Sonakshi Sinha – The Indian diva, gifted with beautiful Goddess-like features.

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SONAKSHI SINHA cut a fine sight in dapper formals. Somewhere, we missed the peppy Sonakshi Sinha of the past. Moreover, her phone attracted her attention more than anything else, and she seemed like Alice in Wonderland amidst the bunch of us. From the cliched damsel in distress to her latest Dabangg avatar.

She wasn’t the quintessential Bollywood kamsin kali, when she entered the film industry; in fact, she was strong enough to be a Baahubali. Her very first film had a dialogue which was mouthed by the entire nation, thappad se darr nahi lagta… through which it was well evident that she was here to whack the bad boys black and blue in her action films. She loves beating them up so much, that when I asked out of curiosity if she did get the privilege to smack their butts,
Her last film Akira had all the stunts and action sequences which gave a kick to Sonakshi’s Dabangg attitude. She loved the genre so much, but little did she know that this fighter would do another action thriller with producer/actor John Abraham’s Force2.

She was doing typical masala film heroine roles for such a long time, and suddenly she made the switch to this. Because anything that is physically more demanding or athletic, she enjoy doing it. So, actually not missing the bubbly characters I portrayed once upon a time.
Through ‘aslisona’, one of her social media accounts, she has been posting beautiful pictures of hers along the beach, soaking under glossy sunshine, making it apparent that she has worked day and night to shed those extra kilos and flab she carried earlier. the beige-and-white combination complimented her newly-toned body incredibly well.
An actress who was once considered just adornment in the frame; with her film Akira, broke this myth and proved all notions surrounding her wrong.