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March 21, 2014
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I have a schedule of items and collections that I do and perhaps somehow made public. This time I got to make a collection of tutorials that promise to get into the vast field of designing and creating vector icons using Photoshop, Inkscape, Illustrator or even GIMP, is 60 and I hope you enjoy them, I have done several already. Remember that no matter which program you have important knowledge and creativity, choosing a good concept and image of the icon, if you can draw it before and vectorized then never make any a rush. I invite you to continue reading and if any tutorial you like do not forget to visit.

Create a Speed Gauge and Watch Icon [Photoshop]

In this tutorial, we’ll create a Speedometer/Gauge icon in photoshop.

How to design a Pumpkin Day Thanksgiving [Photoshop]

In this tutorial learn how to create a very realistic pumpkin as an icon using only filters and layer styles. Tutorial is a pretty basic written for very advanced users.

Design a 3D Baseball Cap [Photoshop]

Learn how to design a cap ( cap, hat, shirt ) in Photoshop, baseball type using Photoshop, it is very realistic and can follow different ways, will be conducted primarily using the pen tool and some tricks for experts.

Creating an icon of a former Radio [Photoshop]

I still remember when my grandfather’s house I saw this kind of radios, called vintage radios, as in this tutorial will create one from scratch using shapes, gradients, patterns and coating techniques.

Design a 3D Box [Photoshop]

Here you learn how to create a very realistic and creative icon in a box with 3 dimensions and some documents simulating the type of files. DOC. Beautiful yellow box very well polished.

Simple icon Cup of Coffee [Photoshop]

In this tutorial we’ll be going though creating a semi-photo realistic coffee cup, using shapes and textures, gradients..

Create a Microsoft Zune [Photoshop]

In this tutorial you will learn, with very simple (few) steps to create a famous Zune, the Microsoft player, you will learn with simple shapes and layer styles to make a false player in just seconds or minutes depending on your skill.

Drawing Mircosoft’s XBOX 360 [Photoshop]

This tutorial is going to teach you how to draw a Mircosoft’s XBOX 360 console in photoshop using a reference image, simple techniques such as the gradient tools and the pen tool. You are expected to have some experience with both of these two tools to successfully apply and follow this tutorial. I am going to trace everything over this hi-resolution picture of the XBOX that I found. By the time you’re done, your finished work will look something like this.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Style Icons [Photoshop]

In this tutorial I will show you how to create the Adobe CS3 style icons using some basic gradients and layer styles.

LG LCD Monitor Icon [Photoshop]

Another tutorial for designing electronic devices, this time is to create a television LG type HDTV with a view amazing. Something basic but you can improve it.

Design a Software box [Photoshop]

Well, all we ever dreamed of having our software, but we also wanted to create a kind of 3D box representing a product, it is possible to see this tutorial, realistic, with good depth and presentation, a tutorial missed.

Create a Slick Black iMac  [Photoshop]

Some months back before the latest iMacs were released, I was musing as to what a black iMac might look like. Being a Photoshopper, I decided to try making one. After posting it on a blog, the image went viral and started appearing on Mac and technology blogs and my site was inundated with traffic. Today if you look up Black iMac in a Google search you’ll see lots of sites using my image. Today I’ll show you how I made that picture.

Create a Mobile Phone Styled Like the HTC Touch Diamond [Photoshop]

I must admit that there is no other love for me rather than the iPhone but when I first saw the HTC Touch Diamond mobile I was amazed because it looks so good. It looks so good that I decided to write a tutorial to show you how I made it. This will be a long tutorial so go get some coffee for this.

Create a High-Gloss Graduation Hat Icon Design [Photoshop]

Photoshop is great to use for creating quality icon designs. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a professional, shiny, clean graduation hat icon. The techniques in this tutorial will help you graduate to the next level in icon design.

How to Create a Basic House Icon [Photoshop]

In this tutorial, you’ll go through easy steps and techniques to design a simple yet attractive house icon. It’s easy to follow and to play with. There are no intricate curves or complex brush work. Just simple shapes along with layer styles will do the complete job. The aim of the tutorial is to get familiar with the correct use of colors and efficient use of layer styles. I am sure you’ll enjoy following it. Let’s jump in!

Ice Cream Logo Icon [Photoshop]

Today I am telling you about How to Create Photoshop Ice Cream Logo Icon..

How to Illustrate a Delicious Ice Cream Bar [Photoshop]

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw an ice cream bar. Throughout this tutorial we’ll have a look at various drawing techniques. We’ll be creating everything within Photoshop from start to finish, except the font used. Let’s jump into this tutorial.

Design USB portable speaker logo icon [Photoshop]

Today I will show you how to create a Photoshop design USB portable speaker logo icon in photoshop..

3D Mp3 Player [Photoshop]

Another device over USB. Learn how to create a portable MP3 player from scratch using fairly detailed figures and transformations..

How to Create a Super Shiny Pencil Icon [Photoshop]

The Pencil is one of the visual metaphors most used to express creativity. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a pencil icon. We’ll have a look at gradients, selection tools, and basic transform operations. Let’s have some fun with this.

Creating a film icon [Photoshop]

The film is very common for a director to have one of these, used to indicate the beginning or end of a scene, now you can design one in 3D real pretty, perfect for your site cinema.

Skype Buddy Icon [Photoshop]

Learn to draw skype buddy icon with this tutorial. Final output of the skype buddy icon can be seen below..

Dish TV Icon [Photoshop]

Here I will teach you about How to Create Photoshop Dish TV Icon..

Angry Emoticon [Photoshop]

Learn about special effects while converting an ordinary orb into a fantasy art piece in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial.

Ancient Inkpot Logo Icon [Photoshop]

Today I am telling you about HOw to Create Photoshop Ancient Inkpot Logo Icon..

Puma Sheet Torch Logo Icon [Photoshop]

Today I am telling you about How to Create Photoshop Puma Sheet Torch Logo Icon..

Create an Adobe Box Icon in [Photoshop]

Create an Adobe box Icon in Photoshop, to fill your dock with new icons. Learn techniques on brushes, blur, layer mask and blend modes.

Realistic Postal Cardboard Box [Photoshop]

Here I am telling you about How to Create Photoshop Postal Packet Logo Icon..

Electronic Torch Light Icon [Photoshop]

Today I will teach you about How to Create Photoshop Electronic Torch Light Icon..

Laser Printer Model [Photoshop]

Here I am telling you about How to Create Photoshop Laser Printer Model..

Recreate the Famous Yahoo! Smiley [Photoshop]

In this easy Photoshop tutorial I’m going to try and teach you how to recreate the famous Yahoo! smiley face, you know, the one that’s all over the Yahoo website?

Illustrate a Traffic Cone Icon [Photoshop]

Previously I showed you how to illustrate a construction helmet icon. Today we’ll be drawing a traffic cone, another handy icon for “under construction” elements. Our cone icon is inspired by one I saw on the VLC Player site recently.

Vista Error Icon [Photoshop]

In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to create Windows Vista icons using a few basic layers, creative layer styles and some web 2.0 gradients.

Create a Shiny Lock Icon Design [Photoshop]

A popular icon that you can find on the internet is the lock icon. It is widely used to identify secure Web pages. It often indicates password fields for secure files. Wherever you wish to place a lock icon, this tutorial will show you how to create an attractive one for you to use!

How to Create a Van Icon [Photoshop]

This is another icon I have created with Negreu Andreas. We wanted to create an icon that can be used for a game maybe or a Mac app of some sort. Before we started we searched the web for photography with similar vans, then made some ideas, and a quick sketch. After that we started working. Let’s review the process!

How to Create a Moka Express Icon [Photoshop]

The staple of every Italian breakfast is home espresso coffee, brewed with the iconic “Moka Express” pot. In this tutorial, we’ll create a Moka entirely from scratch using shapes, layer effects and a bunch of productivity-enhancing tips. We will then proceed to turn our design into a Leopard and Vista-ready professional icon. So get your coffee mugs ready and let’s start brewing!

Create a beautiful, furry monster vector [Illustrator]

Changing program Illustrator, we found this beautiful tutorial to create the fluffy monster with the image, easy to follow (relatively) slow to do something perfect and very loanable to alter the result to create an original and proper.

RSS icon beginner [Illustrator]

Includes video tutorial and text with images, this tutorial for beginners will teach you to create the classic icon RSS Feed or with simple steps, using shapes and transformations .

How to create the sound of Apple Safari [Illustrator]

If you have MAC or use Safari to browse you have seen this icon, then learn to do, is a complex tutorial but if it can be done while being a beginner, learn to create vector shapes and pen tool.

IM Icons Translucent [Illustrator]

The latest versions of MSN Messenger comes with a 2 personal icon translucent each other, because with this tutorial will create an effect of transparency equal to that of Messenger.

How to create an iMac and a photorealistic Mouse Magic [Illustrator]

As you note, the icon of iMac looks pretty realistic to achieve this will have to consider using good prospects, degraded and have a good knowledge of the tool pen.

Create a Detailed Camera with Photo Icon [Illustrator]

This tutorial will show the intermediate Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a sleek web 2.0 style icon. You should have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator tools before you begin this tutorial, as the tutorial moves at a rapid pace.

Frozen Fun People [Illustrator] – Part 2

If you’ve ever seen two people together in a classic icon, now you see the same thing in a bucket of ice, really fun, this tutorial was segmented into two due to its complexity and different steps to achieve, it takes many strokes but the result worth the time.

How to Design a Set of Multicolored Buddy Icons [Illustrator]

In this Illustrator tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a set of multicolored buddy icons. This tutorial uses some basic shapes, gradients, Feather, and Illustrator’s powerful Live Color feature. These techniques are easily translated into other designs and illustrations.

iTune Icon [Illustrator]

The challenge of this tutorial is to use various Blending modes and blending techniques to replicate the iTune icon. This tutorial is a good exercise to master your Blend techniques.

Creates a very funny Twitter icon [Corel Draw]

Although they are quite used on websites, and more on blogs, it is always essential to have on hand icons networks social, better if they are very creative or droll. Using Corel Draw (you need to know right away) learn to draw the bird’s image in 11 steps.

Draw a box of delicious Chinese food [Illustrator]

This tutorial will demonstrate how to craft a delicious Chinese food icon set. This tutorial requires a generous command of Adobe Illustrator’s tools. Let’s dig into this yummy icon design tutorial, which includes numerous vector illustration techniques.

Abrakadabra and the Hat [Illustrator]

The hat is a unique element of a magician, the most common is having a rabbit inside . In this tutorial you will use tools like the pen, the Pathfinder and other tools of Illustrator.

How to Create a Juicy RSS Feed Icon [Illustrator]

Let’s learn how to make a unique RSS feed icon. This tutorial requires a familiarity with Adobe Illustrator’s basic tools as we’ll use the gradient mesh tool and make light use of Illustrators mapping feature.

Geek glasses icon [Illustrator]

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a cool, or should we say geeky, glasses icon. You should be versed in Adobe Illustrator’s tools to complete this tutorial. You’ll learn how to take creative license and create an illustration that uses a photo reference, but differs a bit in the final design.

Create An Aperture Style Camera Lens Icon [Illustrator]

In this tutorial, we’ll create a detailed camera lens similar to the one used as the logo for Apple’s Aperture photo-editing software. A camera lens is good for a software icon, logo, or just as a graphic for use in any design. Although, the image appears detailed, the process of creating it involves little more than simply layering objects with different fills and gradients to give a three-dimensional illusion.

How to Create a Vector Light Bulb Icon with Inkscape [Inkscape]

Today we’ll be learning how to create a vector light bulb icon with the free, open source vector program Inkscape. We’ll be following a Tango style of design for this project. Read on to learn more about the Tango Desktop Project and to learn how to create this icon.

Draw a realistic vector guitar [Inkscape]

The free software makes theirs vector to allow us to follow this tutorial that takes as its main form an electric guitar and the vectorized with extreme detail to arrive at a vector rather good looking and successful, all with a free program like Inkscape.

Make a Handy 3D Vector Calendar Icon [Illustrator]

Learn to make a handy calendar icon to use on your blog, website, or print projects. We’ll use Illustrators Path and 3D tools to create this design. Also, a simple page curl effect will be demonstrated as well. Let’s jump into this tutorial.

Design a Vector Audio Speaker Icon In Illustrator [Illustrator]

In this intermediate tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a vector speaker icon. When you break down the elements you’ll find it fairly easy. We’ll be using some ellipses with gradients, the Grid Tool, and the Mesh Tool to create this icon design.

How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon [Illustrator]

This tutorial will show the intermediate-to-advanced Adobe Illustrator artist how to make a realistic military style cap icon using predominately gradients, blends, and the Gradient Mesh Tool. We’ll be using a photo reference to base this illustration on, though utilizing creative judgement throughout the process.

How to Create an Alarm Clock Icon [Illustrator]

With simple shapes and gradients, this easy tutorial will show you how to create an alarm clock icon. We’ll be using Illustrator CS4 for this tutorial, but those of you with older version should be able to follow along as well. Let’s jump into this tutorial, which beginning illustrators will find especially useful!

How to Create a Vector Sketchbook [Illustrator]

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a customizable vector sketchbook. This intermediate tutorial uses some basic shapes, Shear transforms, and Effects to create a leather texture. Let’s get started!

Icon design tutorial: How to make a Calendar icon [Illustrator]

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how we made the Calendar Icon from our most popular icon set “Coquette”.

Volks Logo [GIMP]

Today I’m going to teach you how to recreate the Volkswagen logo. Now generally, logos are made in a scalable vector graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape so that logos can be resized without any quality loss, but for the sake of this tutorial, I will show you in the Gimp. This tutorial is based off of a Photoshop tutorial by Dr Diablo at RepublicOfCode.com. Let’s get started!