Google releases Chromecast : Tablet to TV with HDMI and WIFI

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December 3, 2013
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February 11, 2014
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Google has thrown an original product in the mix in the Digital TV market with Chromecast. It is a small dongle that looks like a USB thumbdrive, except that it connects to an HDMI port. Once connected to the TV and on WIFI, users are able to play content on their handheld device (Android, iPhone, iPad etc) and it can be “casted” to the device with the Chromecast device connected. Supported applications include Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Movies and TV and Chrome.

At $35, this is much less than the similar Roku device at $100. Currently it looks like people that purchase the Chromecast device will get a 3 month subscription to Netflix as well which recoups much of the $35 price tag with access to content.

As more companies battle for the large screens that sit in our living rooms, it shouldn’t be surprising that Google came up with a viable, unique and competitively priced  option with Chromecast.