A 100MP Xiaomi Camera Phone?

Xiaomi is talking about an upcoming 100MP sensor that they’re going to implement with the help of Samsung! Certainly sounds interesting. But, would something like that be worth buying? Let’s take a deeper look into this!

Make no mistake. This isn’t about rumors or anything like that. Xiaomi officially announced that the 100MP sensor is a reality and it will be implemented soon. No information has been given on exactly when. But, we know for a fact that it’ll happen. We’ve never seen anything like this before on a phone. So, this is definitely groundbreaking information! But, is it any good? I mean, more megapixels should translate to a better camera, right? Well, yes and no. Let’s go a little bit deeper!

Starting out with the positive news, as long as you’re taking photos on a place with good lighting conditions, the increased MP count will give you much more detail. The images should technically be sharper – especially on larger displays like PC monitors or TVs. Furthermore, a higher resolution means that we should be able to zoom in further without losing quality. And that’s without having to use a telephoto lens. The only downside to this sensor is that more light needs to come in compared to a similar sensor with a lower pixel count. That’s because unless we’re looking at a bigger aperture, the light that reaches every pixel will be reduced. So, theoretically speaking, we’re looking at a sensor that will probably deliver excellent results in good lighting conditions, but not so good in the dark.

The question is: is it worth it? Frankly, it depends on who you’re asking. Some people just never take photos during the night. What do you think? Would you buy this phone? Let us know about it! Do keep in mind that at the moment, neither Samsung or Xiaomi have provided any more information about that sensor. So, take everything that’s mentioned here with a slight grain of salt!