8 Best Google Chrome Extensions you Need

Google Chrome is easily the most popular browser around the world despite being young when compared to the likes of good old Internet Explorer or even Apple’s Safari browser. One the reasons Chrome got injected into almost every computer system around you is the Chrome Store which gives access to thousands of extensions to do the tiniest of the jobs without lifting more than one finger.

There is a Chrome extension to help you remember passwords, the one to let you stream music, one for taking a screenshot of the web page as well as an extension to view your social media profiles under one tab. That’s how easy Chrome extension makes the job for you. Google Chrome extensions are easy and quick to install. All you need to do is go to Chrome store on your desktop and install the ones that suit your needs. Here’s a list of hand-picked Chrome extensions which can prove helpful to you in your day to day internet life.

1. LastPass

The popularly used chrome extension is a great help for those who tend to forget password easily. Take this as the little diary to keep records of your passwords encrypted. So no more resetting password if you forget them often. LastPass also has an Android and iOS app, making your passwords avaialble across all platforms.

2. Chrome IG Story

A personal favorite, the Chrome IG Story extension lets you seamlessly stay updated with latest stories someone in your Instagram circle posted, right from the desktop. As of now, the web version of Instagram version doesn’t view Stories and this extension will save you the pain of reaching out to your smartphone to check those Instagram Stories.

3. WhatFont

If you are always on a hunt for fonts and have a knack for typography, then WhatFont extension will suffice your needs. The WhatFont extension allows you to simply hover over the text you seek to inspect for its font used.

4. Bitmoji

After music, pizza and text messages if there is anything that has made the world fun then that is Emojis. You have emojis for almost everything today and you can find them everywhere. But we do know that desktop keyboard may not let you type all the emojis you want to and that is where Bitmoji comes in handy. Bitmoji extension lets you access all the emojis with a single click and you can copy and paste anywhere across the web on any platform. Even in your emails.

5. Grammarly

This one extension is a boon for professional and creative writers. However, Grammarly can also be useful in day to day growth of your writing skills. The online-grammar check tool points out errors as you write and even suggest better vocab. Thus saving you from the embarrassment of an email filled with typos or maybe just a vaguely written one.

6. Ears Audio Toolkit

Let’s face it, we struggle third party equalizer application a lot to get that perfect feel of sound to our ears. The Ears Audio Toolkit equalizer lets you adjust audio settings of independent tabs on Google Chrome. This means you can adjust a particular setting for all the music or video streaming tabs and have no audio adjustments on others. The visual equalizer extension lets you make those precise audio settings and enjoy without struggling a lot.

7. Netflix Categories

While NetFlix might be the ultimate source for your binge-watching needs but it keeps a lot of categories hidden from you. The Netflix Categories extension helps you explore those hidden categories that you might not be able to view it in on the website.

8. Full Page Screen Capture

All your struggles of taking a screenshot of a web page in installments will be answered by this one simple Chrome extension. The Full Page Screen Capture extension performs as straight forward as its name. It takes a screen shot of the complete web page, stitches them and let you save and share with a single click.