October 6, 2019

Microsoft unveils AirPods rival, Surface Earbuds

Microsoft has announced its first truly wireless earbuds, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you will. Unveiled at the company’s product event in New York […]
October 5, 2019

Google Might Acquire TikTok Competitor “Firework”

The past year or so has been all about short video platforms. It’s thriving. The explosive growth of ByteDance’s TikTok, especially in India, has encouraged many […]
October 5, 2019


Google has now rolled out some new privacy-focused tools for its services such as Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant. The company, along with several other tech […]
October 4, 2019
Android Auto

Samsung becomes only the second OEM to support Android Auto Wireless

Zero cars support wireless mode, but at least the phones are catching up. The glacial rollout of anything Android Auto related continues at the usual pace. […]
October 4, 2019

Apple Expected to Launch 16-Inch MacBook, New iPad Pro This Month

Apple hosted an event on October 30 last year, and it is expected to hold this year’s event around the same time, MacRumors reported. Apple has […]
October 4, 2019

Turn your Android device into a secondary display with Duet Display

Great news, Android users. The people who first brought you the best app that turns the iPad into a secondary screen, lag-free, is now available for […]
October 2, 2019

Samsung Launches a 15.6-Inch Chromebook

Samsung’s first Chromebook with a 15.6-inch display uses a 1080p panel, offers 802.11ac wireless, and only costs $320. Usually when a new piece of hardware is […]
October 2, 2019

Hands-on with the new Apple Watch Series 5 compass

WatchOS 6 introduces a new Compass app (only for the Apple Watch Series 5), along with a couple of Compass complications. It works pretty much exactly […]
October 2, 2019

OnePlus to introduce these amazing new features to OxygenOS for users in India

OnePlus recently announced some cool new features that will be introduced in OxygenOS in the coming days. These new features will be available only in India […]