Moto X – Unlocks Using Digital Tattoo

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June 10, 2014
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So, you have gotten yourself a Moto X from Motorola for quite some time already, and are starting to wonder just how many other ways there are to maximize the use of this smartphone? How about getting a tattoo on your forearm? Wait a minute here, do I even know what I am talking about? Apparently, with a digital tattoo that sticks to your skin, you are able to unlock your Motorola Moto X smartphone, now how neat is that? It certainly is a cool trick to pull off in front of family and friends during the upcoming summer gathering, that is for sure.

The digital tattoo will rely on copper, where it will see its purpose accomplished alongside NFC technology, letting your Moto X unlock without the need to key in a passcode or swipe the display with a predesignated pattern. And fret not about the temporary nature of this tattoo, it will remain on your body even if you would like to take a swim, since it last up to five days thereabouts. A packet of 10 of such digital tattoos will retail for $9.99, and each of these is roughly the size of a nickel. It works only with the Moto X at the moment, although Vivalnk, the company behind this digital tattoo, might churn out versions that are compatible with other smartphone models if there is sufficient demand.