5 reasons why India is Better than Dubai

From my recent visit to Dubai, guess I can list out few things in India I like better than Dubai just based on my observations.

1. Use of Mobile Wallet

Heard that ‘Etisalat’ has a Mobile Wallet in Dubai, but sadly nobody aware of it and hardly find any place using mobile wallet. In India ‘Paytm’ is accepted everywhere, starting from street merchants. I’m paying 7RS tea using mobile wallet. Thanks to #Paytm #Mobikwik #freecharge.

2. Mobile Phone service providers

There are only two service providers in Dubai unlike in India, Etisalat and Du. No more competition , so call rates are very high. I had to pay AED 50 for a new prepaid sim. In India So many Service providers and competition is very high, call/data tariffs are very cheap, after the entry of ‘jio’ almost everything is free.

3. Online Recharging

Didn’t find any recharging method online for my prepaid mobile. Need to go to a kiosk to recharge using cash. Same for metro card recharging, no online option need to go to metro station counter to recharge

4. Uber Rocks in India

Uber Taxis are cheaper than auto fare in India. But Uber is costlier than normal taxis in Dubai. UBer rocks in India

5.VoIP is blocked in Dubai

If you live in or  travel to Dubai, you may encounter some blocks to internet content and your online activity could be supervised. The UAE’s has various censorship laws, which blocks some internet content, including Skype, Flickr, porn, and torrenting, and gives the government the right to monitor your activity.

Roadtrip from my Dubai Visit

OIL Money: Yup.. a litre of petrol costs AED 1.5, but a coffee costs AED 5

Cycles and Motor Cycles: Hmm.. only the pizza, paper and courier delivery boys, use bikes and cylces in Dudai. India?

Address: No name board contains the address in dubai, unlike in India.