Lovely HalfGirlfriend Shraddha Kapoor

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June 6, 2017
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June 7, 2017
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Sunny, Spirited and Simply adored by her millions of young fans, Shraddha Kapoor is bollywood’s latest sweetheart.

She’s energetic and so full of life that just watching her pose for the camera peps you up. After a shaky start in the industry, Kapoor has slowly gained ground with her performance in fi Ims like Haider, ABCD 2 and OK Jaanu. Some of those fiIms carry her credit for playback singing too. Now, with two big fi Ims-HalfGirlfriend and Haseena: The Queen Of Mumbai-releasing this year.

About HalfGirlfriend, She play the character of Riya Somani, who studies in St Stephens, Delhi. She is the quintessential popular girl in school, who comes from a very rich family. She has everything she could ever wish for-she wears the best of clothes, travels in the most expensive cars. Everyone thinks she’s a really happy person because she has it all. But, in reality, she doesn’t need to be surrounded by wealth to be happy. She finds happiness in the simpler things in life and the little moments.

She is playing underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar in the upcoming biopic, Haseena: The Queen Of Mumbai. For starters, she had to gain a little bit of weight. She also spent some time with her family to get an idea of her as a person. She had to do a lot of research on her and learnt as much as she could about her.