see” the product before they make up their mind to buy. So, grab the free PSD DVD disk and cover boxes now and design a top-notch product design to increase your chances of success! It’s extremely easy to add your own labels, logos and text to the placeholders. You just need Adobe Photoshop and some very basic design skills. Download

Free PSD Software Box Download

Gemgfx Retail Mockup Free Download

Free Psd Template Presentation Folder Mockup Download

Book Mockup Psd  Download

Smart Object 3d Book Mockup Psd Download

Nexus 5 Mockup PSD Download

App Screen Front View Mockup
A front view app screen mock-up to present your latest app or interface design. It comes with 3 depth sizes(5 px, 10 px , 15 px) and it’s editable via smart objects. You can make your own arrangement, with one or multiple screens. Download

Psd Magazine Mockup Download

Hardcover Book Mockup
Photorealistic book cover PSD mock-up with both front and backside views. The books, shadows and background are placed on separate layers so you can easily display just one book or make other adjustments. Download

Soda Can Psd Mockup Download

Macbook Air Mockup 2 Download

T shirt mockup psd Download

Free 3D Perspective Mockup Download

Stats Mockup PSD template Download

Score95 IOS app Mockup Download

Yahoo Mockup PSD Template Download

Free PSD Youtube Preview Player blue version Download

Free Mobile Mockup Download

Product Box Mouckup PSD Freebie Download

App Freebie Download

Magazine Cover Mockup Wooden Floor PSD Download

User Profile Mobile Psd Download

Free PSD another Mockup Download

Id card psd mockup Download

Translucent Perspective Mobile Mockup Screen with 3d depth Download

Starbucks Style Coffee Cup Psd Mockup Download

Wine bottle mockup 2014 Download

Map Mockup PSD Download

Flat3d Download

Free magazine book front cover mock up template psd file Download

Flyer PSD Mockup Template Download

Paperback PSD Mockup Template2 Download

Carton PSD Mockup Template2 Download

Mug PSD Mockup Template2 Download

Thuderbolt PSD Mockup Template2 Download

IPad Mini Mockup PSD Download

SquareBrochure PSD Mockup Template Download

Can PSD Mockup Template Download

Bag PSD Mockup Template Download

Bag 2 PSD Mockup Template Download

IPhone template Smart Object Mockup Download

Isometric Perspective Screens Mock Up Download

IPhone X Concept Template Download 

Tube PSD Mockup Template Download

Free Stationery Mockup PSD Download

Lumia 920 Free Psd Download

Music Widget psd Download

SVA Mockup Download

Free Chrome Browser Mockup Download

Free Iphone 6 Concept Mockup PSD Download

iGravity Screen Layers Download

Weather App Free PSD Download

DVD Case Art  Download

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9 Free Fonts for your Designs Mon, 03 Mar 2014 04:33:40 +0000 […]]]> Whether it’s PSD’s or icons, we love finding high quality free files and sharing them with our readers. We do the searching so you don’t have to. This saves you time and helps you focus on what’s important. Today, we’ve rounded up some new free fonts for you.


8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library

Rambla Alt STD

8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library

Blenda Script

8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library

Gafata STD

8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library


8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library

Flagship Slab Rounded

8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library


8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library


8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library 8 Free & Useful Fonts for your Library

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9 Best Websites For Designing Your Logos Online For Free Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:49:28 +0000 […]]]> Logo Identity is the image used by a company which is designed to portray the company’s identity, aims and objectives. Logo identities were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations. This philosophy is manifested in a distinct corporate culture. Logo were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations.

I believe you already know how important Logo is for any company. So, in this post, I am telling you to create your own Logo with these 9 online Logo creation sites for free.
So here is the list of 9 Best Websites For Free Logo desigs


LogoEase is a website where you can create your own logo and download it free for your future reference.


This is the second most popular website which I find for the online creation of Logo. After creating the logo, you can save it as a HTML file.


Online Logo maker is another commonly used for crating logos and downloading them for free.


Flaming Text is a online logo generator from where you can create the logo and then use it as image on your website or in your email signature.


Simwebsol is a web2.0 free logo creator website.


Cool Text is a free online logo generator for your websites without doing a lot of design work.


You can find loads of Flash logo samples and you can customize them according to your need and use it for free.


Register with your email id and then create some cool logos and also save it in this website. You can’t download it or copy it in your PC. Don’t know why they haven’t provide the option for download, but you can create some awesome logos there with the help of their logo samples already there.


You can design the logo here and save the logos after login.

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20 Awesome iPad Apps That Will Teach Your Kids to Read Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:45:57 +0000 […]]]> iPad has changed the world and even our minds. iPad is not just a cool device, but provides education, therapy and, of course, entertainment. Some parents might thought of teaching their kids with an iPad rather than old-fashioned paper and pencil, the iPad does offer several advantages over books and even computers and smartphones.
In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 iPad apps which help your kids to write letters, develop phonics, and even write their own books. Here, we bring to your knowledge some best iPad apps for developing your kids, and please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

1. ABC PocketPhonics : Pocket Phonics app guides your kid to write letters through its unique follow-me arrow. Kids can develop skills in letter sounds, writing, and first words with this app. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

ABC PocketPhonics

2. Play & Sing: This is a wonderful app for preschoolers that concentrates on their early learning development through the use of touch screen games and vocal guidance. This app encourages reading, teaches colors, letters, shapes, and even animals.

3. Booksy: Booksy is a learning-to-read platform to help young children. This app help children to practice and develop their reading skills. Parents and teachers can use its powerful tools to track kids’ progress.

4. My Word Wall : An exciting new educational app that develop reading skills for budding readers. Kids will hear, visualize, vocally repeat and write down letters and words. Structured learning and Fun games are add on features.

5. Letter Lab : This is an ideal app for children learning to write and recognize ABCs, trace both uppercase and lowercase letters with their fingers. Hear and see English alphabet letters and real world objects that relate to them. This app provides a voiceover that reinforces letter learning by adding an audio component to each letter and object.

6. Story Patch : This app  gives a platform for your kid to show their creativity. This app allows children to create their own picture books. Customizable characters, hundreds of illustrations, and built-in story themes make this a very fun and engaging reading and writing app.

7. Learn to Read! : This is an efficient learning tool that develop the building blocks of reading. Its a perfect app for Kindergarten to second grade children. Voice prompts, examples, and easy-to-read text come together in this learning app.

8. Phonics Easy Reader : With the Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Easy Reader, little ones can practice their phonics. Short vowel sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant combinations, words ending with ll, ss, ff, s, and plural s are covered in this app. Kids can choose whether a story will be read aloud to them and highlighted, or if they’ll read by themselves, tapping words when they need help.

9. ABC Alphabet Phonics : This free app helps your little one to rapidly learn the ABC by sight, sound, and touch. This is an ideal tool for ages 0 to 6.

10. Reading Raven : Reading Raven is an educational reading app for the iPad. This fun reading guide provides step-by-step reading lessons designed to help children build a solid foundation for reading. It offers teaching phonological awareness, full sentences, and even printing skills.

11. SUPER WHY! : A collection of interactive games through which your child can practice the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading while playing along with main characters from the TV series like Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and Super Why.


12. K-3 Sight Words : Children can learn “sight words” with the help of this app that focuses on words that must be memorized instead of sounded out. A list of words called the “Dolch Sight Words” is complied which have five different levels.

13. Find the Words : This is a free, educational word puzzle app. The objective of this puzzle is to find and mark all the words which are given inside the box. The words may be aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

14. Aesop’s Quest : Aesop’s Quest is a free learning game where the little readers must remember important elements of each story to help Aesop along the way.  It help children by developing their reading comprehension and cognitive reading skills.

15. Read Me Stories : This free app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. This is a great app which develops interest for reading and delivers a brand new book every day. Fun features include text highlighting as it’s read and the ability to touch characters and explore story lines.

16. Scholastic Reading Timer : A free app that encourage daily reading with this iPad reading timer that keeps track of reading minutes and monitors weekly reading goals.

17. Kids Can Spell : Kids can see more than 50 animals, learn about their image, sound and spelling.  Kids can touch each letter to hear its name and can even drag each letter to its place to assemble the word.

18. Reading for Details : This is a paid app that help kids in building their reading comprehension skills. You can play either in practice mode or game mode. Students read passages, then test their understanding of the who, what, why, when, and where at three different levels of reading difficulty.

19. Word Magic : This app is developed for preschooler and kindergarten kids. Kids find missing letters that identify photos, featuring attractive and funny pictures.

Word Magic

20. C is for Cow : Little ones can have fun learning phonetics and letter recognition. Even very young children love to see the animals, repeat their sounds, and learn their names.

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Top 7 Webmail Software Wed, 12 Feb 2014 09:04:39 +0000 […]]]> Webmail Software or Web-based email comprises of two important terms Webmail client and Webmail provider. Webmail client is responsible for sending and receiving email messages using POP3 and SMTP protocols through local or remote servers. Webmail providers such as Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, provide email access using webmail client, or desktop email client.
These webmail clients can operate under different web platforms(PHP, ASP.NET, Java). Here below is the list of 7 webmail clients.

1. Roundcube  is a browser based multilingual IMAP client. Its features are MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching, spell checking, contacts searching, threaded message listing, IDNA, shared folders, etc.

2. Zimbra is a browser based AJAX client which gives you message conversation view and visual search builder.

3. Atmail offers a webmail client, email server platform and mailserver appliance for Linux, Unix and Windows.

4. SquirrelMail is an Open Source software written in PHP4 which provides both a web-based email application and an IMAP proxy server.

5. Hastymail is a full featured, fast, secure, compliant IMAP or SMTP web mail client written in PHP. Its features include compatible with PDAs, phones, text browsers, Multilevel theme system, Support for Postgresql and MySql, Flexible plugins, tunable smart cache and many more.

6. Xuheki Webmail is a fast open source Browser based Ajaxed IMAP client which aims to be your preferred email client.

7. AfterLogic is  fast and easy-to-use webmail script for POP3/IMAP mail server or cPanel.It offers mail server, ajax webmail with calendar, mail components, personal user settings, rich text editor, spell checker, mail filters and search, development and installation services.

Besides, these 7 webmail clients there are many others options for you. I have posted those which i like, you may have your own choice

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