Actress Anu Sithara with underwater photoshoot in swimming pool

Anusithara is a young actress who is very popular among the Malayalees. There are only a few actresses in Malayalam who are Kerala unique with Shalini beauty. Anusithara is one of the leaders in that group. Anu Sithara is currently playing unique female characters in Kerala.

Anu Sithara also started her film career as a child actress. Anu Sithara later starred in the film. Anu Sithara is not only an actress but also a good classical dancer. Anu Sithara will play the lead role in Omar Lulu’s Happy Wedding.

The actor is at home without any shooting rush as it is lock down days. Since she is at home, she often shares videos and pictures of herself dancing on social media. Since there is a YouTube channel, the actor often posts videos.

Now the star’s new photoshoot video is going viral. The actress shared a video of herself doing an underwater photoshoot in the swimming pool. Anu Sithara can be seen in the video coming out of the water after a while. Many fans, including the stars, commented below the video.