8 BEST Xiaomi Smart Products of September 2019

Unlike a lot of people around the world think, Xiaomi is not only phones. The Chinese giant expanded in most of the hi-tech sector with several kinds of products, and it is still expanding every day more. Every year, the company launches dozen of smart products which do not belong to the smartphones market but still provide innovative smart features. Even this month, the company came up with so many products that it is very hard to remember them all. That is why, in this article, we will show you the top Xiaomi smart products launched or announced in September 2019.

1. Xiaomi Mi TV Pro

Mi TV Pro

TVs are among the key sectors of Xiaomi’s business. The company recently unveiled the new flagship-class Mi TV Pro alongside the innovative Mi Mix Alpha, and it officially went on sale in China three days after. The Mi TV Pro debuted in three variants with 43 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches screens: the 55-inch version went sold out in a short while after the launch. The Mi TV Pro is amazing because it supports 8K content reproduction, despite it has just a 4K LCD display. It comes with a great build quality as its rear panel is composed of an optimized aluminum alloy with a 3D carbon fiber texture. The TV is powered by the Amlogic T972 chipset running at frequencies up to 1.9 GHz and paired with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It is bundled with a Bluetooth remote which supports voice input.

2. XiaoAI Speaker

XiaomiAI Speaker Pro

The XiaoAI Speaker and the XiaoAI Speaker Pro released on September 17 are not classic Bluetooth speakers. They are smart speakers just like Amazon’s Echo speakers and the Google Home lineup, but they support XiaoAI virtual assistant instead of Alexa or Google Assistant. They have a Hi-Fi audio processing chip and they support a 360-degree sound field as well as a professional DTS tuning. XiaoAI Speakers can be used to control up to 5000 smart home appliances with deep support to dedicated voice controls. Both the speakers were launched in China and they carry $38 and $42 price tags respectively.

3. Xiaomi Hey Plus 1S

Hey Plus 1S

The Mi Band series is the main line-up of fitness smart bands by Xiaomi, but it is not the only one. Last year, the Hey Plus line-up anticipated the Mi Band series with a model sporting a similar design to the Mi Band 3. That is why we believe the newly-announced Hey Band 1S may sport a similar form factor to the upcoming Mi Band 5. The Hey Plus 1S has a new design adopting a rectangular shape for the display instead of an elliptical shape. The smart band has an integrated NFC module and a 0.95-inch AMOLED display with 24-bit true color and a pixel density of up to 282 ppi. It has a 50 ATM water resistance and a 120 mAh battery lasting up to 18 days. And it costs just $25.

4. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 50W

Mi PowerBank 3 50W fast charge version

In September, Xiaomi launched one of the fastest power banks ever brought to the shelves. It is a variant of the known Mi Power Bank 3 with the support to 50W fast charging and a capacity of 20,000 mAh. It measures 153.5 x 73.5 x 27.5 mm and it rocks 2 USB-A ports and a USB-C port, as well as a USB-C charging port. It is still not on sale, but we know it will carry a price tag equivalent to about $42 at the actual change.

5. Xiaomi heated goose down jacket 3.0

Xiaomi jacket

This is not a launched product but it was just crowdfunded on the Youpin crowdfunding platform in China. We are talking about a new heated goose down jacked with smart temperature control. The key feature is the fact that it can be powered by a classic power bank. According to Xiaomi, a 10,000 mAh power bank can deliver continuous heating of the jacket for up to 7 hours. That is a lot for a heated down jacket, enough to withstand a very cold working day. The jacket uses 90% high-quality white goose down, a smart three-speed temperature control design and a waterproof fabric texture thanks to which you do not have to worry about rain. For all the crowdfunding period it will be available for $70.

6. Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer

Mi Portable Photo Printer

The Mi Pocket Photo Printer went on crowdfunding a few weeks ago with a price of 299 Yuan and it will start shipping on October 2. It is one of the smallest photo printers ever and, just like its name suggests, it fits even in a pocket. It has an ABS/PC chassis and it uses ZINK inkless printing technology. It is even equipped with the support of AR photos and music. There are several print formats available in the companion app.

7. Xiaomi 30W wireless charger

Besides the 50W wired power bank mentioned above, Xiaomi also announced an incredibly fast wireless charger on September 2019. It is a vertical air-cooled wireless charger supporting the power of up to 30W: just like the fast wireless charging technology found on the new Mi 9 Pro 5G flagship. Xiaomi claims its heat dissipation technology works very well and its ergonomic tilt design resembles a kickstand. It is not just for Xiaomi phones: you can use it with most of the phones which support wireless charging as it supports the Qi charging technology. It costs just $28, but we still do not know when it will go on sale.

8Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 Pro

Alongside the Mi Mix Alpha and the Mi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi launched the new Mi AirDots Pro 2. In case you still did not get it after reading their name: they are valid and affordable alternatives to the AirPods. These wireless earbuds support the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and LDHC Hi-Res audio codec, as well as smart voice controls and dual microphones for environmental noise cancellation. If you have a Xiaomi phone running MIUI, you can easily connect them to your device by just opening the case and picking up the earphones. They even come with an infrared sensor for intelligent wear detection, so that they can automatically pause the music when you remove them from your ears. They went on sale in China on September 27 with a $56 price tag.