Amazon Prime Air Drone

New Amazon Prime Air Drone Will Fly up to 400Ft with a Range of 15Miles

Amazon has once again flaunted their Prime Air delivery system and this time around they have chosen the very famous Ex-Top Gear TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson a.k.a Jezza. The Drone seems to be a modified version of the current drones which we are used to seeing and it features dual propeller setups. The vertical propeller will aid in its take off while the horizontal one on its flight.

The drone has a loading area which presumably comes with electrically actuated levers, enabling the doors to open and close. According to Amazon, the combination of two propeller shafts will let it fly long distance and smoothly maneuver while going up and down. Amazon has been working on many drones and this is just one of the prototype but considering that fact that the company has taken pain to shoot the advert with this one, the drone in question might very well be the final one.


In order to tackle the adversities in the conditions, Amazon will be designing different drones for specific regions. The new drone showcased in the advert is capable of flights up to 400 feet and this clearly falls in the 400 feet bracket set up by FAA, the range of the flight will be 10-15 miles from the hub or the warehouse. With the rise in drone flyers, it is improbable for the little flying machines to avoid obstacles or even the other drones, for this very reason Amazon drones come with “Sense and avoid”, a technology which maps the flight area and avoids obstacles accordingly. By the way the entire episode of delivering the package will take a feat worthy 30-minutes.

It will take some time for Amazon to put up these drones into service, FAA has been whiplashing drone flyers and in recent past had even invoked the need for Drone flyers to register their machines. However, the recently revised  guidelines by FAA have been a breather for the drone community and this also calls for a change in amending regulations for commercial flying of the drones. The FAA should also consider the fact that employing the drones will actually bring down the pollution caused by the usual delivery trucks, not to mention the reduction in road traffic.