5 Tools to save web pages on iPhone and Android

Nothing is more exciting than accessing web pages when you required the most even when without Internet connection. Have you ever tried to save any web page for further reading so that you could even access it without Internet connection? If you don’t know about such feature in yours smartphone then it is the time to increase your knowledge as it is one of the most beneficial things that you would actually love and will also help you in many situations.

I actually thank the technology that provides to access web pages even when you are offline. Because it happens with me many times when I want to read something on Internet but due to limited data balance but offline service actually gives access to read the pages later while you go.

Internet has actually become essential part of our daily life that helps in many ways. And no one can think of their life without Internet. Whatever you want to see, any news, online notes or any article, just save that web page and access wherever you want to even without having Internet connection.

No matter on which platform your smartphone works, we are providing you some simple and best tools to save web pages so that you could access it later for reading purpose. These are applications that are available for both Android and iOS and you can download anytime from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

1. Pocket

Pocket app is one of the best mobile companion apps that you can use for saving articles, videos and other web content to read later and used by millions of people around the world. It gives you easy, beautiful experience to read things when comes offline.


Pocket also provides you powerful search and tagging feature that you can also share with anyone from Pocket to Evernote, Facebook and Twitter as it is integrated with more than 500+ apps. It provides you unlimited storage to keep all your web content including articles and videos to save in just one place with different full screen reading mode for both Day and night reading.

2. Readability

Readability provides a wide array of tools and services to read comfortably anytime and anywhere on your tablet, phone or computer. It provides built-in native sharing support to share your web pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter or any other media like email. You can enjoy unlimited web pages with searchable archive that sync on Web.


3. Instapaper

To use Instapaper you need to create your account first so that you could share anytime which includes videos, articles, recipes, song lyrics or anything that you might encounter at the time of browsing. This app will let you save everything with just one click and organizes it accordingly.


Instapaper syncs that you save on your devices including Android, iPhone, iPad or kindle so that you could access them anytime and anywhere even without having Internet connection. It also allows you to highlight the text on articles so that you could easily restore, retrieve, share or quote it.

4. Evernote

Evernote is simple not making tool that also allows you let save content from the web. It is a simple and popular tool available for both iOS and Android platform that helps you to read whatever you want to read offline. Evernote will help you to remember and act on projects, experiences or even ideas. You also get an amazing feature to search, print or highlight the text on web page that has already been saved for future reading.


Whatever you made online would be easy to access or if you want to save anything without any audio or video or image files, you are also indented to save web page in such a way.

5. My Klips

My Klips is another good tool to save web pages that worth your time. This automatically removes junk or ads from any web content that you want to save for later reading. My Klips effectively removes and provides the relevant material for effective and clear view for reading. It basically saves your favorites on cloud and sync with devices so that you could read web pages on mobile devices, iPad or Kindle anytime and anywhere.