Actress Prayaga Martin Photoshoot | Fans say she is awesome

Actress Prayaga Martin made her film debut as a child actor in Mohanlal’s Sagar Elias Jackie. She later starred in the Tamil horror film Pizza. She later starred in several Malayalam movies as a heroine and co-star.

The actor has acted in films like A Murai Vannu Parathaya, Puppet, Hrithik Roshan from Kattappana, Same Face, Fukri, Ram Leela, Brothers Day and An Old Bomb Story. Prayaga’s last film was Bhoomiyile Manohara Svakaryam. Prayag is currently starring in a Netflix movie.

Prayaga Martin is also a young actress who has a lot of fans. Prayag’s pictures and videos often go viral on social media. Now the new photo of the star is going viral on social media. These are the pictures in the photoshoot while sitting wet in the water.

The best comment the fans gave to the photoshoot. These are the pictures taken by the photographer Gautam Vallath. Prayag can be seen in a glamorous look in the clothes of designer Asania Nasrin. Prabhin has done the make-up for the star. Images from a beautiful stream have gone viral on social media.