Health Tips – indscoop Technology News, Entertaiment Thu, 19 Apr 2018 03:21:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 114420553 Raw Jackfruit helps Prevention of Diabetes Tue, 28 Feb 2017 03:37:27 +0000 […]]]> Several studies have reported various types of health benefits of jackfruit. It aids in digestion because it is rich in fibre, its pulp has been found to be useful in boosting the immune system.
Other amazing benefits of Jackfruit are improving thyroid function, anti-cancer benefits, skin and vision improvements, lower blood pressure and yes including its role in the management of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Many people stay away from this fruit as they believe it is high in calories and carbohydrates but its not true, jackfruit are rich in protein, starch, calcium, vitamins A,B,C, cooper and potassium. Contrary to this, jackfruit can be eaten by those trying to lose weight simply because it helps you keep energised and full for longer. Besides, it helps provide antioxidants such as vitamin C, flavanoids, phytonutrients and potassium, which boost skin and immune function.


In one study, the extracts of jackfruit significantly improved glucose tolerance in both normal and diabetic patients.So jackfruit is not harmful for anyone and if you want to control your diabetes then you need to control on your consuming sugar from other ways, i m not in favor of leaving any thing but you can take that from some other different ways like you can choose.Jack fruit is the sweetest of the fruits but has low glycemic index. This feature is because it contains fructose as it’s essential component. Fructose is easily digestible but doesn’t get absorbed easily.

It is also effective in treating diabetes. Grapefruits are refreshing and help to control the glucose level of the blood in a time span of three days.This is also an important anti-diabetic fruit. Rose apple positively affects the pancreas. This prevents the starch from converting into sugar form that increase the level of glucose in the body. Rose apple also quenches thirst and stops excessive urination.Even though fruits are beneficial for diabetics, they cannot replace medication treatment. Fruits can only help patients preventing or controlling symptoms, but cannot treat this disease.

Unripe jack fruit has low glysemic index. The glysemic index of unripe jackfruit is less than rice and wheat. Hence it is recommended for diabetic. A study conducted on unripe jackfruit found that 30 grams of unripe jackfruit equals one cup of rice or two chapathis

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Can’t Find The G-Spot? You’re Not Alone: The Science of Sex Sun, 18 Sep 2011 13:26:50 +0000 […]]]> Can’t Find The G-Spot? You’re Not Alone: The Science of Sex

As much as I am inspired and impressed by modern medical and scientific advancements—nanotechnology, laparoscopic surgery, and genome sequencing to name a few—I’m also a bit shocked by the fact that we haven’t yet mastered some of the basics. Take human anatomy for instance. Yes, we’ve identified the twenty-six bones of the foot and the ventricles of the brain, but when it comes to deciphering the female urogenital tract, scientists are still at the drawing board. In fact, they have the same questions you might—does the G-spot exist, and if so, where the heck is it? Do women really have a prostate, and if so, can they ejaculate?

The Hotly Debated G-Spot
The G-spot, named after the gynecologist Ernest Gräfenberg, is an alleged erogenous zone located a few centimeters inside the vagina on the anterior wall. Its rise to popularity is usually attributed to the 1982 book, The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality, co-authored by Beverley Whipple, a professor at Rutgers. Though the book describes how to find and stimulate this region, and sent intrepid women to try to locate theirs, it also gave the yet-to-be-classified area an almost mythical status—many have heard of it, and can generally describe what it’s supposed to do, but the majority haven’t actually seen its effects. Currently, there is no recognized part of the female anatomy labeled as the “G-spot.” In fact, researchers debate as to whether it exists at all.

Part of the problem stems from the general lack of research into women’s sexual health, which has hampered the ability to make anatomic generalizations. A review published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2001 states “the evidence is far too weak to support the reality of the G-spot” and that “anecdotal observations and case studies based on a small number of subjects are not supported by anatomic and biochemical studies.”

Skeptics of the G-spot also contend there is no neural pathway to signify a physiologic mechanism. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2006 took 101 vagina biopsy samples from twenty-one women and found that although nerves were located regularly throughout the vagina, there is no one location that has more nerve density than others, dispelling the notion of a single erogenous zone inside the vagina.

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9 Things You Have To Do In Bed Sun, 18 Sep 2011 13:24:55 +0000 […]]]>

Last week, John “Mind Of Man” DeVore warned us not to compliment a man when his is naked. Noted, buddy. But I have to say, as a woman, and a whole lot of one at that, even though you’ve already taken me home and gotten me naked, I still need to hear that you are ready for this jelly. Say something nice. Otherwise, I’ll think you’re not telling me how nice my booty is because you don’t like what you see. I swear, I’m not normally so insecure, but when I drop my dress, you need to start the sweet talkin’. Even if it’s a lie and you’re glad I turned the lights off, just tell me I’m pretty. You gotta do that, gentleman, and eight more things during sex besides get off …

  1. Take Some Initiative: Don’t just do what you know is going to get me off. Have fun, show me what you like to do to me. Don’t simply go through the motions.
  2. Kiss Something Besides My Mouth: My lips are like one percent of me; your kiss feels good on the other 99 percent.
  3. Take All Your Clothes Off: Shirt, shoes, no service. I want it off. I want it all off!
  4. Make Some Noise: You don’t have to impersonate R. Kelly, but please let me know when and where I’m pleasing you.
  5. Watch The Hair: Unless you’re pulling it intentionally, please don’t pin my hair down accidentally. It hurts and I don’t want to ruin the mood by complaining about it.
  6. Look Me In The Eye: We don’t have to lock eyes forever, but a solid check-in makes me feel desired and gives me the chance to flash you a sexy look.
  7. Focus On The Sweet Action: Don’t be high-five-ing yourself in the mirror, writing your grocery list in your head, etc. I’m right in front of you, and I’m naked. Focus!
  8. Ask Me What I Like: You might really like what I say.
  9. Let Me Know What You Like: If I’m sleeping with you, I want to make this fun for everyone. So, don’t be shy, boys.
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Natural Hair Treatment With Avocado Oil Fri, 24 Jun 2011 11:21:45 +0000 […]]]> Avocado oil has so very many benefits as well as uses in hair care. Avocado oil is has a light texture that makes it easy to soak into the scalp and skin. Avocado oils can be used to help deal with a number of hair related problems like hair fall, thinning hair and dandruff. You don’t always have to buy ready hair care products, simple hair and skin oils included into your beauty regime can do wonders and keep you looking younger than your years.

Avocado oil contains important nutrients like protein, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid, all of which are extremely essential for hair growth and nourishment. Avocado oil has a number of nutrients that can benefit the growth and the health of all kinds of hair, especially dry hair as well as all hair types including faro hair. It is advisable to mix this oil with perhaps other oils like almond oil or olive oil which are also very good for hair care and make the application easier too.
Avocado Oil Nutrients
Avocado oil has a number of nutrients that can benefit the growth and the health of all kinds of hair, especially dry hair and African American hair. It contains essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid, all of which is extremely essential for hair growth and nourishment.
It is also a rich source of Lecithin which gives it good penetrative qualities. It is also known to have natural sunscreen properties that can protect the hair and scalp from the damage caused by the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It works better when blended with other oils like almond oil or olive oil which are also very good for hair care. The various benefits of avocado oil for hair care can be enjoyed in a number of ways.
How To Use Avocado Oil For Hair
Try to source cold pressed and unrefined organic Avocado oil for skin and hair use. This contains the maximum nutrients ass the oil is pure and not been refined.To use avocado oil for hair growth or hair care, you can prepare hair masks, homemade shampoos and conditioners using avocado oil or you can use the oil for a scalp massage or a hot oil massage. Here are some avocado oil recipes for hair masks, shampoos and conditioners.
Avocado Oil as Hair Treatment
This is a simple remedy, and a hot oil treatment to nourish the hair. Blend a tablespoon of Avocado oil with a teaspoon of Sweet Almond oil, mix this together and then heat slightly in the microwave for just about 30-40 seconds. Massage this oil blend into your hair and scalp. For those with an oily scalp, use this only on your hair.
Gently massage your hair and scalp for around 15 minutes in a circular motion. This will help the oil to soak in well and will also improve blood circulation to the scalp. Then, soak a towel in hot water for a minute or two then remove and squeeze out all the water. Wrap this hot towel around your head and let it stay for around 20 minutes. Then, shampoo and condition as usual.
Avocado Oil Hair Mask
To prepare an avocado oil hair mask, you will need a tablespoon of avocado oil, a tablespoon of olive oil, ½ tablespoon honey and one egg white. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and then apply to wet, clean or shampooed hair. Let it stay for around 10 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Avocado Oil Shampoo
To prepare an avocado oil hair shampoo, you will need 1 teaspoon avocado oil, ½ teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil and 6 oz liquid castile soap. Mix all the ingredients together and store it in a bottle for at least 2 days to allow the ingredients to set. Use it to shampoo your hair on a regular basis.
So now that you know about the benefits of avocado oil for hair, make it an essential ingredient in your hair care and skin care regime too, and flaunt healthy hair and skin.

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Best Honey Facial Mask Recipes: Skin Care Remedies Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:37:43 +0000 […]]]> Who knew the sugar sitting in your kitchen cupboard was your many appropriate apparatus for fighting skin caring woes similar to pimples and dry skin? It’s loyal – sugar facial facade recipes have been used by generations of the many beauty shrewd women since sugar moisturizes skin naturally, and it is a healthy germ warrior for realistic pimples. Honey additionally happens to be a good apparatus for those with supportive skin who competence have disastrous reactions to ingredient-loaded beauty products, and it is packaged with antioxidants for those seeking to minimize the coming of excellent lines and wrinkles upon your face.

1. Honey Facial Mask Recipe for Dry, Flaky Skin
* 1 raw egg
* 1 tablespoon honey
Mix together egg and honey. Spread onto your face and neck and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well with tepid water.
2. Honey Facial Mask Recipe for Acne
Simply apply a scoop of honey to clean skin and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
To use honey as a spot treatment on pimples you picked at, put a drop of honey on your finger and gently pat it onto the infected area before bed. Cover overnight with a bandage. The honey will keep your skin and the oozing area sterile by fighting off bacteria. And as a bonus it will accelerate the healing process.
3. Honey with Olive Oil and Egg Yolk
* 1 tbsp raw honey (I’m sure you can use regular honey too)
* 1 tbsp olive oil (I use first cold pressed organic)
* 1 egg yolk
Whip till creamy, then apply to freshly washed skin. I used this as part of my Homemade Facial Routine, and my skin came out nice and smooth.
4. Pumpkin Honey Mask
* 4 tablespoons of peeled pumpkin
* 4 teaspoons of corn flour
* 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
* 2 teaspoons of mashed pineapple
* 1 teaspoon of green tea
* 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower oil
Prepare green tea and let it rest a bit. While that is cooling down, combine pineapple, honey, pumpkin, and aloe gel. Add to that sunflower oil and then green tea. Mix well.
Apply the mix on the face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pad dry. This amount is enough for 4 applications. Keep it in a glass jar, tightly closed and refrigerated. It is not to be used after 2 weeks.

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Most Helpful Makeup Tips For Hot Summer Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:18:53 +0000 […]]]> During the summer, there is one general rule that I always stick to less is more! That rule applies to both cosmetic and skin care application. The most appealing summer look is a rejuvenating, fresh, natural and discreet makeup. Summer makeup should not be heavy and is mostly aimed at protecting the skin from exposure to sun rays, avoid excessive sweating, cut out the oily shine and prevent clogging of skin pores that often result in acne and pimples. Put aside the thought of a thick foundation and running mascara, and try out a few tips given below for a ‘fresh as a daisy’ look.

Summer Makeup Looks
The best summer makeup tips are those that enhance your natural skin tone and keep it looking natural. You can get a beautiful summer makeup look with:
* Tinted Moisturizers
* Self-Tanners
* Gel Blush
* Lip Gloss
* Bronzers
* Shimmer Makeup
* Waterproof Mascara
Use sheer makeup in summer to let your skin keep humidity blocked in but breathing as well with an SPF factor of 15. The foundation so applied on hot days must be seasonal along a light sun block moisturizer. Skin tone turns darker in summer that’s why makeup foundation for summer must be according to that. First apply cream or SPF moisturizer over face then use liquid foundation, it assures makeup staying power on face even in hottest days.
Choosing Color in Important
Selecting the right color in summer makeup is the key to success. Whatever color you are going to wear, Just keep in mind that you need to apply makeup in light or pastel shadows. This is the first step to choose makeup color. Remember, stay away from dark shades, they look weird during summers. Whether it is a night time or day time party just remember all the pastel shades will do only.
Eye Makeup
Neutral and lighter shades are perfect for eye makeup in summer. Try to use shimmery and simpler eye shadows on eye lids as such beige, golden, light brown, yellow and silver but give proper touch to eye lashes. Apply lighter coat of mascara on eye lashes during day but little bit thick coat for evening. Use eyeliner pencil of appealing colors as such slate gray, black, chocolate or aqua. It makes your eyes naturally wide and broad.
Eye Shadow
Lighter makeup accentuates a dark tan. The new eye shadows available today give shimmer and glide on smoothly. Combine a lighter creme eye-shadow with light lipstick or lip gloss and you’ll have an instant, updated summer look. For longer lasting makeup, apply pressed powder to your eyelids to soak up any additional oil before you brush on the eye shadow. This will also help set the powder and prevent creasing.
Lipstick is tough to stick on in summer days as it gets faded as the day passes. One of the summer makeup tips is to keep your lipstick intact. Apply a coat of powder on your lips before applying lipstick as it sticks to powder and stays on lips day long. The festive lipstick colors going trendy this summer are frosted pinks, golden lip glows and shimmery fuchsias.
Today’s mascara isn’t near as conservative as it was years ago. With brushes, colors and formulas available for just about every situation, your choice today is much easier whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead. Summer may be the only time you need waterproof mascara. For exercising or swimming, use the waterproof formula to prevent the dreaded “black eye” syndrome. Even if you don’t anticipate the need, keep some on hand for that impromptu invite to the lake or beach.
S?, ladies, try th??? summer makeup tips ?nd look ??ur m??t brilliant th?? summer. And more significantly, ?u?t feel light ?nd free. It would be great if you share your summer make up tips and treaks and you summer must-have products.

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Fruits and Vegetables For Skin Beauty Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:14:47 +0000 […]]]> Fruits and vegetables: one of the most widely available sources of energy on this planet. These sources, when consumed appropriately can be of immense help in enhancing an individual’s beauty. The raw food diet is most certainly about beauty: the beauty of nature, the beauty of health, and the beauty of body, mind and soul.
When choosing what to eat, go for foods that most closely resemble foods found in the wild. These foods will contain more minerals and stronger life energy. Many fruits and vegetables today are hybrids and have been genetically modified to be low in nutrition and high in sugar.

The fruits and vegetables should be taken in different varieties since some help in gaining and lose of weight. Raw food majority contain more minerals and stronger life energy. Some fruits which help in enhancing beauty are; fresh summer fruits such as peaches, plums and nectarines. They are good sources of antioxidants and other phynonutrients. Antioxidants are essential for protecting skin from damaging ultraviolet rays and they are more effective when more than one is present.
Fruits and Vegetables For Skin
Peaches are highly emollient and perfect for dry skin types. Mash a fresh peach and combine with a tablespoon of plain yogurt to make a smooth paste. Apply on the skin and leave it on for 20 mins and then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will feel moisturized and supple to the touch.
Banana is a great emollient for your skin and hair. They are rich in protein and natural fats and can be used on all skin types. An easy face mask that will make your skin supple is to apply mashed banana all over your skin and leave it on for 2o minutes, rinse off with warm water and moisturize after that. Mashed banana also makes a wonderful hair conditioner when mixed with a 1 tablespoon of honey. Perfect for keeping hair beautiful even if dyed regularly.
Apples are a great conditioner and toner for your skin. They have amazing skin-healing powers and have been used as a beauty aid for centuries. Add a cup of apple juice to your bath to cleanse and soften your skin. The juice of apple can be used as a breathe freshener too. Apple juice when applied to your hair scalp can prevent dandruff. Use as a final rinse after shampooing your hair. Also, remember, apples are filled with pectin essential for fighting the dreaded acne.
Grapes have various vitamins other than glucose and fructose. These enhance the action of skin cells, are good for reviving skin and have detoxification effects.
Tomatoes have lots of pectin, a vegetable fiber. They help blood circulation, which is vital for a good complexion. Apply the pulp of a tomato liberally to the face and leave for an hour. Then wash off with warm water. Repeating this daily produces a good complexion and quickly removes ugly-looking pimples.
Cucumber is a surprising beauty secret for the skin, with its hydrating, nourishing and astringent properties. Cucumbers have the same PH as the skin so they help restore the skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Grate or blend a cucumber. Apply this over the face, eyes and neck for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a great tonic for the facial skin and regular use prevents pimples, blackheads, wrinkles, and dryness of the face. By applying cucumber slices onto your skin, you can have soothed, smoothed and cooled skin.
Lemons are the most popular home beauty ingredient. People preferred using lemons to cleanse and freshen the skin and hair. A few lemon slices to soften rough skin spots such as elbows and heels. Lemons can be a very powerful deodorizer, just simply mix a few teaspoons of lemon juice in your bath and you will feel fresh the whole day. Lemon juice can be added to your favorite cleanser or shampoo to refresh and tone your scalp, as well as prevent dandruff.
Here one can see the various benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in their natural form. It is easy to consume food to satiate ones hunger. But to satiate ones hunger for beauty is what no-one does.

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Lemon Juice Home Remedy For Acne Care Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:07:45 +0000 […]]]> Natural acne remedies have begunLemon Juice Home Remedy For Acne Care to receive greater amounts of spotlight in the battle to find suitable treatments for acne. One of the more popular natural remedies employs the use of lemon juice. Lemon juice is a favorable treatment for a number of reasons. For one, it is widely and inexpensively available. Further, lemon juice has shown to improve the appearance of post-acne scars.

Not many over-the-counter products are able to kill two birds with one stone treat existing acne lesions while minimizing the appearance of scars. Although many report favorable results with lemon juice, it is not a good fit for all. Some with sensitive skin may experience an acne breakout as a result of utilizing the applying the acidic substance on their skin. To fully understand whether or not you stand to gain from the lemon juice acne treatment, we have put this post together dissecting both the pros and cons of this course of treatment.
Likely the most advantageous characteristic of lemon juice lies in the fact that it is a natural disinfectant. When applied topically to the skin, lemon juice can help eradicate p. acnes bacteria that help form more severe, inflamed acne lesions. It is important to remember that bacteria is not always responsible for the development of acne. Although lemon juice may help eliminate a good portion of these bacteria, acne can still form as a result of abnormal desquamation and keratinization. Fortunately, lemon juice can also help in this department.
Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar
According to Paul C. Bragg, author of “Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System,” a mixture of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water can help to clear up acne by reducing bacteria and free-radicals that damage the skin within the body. To use lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, mix one-half tbsp. lemon juice and one-half tbsp. apple cider vinegar into eight eight-oz. glasses of water each day.
According to Bragg, it is important to use apple cider vinegar that has at least 5% acidity in order to reap the benefits of the treatment. Make sure you never drink the apple cider or lemon juice without enough water, as prolonged drinking may damage the esophagus. This treatment should be repeated every day unless you notice unpleasant side effects.
Lemon Juice and Aloe Vera Gel
According to Jethro Kloss, author of “Back to Eden: The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods, and Home Remedies Since 1939,” a mixture of lemon juice and aloe vera gel is commonly used in folk medicine to cleanse and soothe the skin. To use lemon juice and aloe vera on the skin, mix two tbsp. lemon juice with four tbsp. aloe vera gel in a small container.
Apply a thick layer of the mixture to the skin and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse the skin with cool water, and pat the skin dry with a clean towel and apply your regular moisturizer. Make sure you use natural aloe vera gel either from a fresh leaf or bottle, as aloe vera gel with added ingredients may irritate acne. This remedy can be used every day as long as it does not irritate your skin and increase redness.
Lemon Juice Apply For Acne
Lemon juice contains one of the AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids which is citric acid. It works by sloughing off dead skin, promoting skin elasticity, and enabling new skin cell growth rise from underneath. It also flushes out pores and keeps your skin feeling fresh and bright.
    * Ensure your skin is clean.
    * Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a small bowl. Use a cotton ball to soak up some juice. Dilute it with water if it burns.
    * Dab the juice onto your pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.
    * Leave on over night and rinse in the morning. Apply it again (under your makeup if you’re female).
    * If you find the lemon juice too strong too leave on, even diluted with water, wash it off after 10 minutes in cold water.
Expect improvements with this remedy after about 2 weeks. At this time, add a gentle cleanser with glycolic acid, like B. Kamins cleanser for normal to oily skin combination.
It is possible that your acne is only one symptom of your body not receiving enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals or liquids. Therefore, consider detoxifying your body, which gets to the root cause of many diseases, including acne.
Lemon Juice Drink For Acne
You can use the lemon juice remedy for internal cleansing or detoxifying of the liver and for absorption of important minerals and vitamins. This drink is one of the healthiest juices for your skin and body that is refreshing, easy to drink, and simplest to make.
In fact, it has so many health benefits aside from clearing acne, that everyone (who isn’t allergic) should be drinking it. This remedy’s benefits include:
    * eliminating acid waste because it contains minerals (potassium, Vitamin C),
    * alleviating constipation,
    * cleansing the liver with citric acid and building up enzymes to eliminate blood toxins,
    * aiding in digestion
    * removing kidney and pancreatic stones, and
    * removing calcium deposits in the body.

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Loss Your Belly Fat Fast And Look Slim Smart Thu, 16 Jun 2011 12:04:23 +0000 […]]]> Hi everyone you know that! In those days every person is conscious about his/her physical fitness, dressing and personality attraction. And everything is possible in latest and fast IT life.

Ten Effective Method To Lose Belly Fat Fast
* With taking some simple steps we can improve our body shape, health and general physic fitness. Diet you are taking must be Fat burner; most effective being Low-carbohydrate diet if you wish to shed pounds of belly fat. Few days required to flip the metabolic switch and then your body becomes fat-burning machine.
* Low-fat diets burn mixture of fat and muscle tissue decreasing the metabolism of our body. That is why low-fat diets produce temporary results and then it stops working and weight again adds us after you come on normal diet. Don’t worry, with these tips  losing belly fat  would easy.
Belly Fat is a combination of excess fat tissue, toxins stored in fat, bloated bowels and lazy muscles. Here are 10 ways to get rid of the obstacles creating your belly fat.
10 Easy Tips to Look Slimmer
1. Water
Belly fat is made of fat cells storing built up toxins. In order to get rid of the fat and toxins in your cells, drink BEV (Bio-Electronic Vincent) water or filtered water that uses reverse-osmosis filtration. This water attracts the heavy toxins from fat and pulls it out the body. The less minerals and metals in the water – the more the water can remove the dense stuff from your belly!
2. Belly Massage
Built up toxins and waste can be moved by gentle massage. Using a clockwise circle on the belly, starting under the right hand side of the chest, massage with your fingers and palm, to cover the entire belly area. Use the tips of the fingers to dig into belly and move stagnant energy. Use the palm of the hand to hold and nurture parts of your belly that want nurturing and encouragement. Kindly tell your belly with your touch that its time to move the fat and toxins out.
3. Sufficient Sleep
Getting sufficient sleep is also mandatory. When we feel tired, our tendency to eating increases leading to overeating and thus developing belly fat. Getting adequate sleep would help avoid overeating and may help to lose belly fat. Good sleep would also ensure staying more active during daytime giving you chance to burn more fat and lose belly weight by being more energetic.
4. Avoiding Junk Food
Avoiding junk food can be an effective way to lose body fat. Eating junk food is a primary reason that many people develop lot of fat and then look for tips to lose belly fat. One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to use the truth about six pack abs system. Junk food increases appetites thus making us eat more than required. It is unhealthy and fattening food that further result in more fat gain especially around your stomach.
5. Scooping Into the Deeper Ab Muscles
Forget Ab “crunches” that focus on superficial abs. When you do any bending movement, start imagining the deepest ab muscle – the PSOAS. The psoas starts from the inside thigh, goes up the back of the pelvis and follows up the spine to the back of the “energetic heart” area – or where the diaphragm inserts into the spine (around the bra strap for women).
As you pull into your crunches or bending moves, visualize scooping into this long muscle that supports all the muscles and organs of the belly. When you use this visualization, you’ll get more connection between your belly and your back muscles and you’ll have something to pull your belly in to!
6. Cortisol
High stress levels causes production of hormone called ‘cortisol’ in our body. This hormone has tendency to raise body weight, so get started with relaxation exercises immediately.
7. Balanced Diet
Eating balanced diet and avoid foods with high sugar/ caffeine level. Foods rich in nutrients/ fiber must be increased in our diets like fresh vegetables/ fruits/ oatmeal/ whole grain etc. Healthy foods maintain insulin levels and control blood sugar levels. Hunger is also controlled which means you can lose belly fat quite quickly.
8. Exercise
Exercise daily preferably in early morning: you may start with Jogging or brisk walking for approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour before breakfast. Exercise done early morning keeps us active for complete day and is certainly one of most wonderful way to lose belly fat.
9. Breakfast
If you don’t eat after many hours of sleeping your body goes into ‘starvation mode’. This is bad news for shedding belly fat as it slows your metabolism down in an effort to save energy and burn less calories. In fact a lot of dietitians advice that the best breakfast is a heavy one.
10. Alcohol
Alcohol must be avoided as it contains lots of calories (7 calories/ gram). Alcohol also impacts body sugar levels, and would greatly help your effort to reduce/ lose belly fat.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Tea For Weight Loss Tue, 14 Jun 2011 12:25:48 +0000 […]]]>

Everyone wants to get smart and attractive in his/her life. So we will tell you some great tips for fitness.
Green Tea Helps You to Burn Fat Faster
Because Green Tea is…
   1. Green Tea is a diuretic that removes excess water weight from your body that makes you look bloated.
   2. Green Tea increases your metabolism making you burn more fat and it’s a mild appetite suppressant that makes you eat less so… weight loss becomes a natural process with green tea.
   3. Green Tea prevents you from gaining weight by stopping the movement of sugar into your fat cells. Evidence shows that drinking green tea is related to reductions in body fat.
   4. Green Tea causes carbohydrates to be released slowly, preventing rises in blood-insulin levels and this causes your body to burn fat.
   5. The catechins in Green Tea forces your body into thermogenesis – this is where your body burns fat for energy.
   6. In a test where 10 men were given Green Tea, caffeine, or a placebo with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The men who took green tea burned more fat than the placebo and caffeine groups.
   7. Research shows you can burn 35-43% more fat during the day when you drink 3-5 cups of Green Tea.
   8. The International Journal of Obesity states that Green Tea contains polyphenols which causes your body to produce heat that burns off your body fat.
   9. The University of Chicago’s Tang Center for Herbal Medical Research shows Green Tea reduces the fat deposits under your skin and the fat in your belly area.
  10. Lots of Green Tea weight loss studies prove green tea lowers blood sugar. A lower blood sugar reduces your cravings making you not eat as much so you won’t gain any weight.
  11. Dr. Nicholas Perricone told Oprah Winfrey she could lose 10 lbs. in 4-6 weeks drinking green tea instead of coffee.
  12. Studies show that when you drink Green Tea every day for 3 months… You’ll lose more body fat than those who drink regular tea.
  13. Several studies on obesity have concluded that people who’ve been drinking Green Tea for more than 10 years showed lower body fat percentages compared with those who don’t drink green tea regularly. That’s a proven fact.
Now we want to say some disadvantages of drinking green tea for weight loss
Actually this site aims to educate people about the latest thinking and ideas to help you lose weight, introduce healthy eating, and stay fit. Read the many pages we have to choose the right approach, so you can achieve your goals sensibly, and remember to consult your doctor before starting any weight loss or exercise program.
Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss
1. Green tea is not a magic bullet
    * While some people will tell you that green tea is the be-all-end-all for weight loss success, I think the keyword here is balance. You’re not going to eat 5000 calories a day, drink a cup of green tea and make it all go away – it just isn’t going to happen. A healthy diet and increased exercise will go a long way in helping you lose weight and keep it off.
2. Be cautious of the caffeine if you have health problems
    * For some people that have heart troubles, high blood pressure or stimulant sensitivities, the caffeine in green tea may not be the best idea. If you’re worried about the caffeine from green tea, try taking green tea extract. Most green tea extract is made from decaffeinated green tea so you can still get the weight loss benefits without the caffeine.
If you think the caffeine may be a problem, make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea for weight loss. Also make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Bottom Line: Green tea helps you with weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate, regulating your blood sugar, suppressing your appetite and giving you something else besides that high calorie, high sugar coffee beverage to drink in the morning.

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Ice Cream and Desserts for Hungry Minds & Tummies Fri, 29 Apr 2011 13:38:14 +0000

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In A New Research Says Walnuts is Top Brain And Health Booster Mon, 04 Apr 2011 02:07:06 +0000 […]]]> In A New Research Says Walnuts Is Top Brain And Health Booster
Walnuts are a top nibble in that they fight free radicals that can damage our body’s cells and cause disease better than just about any other popular nut.

Walnuts are loaded with antioxidant polyphenols, compounds that interact with free radicals to stabilize them and prevent them from wrecking havoc on our cells. Walnuts have almost twice as many antioxidant polyphenols as almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamias, Brazil nuts, and pecans, researchers said.

“A handful of walnuts contains almost twice as much antioxidants as an equivalent amount of any other commonly consumed nut,” said US chemistry professor and study researcher Joe Vinson in a statement. “But unfortunately, people don’t eat a lot of them.” His advice: eat seven walnuts a day. Plus, like all nuts, walnuts are loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Prior research has also claimed that walnuts are a top brain booster because of their antioxidant power. Walnuts may combat the damage to brain cells’ DNA caused by free radicals in our bodies, experts say. A 2009 rat study also found that diets in which nuts made up as little as two percent reversed signs of aging.

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10 Ancient Methods of Birth Control Sat, 26 Feb 2011 11:52:38 +0000 […]]]> This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the birth control pill, which many considered to have empowered women and sparked the sexual revolution. But as this list will show, women have had some control over their reproductive rights for millennia, although some of these ancient birth control methods were, admittedly, more terrifying than most of the methods in use today.

To be included on this list, the birth control had to be at least plausibly effective to some degree. Records exist of women in ancient Rome and Greece relying on dances and amulets to prevent pregnancy, and we can safely assume that those probably didn’t do much. At the risk of stirring up controversy, I’ve listed both contraceptives—which prevent sperm from fertilizing egg—and abortifacients, which induce abortion. For the sake of interest, I’ve focused on methods that would be unusual today, and not on methods that are still regularly practiced—like abstinence, coitus interruptus, or fertility awareness—to similar effect now as a few centuries ago. These items are in no particular order.

10 Lemons


Citric acid is said to have spermicidal properties, and women used to soak sponges in lemon juice before inserting them vaginally. Mentioned in the Talmud, this was a preferred method of birth control in ancient Jewish communities. The sponge itself would act as a pessary—a physical barrier between the sperm and the cervix. The great womanizer Casanova was said to have inserted the rind of half a lemon into his lovers as a primitive cervical cap or diaphragm, the residual lemon juice serving to annihilate the sperm. Lemon- and lime-juice douches following coitus were also recommended as a form of birth control, but this method was likely less effective, since sperm can enter the cervix—and hence out of reach of any douching—within minutes of ejaculation. Incidentally, some alternative medicine practitioners today suggest that megadoses of vitamin C (6 to 10 g a day) could induce an abortion in women under 4 weeks of pregnancy, but there’s no evidence that citrus fruits were used in this way in ancient times.

9 Queen Anne’s Lace

N3 Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is also known as wild carrot, and its seeds have long been used as a contraceptive—Hippocrates described this use over two millennia ago. The seeds block progesterone synthesis, disrupting implantation and are most effective as emergency contraception within eight hours of exposure to sperm—a sort of “morning after” form of birth control. Taking Queen Anne’s Lace led to no or mild side effects (like a bit of constipation), and women who stopped taking it could conceive and rear a healthy child. The only danger, it seemed, was confusing the plant with similar-looking but potentially deadly poison hemlock and water hemlock.

8 Pennyroyal


Pennyroyal is a plant in the mint genus and has a fragrance similar to that of spearmint. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a cooking herb and a flavoring ingredient in wine. They also drank pennyroyal tea to induce menstruation and abortion—1st-century physician Dioscorides records this use of pennyroyal in his massive five-volume encyclopedia on herbal medicine. Too much of the tea could be highly toxic, however, leading to multiple organ failure.

7 Blue Cohosh

Caulophyllum Thalictroides Leaves

Blue cohosh, traditionally used for birth control by Native Americans, contains at least two abortifacient substances: one mimics oxytocin, a hormone produced during childbirth that stimulates the uterus to contract, and a substance unique to blue cohosh, caulosaponin, also results in uterine contractions. Midwives today may use blue cohosh in the last month of pregnancy to tone the uterus in preparation for labour. The completely unrelated but similarly named black cohosh also has estrogenic and abortifacient properties and was often combined with blue cohosh to terminate a pregnancy.

6 Dong Quai

Il Fullxfull.87787175

Dong quai, also known as Chinese angelica, has long been known for its powerful effects on a woman’s cycle. Women drank a tonic brewed with dong quai roots to help regulate irregular menstruation, alleviate menstrual cramps and help the body regenerate after menstruation. Taken during early pregnancy, however, dong quai had the effect of causing uterine contractions and inducing abortion. European and American species of angelica have similar properties but were not as widely used.

5 Common Rue

Rue Anemone Thalictrum Thalictroides Flower 2479Px

Rue, a blue-green herb with feathery leaves, is grown as an ornamental plant and is favored by gardeners for its hardiness. It is rather bitter but can be used in small amounts as a flavoring ingredient in cooking. Soranus, a gynecologist from 2nd-century Greece, described its use as a potent abortifacient, and women in Latin America have traditionally eaten rue in salads as a contraceptive and drunk rue tea as emergency contraception or to induce abortion. Ingested regularly, rue decreases blood flow to the endometrium, essentially making the lining of the uterus non-nutritive to a fertilized egg.

4 Cotton


In the ancient medical manuscript the Ebers Papyrus (1550 BCE), women were advised to grind dates, acacia tree bark, and honey together into a paste, apply this mixture to seed wool, and insert the seed wool vaginally for use as a pessary. Granted, it was what was in the cotton rather than the cotton itself that promoted its effectiveness as birth control—acacia ferments into lactic acid, a well-known spermicide—but the seed wool did serve as a physical barrier between ejaculate and cervix. Interestingly, though, women during the times of American slavery would chew on the bark of cotton root to prevent pregnancy. Cotton root bark contains substances that interfere with the corpus luteum, which is the hole left in the ovary when ovulation occurs. The corpus luteum secretes progesterone to prepare the uterus for implantation of a fertilized egg. By impeding the corpus luteum’s actions, cotton root bark halts progesterone production, without which a pregnancy can’t continue.

3 Papaya


In South Asia and Southeast Asia, unripe papaya was used to prevent or terminate pregnancy. Once papaya is ripe, though, it loses the phytochemicals that interfere with progesterone and thus its contraceptive and abortifacient properties. The seeds of the papaya could actually serve as an effective male contraceptive. Papaya seeds, taken daily, could cut a man’s sperm count to zero and was safe for long-term use. Best of all, the sterility was reversible: if the man stopped taking the seeds, his sperm count would return to normal.

2 Silphium


Silphium was a member of the fennel family that grew on the shores of Cyrenaica (in present-day Libya). It was so important to the Cyrenean economy that it graced that ancient city’s coins. Silphium had a host of uses in cooking and in medicine, and Pliny the Elder recorded the herb’s use as a contraceptive. It was reportedly effective for contraception when taken once a month as a tincture. It could also be used as emergency birth control, either orally or vaginally, as an abortifacient. By the second century CE, the plant had gone extinct, likely because of over harvesting.

1 Mercury


Civilizations the world over, from the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians to the Greeks, were fascinated by mercury and were convinced that it had medicinal value and special curative properties, using it to treat everything from skin rashes to syphilis. In ancient China, women were advised to drink hot mercury to prevent pregnancy. It was likely pretty effective at convincing a woman’s body that she wasn’t fit to carry a child, leading to miscarriage, so in that sense, it worked as a contraceptive. However, as we know today, mercury is enormously toxic, causing kidney and lung failure, as well as brain damage and death. At that point, pregnancy would probably be the least of your worries.

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Fat Wont Make You Fat Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:57:31 +0000 […]]]>

Unless you have been living in an underground bunker for the last 10 years, stock piling tins of green peas and hoarding every last enquirer magazine you can get your hands on in preparation of the return of the evil aliens in 2012, or simply because you couldn’t bare the thought of watching another Paris Hilton my new BFF MTV reality show, you have probably heard that eating fat isn’t as bad as we were first initially told.
Yes, after all these years of inaccurate research and propaganda convincing us to eliminate fats in our diets, leaving everyone to commit carb-o-cide, sending our insulin levels popping higher than an over-heated Jeremy Piven thermometer, and our waist lines consequently wider than the gap between Madonna’s two front teeth, researchers and health experts have finally put two and two together and come back to fat. Yes that’s right, recent research shows that not only should we not be avoiding fat, we should be actively consuming it to help us lose weight and increase muscle size and strength.
You see dietary fat plays an important role in our bodies, from regulating body temperature and a healthy immune system, to energy storage and maintaining healthy cell function. In fact did you know that two thirds of our brain is made up of fat? And certain vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble, meaning that a presence of fat is needed for them to be absorbed by your body.
But before you go rummaging through your freezer looking for the Rediwhip or running down to KFC to wrap your greasy mitts around a family sized bucket of fried chicken, you need to know that not all fats are the same. Just like the characters from your favorite 3pm soap opera that you deny having DVR’d and are secretly itching to get home to catch up on, there are the good, there are the bad, and you need to know which ones are which so they aren’t coming out of a 10 year coma to stab you in the back.

There are 4 types of fat that you need to know about.
Saturated Fats
Are fats that are solid at room temperatures and mainly come from animal products such as meat and dairy, but can also be found in some plant and vegetable based products like Coconut Oil and Palm Oil.
Polyunsaturated Fats
Usually liquid at room temperature and are known as either Omega 3’s or Omega 6’s. Omega 3’s can be found mainly in fatty fishes like salmon and some plant based sources like walnuts, and Omega 6’s mainly come from vegetables and other nuts and seeds.
Monounsaturated Fats
Mainly come from vegetables and nuts. A good example of monounsaturated fat is Olive oil.
Trans Fat
Whilst the above three are naturally occurring fats, Trans fats, otherwise known as Partially hydrogenated oils, generally are not and are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid. Companies such as fast food outlets, restaurants and bakeries create and use trans fats because they are cheap, make your food extra tasty, and last longer than other fats making them ideal to be used over and over again in those heart attack machines known as deep fryers.
So which fats are good and which are bad?

Trans fats and most saturated fats are the bad guys here, but trans fats are by far the worse. There have been numerous risks associated with the consumption of trans fats, leading them to be banned in various countries, some states here in the US and in certain food items such as baked goods. They are known to raise your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels whilst decreasing your good cholesterol (HDL), causing an abundance of heath risks such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. Not only that but remember how I told you that our brains are two thirds fat? Well the consumption of trans fats disrupt the communication signals in your brain, increasing cellular degeneration and mental performance. So munching that cookie at lunch may not be the best idea and could lead to a complete brain fart as you try to explain your team’s budget performance in that afternoon meeting.
What foods contain trans fats? Anything that is fried such as french fries (including those sweet potato fries you believe are good for you) and doughnuts, many baked goods such as pastries, croissants, and cookies, as well as margarines and whipped creams, even those fat free varieties. Wait, fat free foods can contain trans fats? How is that possible? Well you see, according to the FDA, if a product contains less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving, they can declare it as having no trans fat. But more often than not, we eat more than one serving in one sitting. So when you are eating tablespoon after tablespoon of that "Fat Free" whipped cream or cookie, thinking you are being healthy, you could be consuming up to 4 grams of trans fats without even knowing it. Sucks doesn’t it.
How can you avoid these products? Look at the ingredient list on the nutrition label. If you see the words "partially hydrogenated oils" or "hydrogenated oils" or "shortening" then throw that product back onto the shelf faster than Michael Lohan can yell "Press Conference".
Saturated fats however are a little more controversial. You see there is one side of the debate that believes that saturated fats aren’t digested and processed by the body very well, leading to increased fat storage and higher cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The other side, including many muscle building and diet experts and gurus, believe that some saturated fat, rather than carbohydrates, can increase muscle size, increase testosterone levels in men, and decrease fat storage. What do I believe? Well I sort of sit somewhere in the middle. You see the thought of sitting in a restaurant chewing on bits of fat from a steak are enough to make me dry heave and pull all my eyelashes out, but the occasional lean piece steak such as fillet, which contains small amounts of saturated fat, I believe can be beneficial. I also believe that natural plant / vegetable based saturated fats, such as those found in coconut oil have benefits in small quantities. I think its a matter of personal preference and if you tend to eat a lot of fatty red meats and full fat milks and cheeses, remove them from your diet for a period of time and see how your body responds.

Now for the good guys. Monounsaturated fats are believed to reduce our bad cholesterol levels, control diabetes and regulate blood pressure, whilst polyunsaturated fats mainly reduce inflammation and tumor growth, maintain a healthy immune system and prevent heart attacks.
Good fats also slow down the emptying of the stomach after eating a meal, leaving you feeling fuller longer and less likely to dig your hands into that cookie jar half an hour after eating. Studies have also shown that consumption of both types can benefit fat loss and muscle building efforts, so get munching on those walnuts, grill up some salmon, spread some avocado on your sandwiches (great healthy substitute for mayonnaise) and get cooking with some olive oil.
So it’s important that we begin to look at fat differently. Don’t just assume that just because a product is fat free makes it good for you or doesn’t contain nasty trans fats, and make a healthy lifestyle change by implementing good fats into your meal plans and cooking, or supplement your diet with an Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement. Your body, and your waistline, will thank you for it.

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The Dirty Dozen – 12 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:56:51 +0000 […]]]>  

Go into any grocery store these days and you will see the word "Organic" plastered everywhere you look, from organic fruits and vegetables, to organic crayons, and even organic toilet paper. The word is about as over-exposed as a Tiger Woods mistress, and can send any discerning shopper into a tail spin on which products to fork out the extra dollars for and which ones to save money and just buy regular. Well did you know there is a list known as "The Dirty Dozen"? It’s a list of the top 12 fruits and vegetables that The Environmental Working Group says are so pesticide ridden and contaminated, that you should buy them organic no matter what you do.
Lets count them down;

12. Grapes
Grapes have an incredibly thin skin, so all those pesticides that get constantly sprayed over the vineyards get absorbed by the grape, and no amount of scrubbing or peeling by you is going to get those pesticides out. And what do we all love to drink that is made from grapes? Wine. That’s right. Our favorite beverage has been reported to contain anywhere up to 34 different pesticides.

11. Potatoes
Whether you like to roast ’em, boil ’em, or cut ’em up and fry the hell out of ’em, potatoes are the most popular veggie consumed in the US. But did you know they also use more pounds of pesticides per acre than other crops, and can be laced with up to 37 different pesticides? So much so that McDonalds, the largest buyer of potatoes in the US, has taken steps to reduce this by exploring buying their spuds from organic farmers.

10. Cherries
Forty two. That’s the number of pesticides government testing has found on cherries. Even locally grown cherries can contain as many pesticides as the imported variety, and have been found on as much as 90% of cherries picked. Try cranberries or raspberries instead.

9. Kale
We have all heard of Kale lately, its been touted as the current superfood that contains countless vitamins and health benefits if eaten, but did you know its been found to contain large amounts of pesticide residue? The Environmental Working Group tested some Kale and found up to 10 different pesticides even on samples that were washed.

8. Spinach
My personal favorite, and one I admit I just rip open the bag and throw in my egg whites in the morning. Not anymore. It is considered one of the most contaminated green leafy vegetables with up to a reported 48 different pesticides being found on its produce. Popeye wouldn’t be happy.

7. Bell Peppers
I love red bell peppers, and eat them at least a few times a week and have an awesome turkey breast stuffed pepper recipe that will blow your mind. I was shocked however to find them on this list, as it turns out their skins are considered relatively thin and provide little barrier to the 49 different pesticides that can be sprayed on them.

6. Nectarines
I’ve never been a nectarine fan, but I have friends that eat them by the caseload, and they might be surprised to know they are considered one of the dirtiest foods with 33 different pesticides being found on and in them.

5. Blueberries
Who doesn’t blueberries? Blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins…throw them in our favorite comfort foods and they are good in just about anything. We have been told about their antioxidant and anti aging properties, with some health experts even recommending that they be the one fruit we eat each day, but they are apparently treated with up to 52 different pesticides, if you don’t buy them organic.

4. Apples
I was such a picky eater growing up and didn’t many fruits or vegetables much to my parents dismay, however apples were the only fruit I would eat. Needless to say mom of course would have them shipped to our house by the truck load. Well it seems apples are one of those fruits that just get attacked by pests and fungi, so they can be sprayed with up to 42 different pesticides. And take note, no amount of scrubbing or peeling is going to make any difference, as the chemicals are absorbed by the fruit.

3. Strawberries
Strawberries would have to be the most popular out of all the berries, with people eating them at breakfast in cereal or oats, and throwing them in shakes and smoothies. Well our number 3 friend here has been found to have up to 59 different pesticides coating them. Are you a big strawberry fan and buy them out of season all year round? Turns out those strawberries tend to be imported and contain even higher amounts of contamination.

2. Peaches
Sixty two. That’s the number of pesticides that are sprayed on this succulent favorite in orchards around the country.  It has the largest number of chemicals so far on this list, but the first place spot goes to…

1. Celery
Yes, the dieter’s best friend. This low calorie favorite used my many people watching their waist lines to munch on as a snack and dip into just about anything you can think of, is the one food item that tops the list with a whopping 62 different pesticides. The problem is that celery has no skin, so no amount of scrubbing or washing by you is going to get those chemicals out. Once they are absorbed, they are there, until you swallow them and they invade your bloodstream.
We all know what happens to insects and pests when they eat pesticides…they die. So what do you think it does to our bodies? Well there have been numerous studies on pesticides an their effects on humans when consumed and they have been reported to cause anything from cancer to developmental disorders. Here are a few more;
– Hormonal disruption
– Immune system suppression
– Nervous system disorders
– Reproductive damage
– Birth defects
– Parkinson’s Disease
So well know that we need to avoid pesticides and contaminated foods as much as possible, but buying organic 100% of the time can be expensive. Whilst you might be doing your body a favor, your wallet wont be inviting you to join their facebook fan page anytime soon. If you take anything away from this article and you do buy foods that are organic, make sure they are the products listed above. If you can’t find them produced organically, look for other fruit or vegetable alternatives.

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Does Alcohol Make You Fat? Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:54:48 +0000 […]]]> Thank God it’s Friday. You have been eating healthy all week, the person at the front desk at the gym now knows you by name, and you are pretty proud of yourself as you notice you have dropped a couple of pounds and are well and truly on your way to achieving your target weight. But work was rough, you put in some crazy hours and your boss displays the intelligence of a Real World contestant, so you are in need of a stiff drink and some socializing. But did you know that your favorite Friday night cocktail or beer could totally derail all that hard work and effort you put into your diet during the week?

Yes, we all love a drink. Some of us more than others…I’m having flash backs from a few weeks ago that involved a stripper, a five dollar bill, and my friends blindfolding me and pushing me up on top of the bar…you don’t want to know how that ended. But needless to say that night involved a lot of alcohol and me waking up in the morning with a splitting headache, a bruised nose, and about as dehydrated as Amy Winehouse’s weave. But whilst drinking may make you feel rotten the following day, that’s the least of your worries. Turns out that when you consume alcohol, even a small amount of it, your body stops burning fat and actually goes into a fat storage mode because it contains what’s known as ’empty calories".

We all know what a calorie is. Its a measurement of energy a certain food or beverage provides us. But not all calories are the same, and whilst some calories are good, nutritional and beneficial for our body’s fat loss and muscle building efforts, there are bad, empty calories that when consumed provide no nutritional value whatsoever and get stored as fat or are so refined that they do more damage to our bodies than good. Turns out alcohol is an empty calorie. Sigh. Whilst it may make you the life of the party, and make it easier to ask that hottie for their number when the bar is closing, it contains no beneficial nutrients, vitamins or minerals. Check it out.
Nutrients differ in the amount of calories, but alcohol is the one of the highest per gram.
Per Gram                    Amount of Calories
Carbohydrates                           4
Protein                                      4
Fat                                            9
Alcohol                                      7
How does this translate? Well if you eat a meal that contains 30 grams of carbohydrates, you have just consumed 120 calories. If you drink 30 grams of alcohol, which is roughly two bears or two 1.5 shots of vodka, you will consume in comparison 210 calories. Well that doesn’t sound so bad does it? But who stops at one drink? Whilst 210 calories here comes from the alcohol, it isn’t factoring in the calories from your mixer. Lets take a look at the total calories in some of our favorite social lubricants;
Drink                            Calories
Vodka Soda                      76
Bloody Mary                      90
Merlot                               92
Amstel Light                      95
Champagne                       95
Chardonnay                      120
Cosmopolitan                   150
Mojito                              160
Vodka Cranberry               172
Vodka Redbull                  177
Vodka Martini                   210
Daiquiri                            422
Margarita                          740
Long Island Iced Tea         780

Ouch. Pretty scary knowing that margarita you just enjoyed has more calories than a Big Mac. In fact you could add a small order of french fries to that to get roughly the same caloric equivalent.

Your body can’t store alcohol, so burns it as quickly as it can for energy, so any food you may have consumed that day which was supposed to be used as energy, gets pushed aside to make way for the alcohol. Where does it get pushed aside to? Your fat cells!  Once it hits your stomach, alcohol isn’t broken down as well as proteins, carbs and fats, and whilst we do metabolize a small portion of it, the majority of it goes straight into your blood stream. Ever wonder why women can’t drink as much as men? Well women lack the enzyme our bodies use to break down the alcohol, so they can only metabolize 10% of the alcohol, whilst men can metabolize around 30%. Now all those girls falling off the chairs at the pizza place at 3am is starting to make sense.

Speaking of pizza, If that’s not enough bad news, it turns out alcohol acts as an appetite stimulant, making you feel hungry and ravenous and causing you to inhale those two large pieces of greasy pepperoni pizza on your way home from the bar. It may sound like a good idea at the time, but if you take that there are 300 calories in each slice of that pizza, combined with the four of five drinks you had (lets be conservative here) at 200 calories per drink, then in the space of a few hours you could have consumed close to 1400 calories. That’s a day worth of calories for a female and nearly three quarters for a male on a fat loss diet.

Maybe you are a little health conscious and go for the low calorie option, such as the vodka soda (my personal favorite) or a light beer thinking it wont affect your diet or fat loss efforts, and it won’t to an extent. You can still enjoy a couple of these lower calorie alcoholic drinks and not have to sign up for fat fighters. But it turns out that consumption of alcohol can interfere with your fat burning hormones and signals your body to not only to start to deposit fat, but deposit it in the areas we least like them – abdomen for men, and hips and thighs for women.

Remember when you were growing up and you would go to family BBQs or picnics, and there would always be a relative or a friend of your dad’s that always had a beer in his hand a belly so big you thought Christmas had come early? That’s called beer belly. And whilst we have used the term loosely and humorously over the years, scientists have now discovered why people who drink have them. Alcohol interferes with the glands that release hormones, messing up your blood sugar levels and therefore insulin production, whilst also reducing your testosterone and consequently increasing your estrogen levels. What does that mean? Well increased estrogen in males increases fat deposits around the abdomen, decreases your sexual drive and function making you a flop in bed (literally) and causes the formation of beast tissue, or so lovingly known as "man boobs". In women it creates irregular menstrual cycles and cycles without ovulation.
For bodybuilders or guys out there who are wanting to get some rock hard biceps and pecs like the dudes on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, you might want to rethink that pitcher or beer also. Not only do the increases in estrogen interfere with your ability to build muscle, alcohol stops your muscles from recovering properly after a hard workout and reduces protein synthesis causing you to lose strength. It dehydrates you and your muscles, making all that money you spend on creatine products practically pointless.

Now before you start throwing you empty margarita glasses at me, or before I start losing all my friends on facebook and getting dirty looks across the bar when I head out tonight, I’m by now means trying to be Debbie Downer and telling you that you can never drink again. God knows if you told me I could never drink again I would grab my cocktail shaker and throw it at you…after I had guzzled what’s inside of course. Because let’s face it, we all benefit from the personality effects of alcohol sometimes.
So what’s a health conscious drinker to do? Well when drinking, chose lower calorie options such as Vodka soda with lime, a light beer, or rum and diet coke, and avoid the sugar laden, fat inducing effects of some of the cocktails like margaritas, or ask for them with sugar free mixers. Always drink in moderation  or you well and truly will be "rolling" out of the bar at 2am, not because you are drunk but because your mid section will start to resemble that of the Michelin man.

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The 10 Healthiest Foods You Should Always Eat Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:53:21 +0000 […]]]> It seems my Healthy Boy readers loved the posts where I listed foods that you need to buy organic, and the ones that you don’t, so I now welcome you to Healthy Boy’s Top 10 lists. They are going to be regular posts in top ten format where I detail the best of the best, or the worst of the worst, of everything from nutrition to training, and general health topics that are all relative to you. Enjoy.

Have you seen those awesome new snickers commercials? The one where Betty White is playing football but it turns out it’s just a guy who is playing like an old woman because he is hungry? Or the other commercial where Aretha Franklin is in the back of the car complaining, but it turns out it’s just another guy who is "acting like a Diva" because he is hungry? Well I’m totally Aretha. When I am hungry I’m not myself, and If I don’t get some food in my stomach I will turn on you like last week’s sandwich you left in your gym bag. Although I would never reach for a snickers, I do love to eat. But what are the best foods we should be eating? We all have a good understanding of which foods are good and which are bad, but lets take a look at the 10 foods that are so healthy for you, you should be eating every week without fail.

10. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain a cancer fighting antioxidant carotenoid called Lycopene, which protects our cells, DNA and other structures from oxidation and free radicals. Studies in humans show it protects against colorectal, prostate, breast, lung and pancreatic cancers. But that’s not where the benefits of eating tomatoes end. They have been shown to reduce heart disease risk, improve cholesterol levels, reduce blood clotting and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Throw some in your sandwiches, in your protein scrambles, or cook some up and make your own healthy marinara sauce to pair with some lean chicken breast for dinner.

9. Quinoa
Pronounced Keen-wha. Are you a carb lover? Love to munch on some brown rice or whole wheat bread everyday? Well you need to consider quinoa. Not only is it a healthy carbohyrate, but it also contains protein – a complete protein actually, which basically means it has all the nine essential amino acids our body’s need. This equals bigger muscles for you gym junkies and feeling fuller for my fat loss peeps. The magnesium in quinoa helps prevent and treat migraines, promote cardiovascular health, and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Throw some in your salad or heat up for a great way to start the day.

8. Walnuts and Almonds
You read my article on healthy fats and the importance they play in your fat loss, muscle building efforts, and overall health and the nuts are an excellent source of these fats. A handful of walnuts will provide you with a great does of Omega 3s, which provide you with better cognitive function, asthma prevention and treatment, and inflammatory skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Almonds pack a large amount of muscle building protein and monounsaturated fat that lowers cholesterol as well as prevents diabetes and cardiovascular disease by lessening blood sugar surges after a meal. So grab a handful between meals or sprinkle some on your salads for healthy and tasty crunch.

7. Berries
Who doesn’t love berries? No matter if you throw them in your cereal or your protein shakes, or which berry you actually prefer, they are just so damn good! Blueberries are nutritional powerhouses that provide you with antioxidants that help you feel and look younger, the phenols in strawberries protect against macular degeneration and arthritis, and the ellagic acid in raspberries is antimicrobial and anti carcinogenic. Make sure you buy these organic where possible to avoid the nasty pesticides they have been know to be sprayed with.

6. Garlic
I used to put garlic in everything, that was until I was kindly made aware that I had breath that could wilt daisies. So I had to cut back. However garlic has such powerful heath benefits that you need to find that happy balance between eating it and smelling like it. The sulfur containing compounds in garlic help reduce cholesterol levels, kill bacteria in the body, and even reduce erectile dysfunction disorders. Need a little help in the bedroom fellas? Throw some garlic in with your eggs, and throw it in soups and stews. In fact you can use garlic in pretty much all of your cooking.

5. Spinach and Kale
Put down that iceberg lettuce and opt for a some more nutritious and beneficial leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Popeye was onto something with spinach, its phytonutrients help protect against heart disease and colon cancer, and its jam packed with iron that will see you bounding around with energy all day. Kale, whilst still relatively unknown to the general public, is another green that will look after you in more ways than one. It protects against ovarian cancer, detoxifies your body and cells, and gives your immune system a big boost. So instead of spending crazy amounts of money on detox pills and potions every few months, or after a big night when you are feeling guilty the next day, just much on some spinach and kale and get the same benefits.

4. Cinnamon
Wait, before you go running down to cinnabon and inhaling five cinnamon rolls because Healthy Boy told you that you can, you need to be eating real, ground cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar. Ground cinnamon can be found in any supermarket or health store in the herbs and spices section and is crazy cheap. This is one spice that I recommend you use as much as possible, even everyday if you can. It has been used throughout history because of it’s healthy properties, and can even prevent clotting as well as  bacterial and fungi growth with the body. The most promising (i think) benefit of cinnamon is its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. Meaning it can help reduce and maintain your weight. Cinnamon slows the emptying of the stomach after a meal, therefore reducing blood sugar spikes, and is even known as an "Insulin mimicker" meaning it reduces insulin spikes after a high sugar or carbohydrate meal. Throw it on top of your cereal, oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, toast, ice cream…just about anything you can think of.

3. Salmon
Another great source of natural omega 3 fatty acids. Consumption of salmon has been reported to reduce inflammation in our bodies which is a marker of aging and disease, and other cardiovascular diseases. Just two servings of salmon per week has been shown to lower triglycerides in our bloodstream, which are the cause of high blood pressure and cholesterol. But that’s not the end of the benefits of eating salmon, the list is so extensive it is one of the best foods you can eat. Make sure you buy wild salmon as opposed to farm salmon, which has been reported to have less PCBs (nasty chemicals) and mercury.

2. Broccoli
Broccoli is a real superfood. It’s phytonutrients protect against an incredibly large list of cancers I can’t possibly name them all here. It also helps prevent against liver and skin cell damage, and has been reported to even cure and eliminate infections of deadly bacteria in our bodies. Try to steam them where possible or throw them in some boiling water for a minute to soften them up before eating.

1. Eggs
Yes, the top spot goes to the good ‘ol egg with its high protein content and heart healthy fat. Did you know that that not all protein is created equal, and that you body can’t absorb some proteins as well as others? Essentially that means if you are eating 20 grams of protein from a piece of steak for example, your body may only be able to absorb and utilize 10 grams of that. Well eggs top that list as the form of protein which is the most absorbed by our bodies, meaning more amino acids for those biceps of your you have been trying so hard to pump up lately. Scramble up some egg white or the whole egg, whatever is your preference. The fat in eggs, if you are watching your total calorie content, will not make you fat.

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Why Eye Drops Are Bad For You Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:48:44 +0000 […]]]> You wake up a little later today and head to the bathroom only to see two big red bloodshot eyes staring back at you in the mirror. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, maybe it’s hay fever season, maybe you one too many margaritas at the bar last night and woke up in someone else’s bed (lucky you)…either way you can’t leave the house looking like this, so you reach for the eye drops. But did you know that the drops could actually be making the redness worse? That’s right, although it may provide you with some immediate relief, those drops can be causing you more harm than good.

Do you use eye drops regularly only to find that a few hours later your eyes are red again, sometimes even worse than when you first used them, and you need to use them again, and again and find yourself in a vicious cycle? Do you use eye drops everyday and find when you don’t use them people say that you are looking tired? There is a reason for this, and it has to do with the affects the chemicals have on the blood vessels in your eyes.

The chemicals used in eye drops are known as vasoconstrictors, meaning they constrict or tighten the blood vessels in your eyes. You see when your eyes become red, they are just blood vessels that have expanded to increase the flow of blood to the area. This can be a result of numerous things such as hayfever, infection, pollutants, rubbing your eyes etc, and is a natural response by your body to these things. When you put drops into your eyes, the chemicals constrict these vessels and the redness seemingly disappears.

But there is a problem. You see blood vessels can dilate and constrict themselves, but when you introduce chemicals to constrict them, such as the chemicals in eye drops, and the chemicals wear off, the blood vessels dilate again, sometimes more than what they were at originally. Meaning more blood in the blood vessels, and therefore more redness in your eyes. This is what’s known in the medical community as "the rebound effect" or rebound hyperemia to be exact. What’s even worse is that if you are using eye drop on a regular basis, the blood vessels in your eyes loose the ability to constrict themselves effectively and your eyes are constantly red. Your eyes are basically addicted to the drops.
If you only use eye drops occasionally, after a big night for example, they are fine in moderation and you shouldn’t encounter this problem. If you are using them regularly, even every day or a few times a day, then you may be well aware that you already suffer from this. The best option? To go cold turkey and stop using the eye drops altogether. It may take a few days, to a couple of weeks for your eyes to recover, depending on your use and dependence on the drops, and you may just have to put up with red eyes until then…or release your inner Olsen Twin and hide behind some oversized glasses.

If you find your eyes are red in the mornings, a natural way to remedy this is to keep some cold compresses, or two spoons, in your refrigerator and place them over your eyes in the morning. The cold will help naturally constrict the blood vessels and you should see some relief.
If you see redness in your eyes, it could be a result of a larger problem and you should always consult your doctor.

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Eat Junk Food And Lose Weight Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:47:18 +0000 […]]]> I fell off the wagon. Well not so much fell off as opposed to took a running leap off it and knocked myself unconscious when I hit the ground… and then the wagon backed up over me for good measure. You see I was at a friend’s birthday party on the weekend that went the majority of the day and well into the night, and we all know what happens at those day long birthday parties – you have too much to drink and not enough to eat. Anyway, to cut a long (and messy) story short I found myself at 2am in the morning sitting in a dark kitchen inhaling the birthday cake. Apparently I couldn’t find a spoon or had seemingly lost my ability to use utensils because when the dark kitchen was lit up by someone opening the fridge, I was found (to the horror of other party goers) using my hands to shovel the cake with buttercream frosting into my ravenous mouth. I refer you to exhibit A below. See the finger marks down the bottom of the cake? Yep. Guilty as charged.

The cake wasn’t the end of it. An hour or so later I was found by friends at home eating ice cream and on my phone dialing every pizza place in town trying to get pizza delivered to no avail. Needless to say my healthy eating went right out the window…along with my dignity…and my friends will never look at me the same way again, nor will I be expecting any facebook birthday invitations in the near future.

Arriving at Monday and the beginning of another healthy eating plan, where most people find themselves each week, I thought it wise to explore and research the relationship between healthy eating and junk food, and whether it was possible to have a balance between the two. Is it possible to maintain a diet that incorporates junk food every now and then without sabotaging all the hard work we put into healthy eating and working out at the gym? Well I found something that is going to make many Healthy Boy readers rejoice. It’s called The Cheat Meal. It’s not only something that can keep you sane and see you enjoying your favorite naughty foods, but it can actually help you lose weight. That’s right, LOSE weight.

Some of you may have heard of the cheat meal, or the cheat day, before. Its a concept adopted by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, where for the majority of the week they will eat a very healthy and "clean" diet, and then once a week, normally on a Sunday, they will have one meal where they can eat whatever they want. Pizza, chocolate, pasta, burgers, anything you can think of, whatever your heart desires, whatever you have been craving all week, nothing is off limits. But wait, if you are trying to lose weight, surely a meal where you can eat anything you want will work against your fat loss efforts and sabotage even the healthiest eater’s diet right? Wrong. Turns out when you go on any regular eating plan, whether you are eating "clean" and reducing your calories, or just get in a rut of eating the same things day in day out, your body adapts to this by adjusting it’s metabolism. Your body knows what it is going to get fed, so adjusts it energy expenditure accordingly, and anyone that has been on a diet will know this as a "plateau".

Plateaus are nasty things, because even if you are the most dedicated healthy eater, or religious exerciser, they can and will still creep up on you. Bodybuilders have been aware of this for sometime now, and they will change up their workout routine by switching between split body and full body workouts, changing the length of time it takes them to lower a weight in each rep, or increase or decrease the resistance or rep range in each set. The other way they shock their bodies out of a plateau is via their diet. If you have reduced your calories to shed some fat, your body adjusts its metabolism pretty quickly, so by throwing in a cheat meal full of high calories once a week, or once every other week, your metabolism is shocked and therefore increases itself higher than usual to burn those calories. Going back to a healthy eating plan thereafter will see you reap the benefits of a temporary increase in metabolism, and not put on any fat.

Another benefit, particularly for those who are trying to increase muscle size while trying to lose fat, is that a cheat meal sends many needed carbohydrates and calories into your muscles, which may have been depleted after watching what you eat for extended periods of time. Anyone who doesn’t eat many carbs will understand the whole deflated muscle feeling and one cheat meal is all it can take to get them full and pumped up again.

There are some other great advantages and benefits of the cheat meal, including:

Balance: Life is about balance. Your diet and workout routine is no different. If you said you will never eat a chocolate bar again, or a piece of fried chicken, than that could be for some a very unhappy existence. A cheat meal helps you find that balance between eating healthy while still enjoying comfort foods and maintaining a balanced outlook.

Emotional: No one likes to sit around eating oats, tuna, chicken breasts and brown rice all day every day. If you do then you are a bigger man than I. Having a cheat meal gives you the right to indulge and enjoy what you want without the added guilt.

Socializing: If you know you have to attend a party or a birthday where there is cake (Urgh, I’m get nauseous just thinking of it) or other junk foods, you can move your cheat meal around to have this so you can still enjoy socializing with your friends without running to the bathroom to munch on carrot and celery sticks.

Cravings: We all have them. Mine has always been chocolate. So can allow yourself to cave into your cravings once a week

Energy: Cheat meals can provide you with added energy to workout and lift weights at the gym

Motivation: Most people say that after allowing themselves a cheat meal on a sunday night, that when they get to Monday, they are more motivated to get back to their healthy eating plan and get to the gym.

But what about The Cheat Day? Well just like the cheat meal, the cheat day is one day per week where people following the plan can eat whatever they want. Some people recommend a whole day or cheating while others don’t. Should you follow the day or the meal? Well most fitness and bodybuilders advocate the meal over the day due to the fact that you could consume a huge amount of calories in a whole day of eating junk food, which could turn the advantages of a metabolic boosting meal into a whole hip widening day. And it’s not all about losing weight… a days worth or bad sugary or fattening food is simply not good for your arteries, heart and cholesterol, not to mention your skin. So my advice would be to have one cheat meal, once or twice a week depending on your goals.

Remember, it is a cheat meal, not a pass to go all out and binge. If you find yourself bingeing, or a cheat meal turning into a cheat day, or cheat weekend, then you should reevaluate how you can incorporate it into your diet in an effective manner. Remember to come back to your goals and if one of those is fat loss or healthy living, than bingeing or pigging out will work against you and you will only feel guilty and down on yourself afterwards.

So if you are a healthy boy (or girl) and come to a sunday and discover that piece of pizza or chocolate bar giving you the evil eye, go ahead and indulge. A cheat meal in moderation may be just what your hard work and diet need to help keep you on track and balanced. As long as you are maintaining a healthy eating plan throughout the week, including a weight training and cardio regime, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and still loose weight at the same time.

Although I may have fallen off the wagon and hit every rock and bump on the way down over the weekend, I have arrived at Monday with the determination of not feeling guilty and a sense of balance. Will I have a cheat meal every week? Maybe. Maybe not. But I will incorporate it into my plan somehow because I believe it will benefit me in many ways. And if I find myself slowly being invited back to friend’s birthday parties, and a birthday cake whispering sweet nothings into my ear from across the room, I may gently caress it’s creamy frosting with my finger… or cut myself a slice and take it into a dark kitchen somewhere where can braid each other’s hair and reminisce about old times, knowing that I can still be a Healthy Boy, have my cake, and eat it too.

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Whats Really In A McDonalds Chicken Nugget? Fri, 25 Feb 2011 02:46:25 +0000 […]]]> When you open up a 6 pack of McDonalds Chicken Nuggets you would think that you are just getting a fried piece of chicken goodness right? I mean McDonalds even has those advertisements on TV stating that they are made with "100% white meat chicken breast". Well you would be wrong. You see they do have chicken breast, and they are fried, but McDonalds (and other fast food restaurants for that matter) add a whole lot of other ingredients to fill up that nugget, fill up your stomach, and fill up their pockets, and these ingredients can not only going to make you pile on the pounds, but they could be causing you some more serious health problems as well.

Growing up in the 80’s in a small town on the east coast of Australia, we didn’t always have access to big chain restaurants. The fish and chip shop around the corner, and the local Chinese take out who’s suspect "chicken special" always coincided with missing cats in the neighborhood, were all that was really available to us. But I will always remember the day we got our first McDonalds restaurant, and as soon as it opened I just had to have my birthday party there.
But because I was a picky eater, while all my friends were eating burgers, I could only eat the nuggets. But oh how I loved them. I would soak them in sweet and sour sauce, savor every bite, and if anyone asked me for a nugget I would give them the evil eye…like the one Dina Lohan gives her PC each morning when she hasn’t had a google alert….
But I grew up and McDonalds and other fast food restaurants became a distant memory as I now try to follow (emphasis on the word try) a healthier lifestyle. Following a plan of eating whole foods the majority of the time – yes I still have my cheat meals, and yes sometimes I slip up and will binge on an entire birthday cake in one sitting or make three trips to the pizza place after one too many drinks – the thought now of eating nuggets or other McDonald items for that matter, just doesn’t appeal to me. But I thought I would some research into my favorite little chicken past time and actually see what I used to eat…and what some of you may still be eating now.
If you do some searching you can actually find McDonalds nutritional information online where they give you the calorie content of each of their menu items. I mean none of it should be shocking anymore. If you order a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fries and soda you simply know you are overloading on bad fat and excess calories. But I searched a little further and actually found the ingredient list for all the items, including those crunchy nuggets. Lets take a look:

Chicken McNuggets®:

White boneless chicken, water, food starch-modified, salt, seasoning (autolyzed yeast extract, salt, wheat starch, natural flavoring (botanical source), safflower oil,

dextrose, citric acid, rosemary), sodium phosphates, seasoning (canola oil, mono- and diglycerides, extractives of rosemary). Battered and breaded with: water,

enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), yellow corn flour, food starch-modified, salt, leavening (baking

soda, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, calcium lactate), spices, wheat starch, whey, corn starch. Prepared in

vegetable oil (Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness). Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an

antifoaming agent.

The first ingredient is "white boneless chicken" – well one would hope so, I mean it’s a chicken nugget you are eating. But then it gets a little scary. There are an additional 38 or so ingredients. That’s right, over another 38 ingredients packed into that little nugget. Did you have some trouble pronouncing some of them? Don’t worry, most of us can’t, and thats exactly what McDonalds and other food manufactures are hoping for because if you actually knew what they were, you probably wouldn’t eat them. Lets take a look at just a few of the main culprits:

Modified Food Starch: This is cornstarch that has been chemically altered and added to the nugget to help glue everything together and as a bulking and filling agent to reduce the actual amount of chicken used in the nugget and consequently save McDonalds money. There has been no direct scientific research that states that this is bad for you, but if you ask me, I would rather not put a food that has been altered from it’s original state by chemicals into my body.

Autolyzed Yeast Extract: Is a substance that is formed when yeast is broken down into separate components and is a less expensive form of MSG. MSG is that nasty addictive stuff that keeps you coming back for more and has been reported to cause numerous health concerns such as severe allergies, cancer and heart disease.

Dextrose: Sugar…enough said.

Sodium Phosphates: Used in some products as a laxative, but is mainly used as a texturizer and emulsifier which stops all the nasty oils from separating within the nugget.

Bleached Wheat Flour: You have all heard me talk about white flour before. Its essentially flour that has been bleached… yes bleached, often by using the same chemicals you use to clean your bathroom and get your white’s so sparking white… to extend shelf life and stop pests and insects from eating it. If they won’t go near it, what does that say?

Sodium Aluminum Phosphate: Is a new product to the food industry that is used for leveling, and hasn’t been thoroughly tested. Although aluminum has been widely researched to cause Alzheimers and dementia. Oh, and sodium aluminum phosphate is also used in eye drops and pesticides…yum!

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil: Now if you read my post a few months back about bad fats, then these three words when clumped together should ring some alarm bells for you. You see food manufacturers got together and said "How can we make our products last longer and save money", and they came up with hydrogenated oil. The oil is chemically altered and bleached to turn it into a solid to avoid it going rancid. The problem with this, well it turns out our body’s have a hard time digesting and using this chemically altered oil, so it causes weight gain as well other degenerative diseases. If you are buying any product, and are at all concerned about yours or your family’s health, you should avoid any product that contains hydrogenated or even worse partially hydrogenated (trans fat) oils.

TBHQ: Is probably the most alarming ingredient on here. It is a derivative of petroleum. That’s right the same stuff you put in your car to get you to work each morning, and it is sprayed on the nugget directly or into the box to preserve freshness. It is also a form of butane, does that word ring any bells? It is lighter fluid. They obviously don’t use very much of it, because a single gram of TBHQ can cause "nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse." Ingesting five grams of TBHQ can kill. So next time you are around the camp fire, and have no wood to burn, just throw in a few chicken nuggets from McDonalds and you will be warm and cosy for hours.

Dimethylpolysiloxane: Used as an "antifoaming agent" is a type of oil derived from silicon. It stops the McDonalds deep fryers from foaming up and boiling over. It’s also put in shampoos and used in the manufacturing of contact lenses. Makes you want to dive into a pack of nuggets right now doesn’t it?

Think you might be doing your self a favor and not eating the nuggets? Well all of these chemicals can also be found in their Chicken Selects, and the majority of them are used in the preparation of most of their meat based menu items.

Looking at the above ingredients you cannot be surprised to find out that each chicken nugget is only 44% chicken. Those nasty chemicals, cheap corn products, and salt make up the rest of it.

Don’t even get me started on the sauces either. The first ingredient in their sauce is high fructose corn syrup (yes more cheap corn products) which has been linked to obesity and diabetes.

Personally, if you care about your health, from a weight loss perspective, but also from a internal perspective…and external for that matter – don’t think those ingredients are doing any positive things for your skin and aging… and you are still eating at McDonalds I think you would be crazy. Sure the occasional nugget isn’t going to kill you, but I it isn’t going to be doing you any good either.

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