Vidya Balan is a strange amalgamation of paradoxes

Sonam Kapoor with impeccable sense of style
June 12, 2017
Sonam Kapoor at a Beach Photoshoot During 70th Cannes Film Festival 2017
June 13, 2017
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Real. If there’s one adjective to describe this girl, it would be real. From her glowing skin and hair to her squeaky clean heart inside, its all sans make-up. Literally and metaphorically too. Whether she’s confident or aggressive, comfortable or awkward, cheeful or awful, its all out there for the world to see, in one sense.

In another, VIDYA BALAN is a very private person. She’s comfortable in her skin, but she’s not artificial in her appearances. And she has enough faith and hope in the Universe, that she can put her vulnerabilities out there, not be crippled by them, and trust that she will come out undamaged. And so she does. She thinks a lot, and talks even more. Articulately.

She’s not afraid to grope when she stumbles, but she needs no helping hands. She rights herself with no crutches, but her own thoughts and balance. And so when Vidya Balan walks, she walks tall. Taller than her diminutive five feet four inches. And when she performs, she can devour the breadth of 70mm with just one breath.

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She comes across as a serene, placid person, but that beautiful placidity shields a lot of impatience. So there’s a sense of movement even in her stillness and serenity. She comes across as unperturbed, but her face and smile effectively cover any turmoil she might feel, till she has given it the right direction and expression, in the middle of that mature person nests a child-like, skipping leprechaun. She’s unaffected enough to not put on two faces, but her hurt is sometimes visible, catching you unawares. But the affability does not mean you can get over-friendly or familiar with her.