Amazon Giving 1 Year Of Unlimited Cloud Storage For Just $5

Amazon isn’t only the world’s largest e-retailer, but it also offers some other great services too. Like for example an amazing cloud service, which currently powers some of the most popular brands in the world. They all rely on Amazon for their cloud related services. While this cloud storage is little bit expensive (depending on the amount of storage you need), but to celebrate Black Friday, Amazon has now announced a new unlimited online storage deal.

Just pay $5 and Amazon will give you unlimited cloud storage space for 1 year. Ya! So, you can upload everything which you want, the space will never end.

Amazon is currently one of a very few cloud storage service providers which is offering this type of unlimited storage. Google Driver also offers unlimited storage, but you will need to sign up through a work account or else you will get only 15GB of free storage.

Before you go ahead and start uploading all your videos or big files on Amazon Cloud, please be aware that after one year, Amazon will charge you $60 as per year cost. So, you can take this $5 deal as a trail one. But it is worth the deal.