5 Facts about Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s ex-girlfriend Raai Laxmi

Did you know, south actress Raai Laxmi was dating MS Dhoni?

Though MS Dhoni never said anything about his relationship with Raai Laxmi in public, it was the latter who said that the two dated each other.

Long back she was in the news for allegedly dating MS Dhoni. Raai Laxmi said both she and Dhoni have moved on in life concentrating on their respective lives, but she found it strange that people are still talking about it. 

According to Hindustan Times, the actress once dated Indian skipper Dhoni. It is more than 5 years ago when the actress dated the cricketer. In an earlier interview with the leading daily, she said, “I was the brand ambassador for the IPL team that he was a part of and we were together for less than a year. We had never committed to each other and never thought of getting married either, so I don’t understand why people would talk about us. It didn’t work for us, so we moved on.”

When Dhoni’s biopic titled MS Dhoni: The Untold Story was to be released, Raai Laxmi was reportedly anxious to know if the film involves anything to do with her. During an interview with entertainment portal SpotBoye, she was asked about Dhoni, to which she responded with this strange question, “Who’s he?”.

Really, ‘Who’s he?’ is kind of a silly response. Dhoni is the man who led the Indian cricket team that won two World Cups and broke a lot of records.

However, to save her from more embarrassment, she said, “This needs to have a full stop. It was a long time ago, he is happily married now, he has a daughter… Certain things don’t work out, and then you have to move on. People had quickly taken it to a level that I was going to get married to him, and that was simply not true. The hype got us into an awkward space and that is why I do not talk to the media much about this, but I am talking a bit now. I do not want to speak about him in detail because I respect him a lot.”

When asked if she was crestfallen as the relationship didn’t work, she replied, “It was not in that space and the media wrote about it before that.I have dated four other men after that but nobody is talking about them. It’s about Dhoni, just because it is sensational news.”

After Dhoni tied the knot with Sakshi Singh Rawat in 2010, the rumours of link-up came to an end.

Before the marriage of former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni to Sakshi Dhoni, there were rumours of his affair with South Indian film star Raai Laxmi. Though Dhoni never said anything about his relationship with Raai Laxmi in public, it was the latter who said that the two dated each other. The love affair between Dhoni and Raai Laxmi had grabbed a lot of limelight at that time. Let’s know more about Raai Laxmi.

1. Dhoni-Raai Laxmi first meeting

According to reports Dhoni and Raai Laxmi met in 2008 when Dhoni came to attend her birthday party during IPL. Raai was deeply in love with Dhoni and she once even said that she would marry Dhoni if he proposes to her.

2. Dhoni-Raai Laxmi love affair

According to reports, Dhoni and Raai Laxmi dated each other for around a year before they decided to part ways.

3. What Raai Laxmi said about her affair with Dhoni?

“I’ve begun to believe that my relationship with Dhoni is like a stain or a scar which won’t go away for a long time. I am surprised that people still have the energy and patience left to talk about it even now. Every time TV channels dig into Dhoni’s past, they make it a point to bring up our relationship. I dread to think that someday my kids in future will see it on TV and ask me about it!,” Raai Laxmi once said in an interview.

4. Raai Laxmi is a famous actress

Raai Lakshmi has worked in many Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. She has acted in Hindi films like ‘Julie 2’ and Akira.

5. Raai Laxmi’s engagement

Raai Laxmi recently announced her engagement in a surprising and unexpected way.”Okay since lots of people have been asking me questions from quite a long time so I decided to address this issue. First of all I’m not hiding my relationship I don’t think it’s anyone’s business plus, I need some privacy and to protect the well-being of my partner. Yes we have sent invitations to close friends last week we are getting engaged on April 27, 2021. It happened unexpectedly but my family is really happy about it so I Am and can’t wait to be with the love of my life I stole this post from someone just to remind you that wash your hands properly and use sanitiser when necessary (sic),” she had tweeted on April 6.