22 best money making iOS/Android apps

We all think Smartphone; it is only the source of investment. Nobody has ever thought of making money by simply downloading the smartphone application. Don’t ever think of earning a hell lot of cash by using these iOS or Android apps, but these apps can make you earn some decent cash as your side income.

By downloading the applications such as Google Opinion Rewards, MintCoins, Earn money, and Rewardable and App Casher, you can make somewhat cash in your wallet as your additional income.

1: Google Opinion Rewards

It might appear surprising, but Goggle has launched its own application where one earns as much as one wants. Google Opinion Rewards helps you to earn money by completing surveys. By downloading this application from the Google Play, you will be updated with the new surveys available. Spend a few moments answering questions and earn credit to buy application, music and other things. (Android)

2: MintCoins

MintCoins enables you to earn the real cash. By using this application, you can earn by various means, such as by downloading the free application, watching videos, registering on websites and referring them to the people. You can withdraw your cash from the PayPal account. (Android)

3: iPoll

It is a survey based  application where you can pull a little cash. Besides this, we can look up to complete a series of mission. However, a few missions are offered in a restricted place, but  the rest can be completed by anyone, anywhere. iPoll will help winning money as well as credit for the iTunes and Amazon credit. (Android | iOS)

4: Earn Money

As the name suggests, the application is motivated to make people earn money. You can earn money by installing applications and also by watching videos. The reward is quickly transferred in the PayPal account, once you complete the assignment given. (Android)

5: Rewardable

It is a United States based application where the user will have to enter the Zip code and start earning money by completing the virtual task. Rewards vary from the low to high earning. (Android | iOS)

6: AppCasher

Appcasher is an application where you get the opportunity to test the application and earn money. You can simply earn credits by simply launching the application, and  the earned credits can be converted to the gift cards wherein users can buy things from the Amazon or iTunes or the Cash can also be forwarded to the PayPal account. (Android | iOS)

7: Field Agent

While playing with this application, what you need to do is to engage the field agent in the field work and complete a small mission. By following instruction flashed on the screen, you have to complete a target in 2 hours. For each mission, you will be paid between $2 and $12. (Android)

8: CheckPoints

If you fond of Shopping mall, then Checkpoints is a right application for you. You have to simply get into the grocery store and shopping mall and scan things or follow the instruction flashed on the screen. By simply playing this application, you can earn the multiple rewards such as points to be used on amazon.com, Walmart gifts, games, and more. (Android | iOS)

9: EasyShift

On easy shift one has to complete the assignments such as taking snaps, giving an opinion on different points, and also by recording price of the product. Once you clear the beginner’s level, you will automatically switch to the higher-paying assignments and other highly paid perks. By playing this application, you get money with the 48 hours. (Android | iOS)

10: AppTrailers

This is simply about the preview of the application and earning the points. You help the application makers to improve their application and you will pay half a cent for each video you watch. If you try out a demo, then you will be paid something between 9 cents and a dollar. (Android | iOS)

11: Iconzoomer

You need to snap and click as much as you want. Click, share and win money for each application. You can also share the feedback and get paid via PayPal. (Android | iOS)

12: Gympact

Exercising was never a fun and credible, you can enjoy both health and wealth together. You can join a week’s regime and get points. If you happen to skip someday, then you will have to skip the same. By joining this application, you earn $0.50-$0.75 per workout and it may last up to 30 minutes. (Android | iOS)

13: Gigwalk

Become a Gigwalker and then get paid assignments. The assignments include the clicking on the photograph of the places, handing out fliers, checking out mystery shopper. This application pays you higher amount, something between $10-$15 per hour. (Android | iOS)

14: Shopkick

If you happen to be a shopaholic and you are an expert at bargaining then earn shopping kicks. With every walk or purchase, you will be able to redeem the kicks. You earn the kicks, to unlock the gift cards and earn at your ease. (Android | iOS)

15: ESPN Streak for the Cash

If you are a sports person then make predictions for the each game. For every longest winning of the month you can win up to a monthly grand prize of $50,000.  What you need to do here is to play 10 different sports and win the streak. (Android | iOS)

16: Phewtick

Getting Phewtick on your phone is a great idea. It is about meeting people, scanning a QR code and voila and get paid. (This app has been banned from Google Play Store and iOS App Store)

17: Cash King

Well, it is really a king, what you need to do here is to download the application and try them out for free. You might get the task of watching videos or completing surveys. Get paid via PayPal or enjoy Amazon.com gifts. (Official Site – though not able to find the smartphone apps, so far)

18: Play and win

Here you can watch the video ads, or download and play some new games. What you need to do here is simply to get registered and get paid. Withdraw money from the PayPal. (Unable to locate the latest app)

19: Npolls

Sharing opinions via answering polls, on different niche such as politics, sports, trends, lifestyle and more, might earn you 20 cents per survey. (Android | iOS)

20: Mobile Rewards

By signing up the free service or simply by watching YouTube, video or mentioning a product on the Facebook wall, might earn you enough credit via PayPal. Users can use the referral links and may earn up to 100 credits and 10% extra on the recommendation. (Android)

21: JunoWallet

Have fun and earn together. Here users have to simply play games, watch videos, and complete surveys, and win gift coupons, such as winning gift cards, games, movie ticket, coffee, pizza and more. (Android | iOS)

22: Thumbspeak

This is again a polling website, where you get paid for the opinion. Even here, you might get paid via PayPal. (No longer exists)

I hope this list of 22 apps that can help you earn some decent side income on your Android or iOS smartphones/tablets. If you like this article, we appreciate to get a share with your friends on social networks. Stay tuned for more technology news and guides.