Android phone prices fall as Apple begins new innings in India

The initial variant of the Apple iPhone 11 is currently selling on Amazon for Rs 47,999. This model can get huge discounts by adding bank cards and exchange offers. With this, brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly in a hurry to cut the prices of their premium smartphones. With this, the competition in the premium smartphone market in India is sure to intensify. This is exactly what Apple did when it launched its own online store, which was reluctant to sell discounts on its phones in India. Apple has given a clear indication to the Android phone makers where the current situation is heading. A former Apple chief in India has reportedly even slammed sellers for selling iPhones through Flipkart and Amazon. He said at the time that the iPhone was not for sale at such a low price.

Now, Apple’s first offer to sell products directly in India has seduced iPhone lovers. Apple has launched the launch variant of the iPhone 11 for Rs 54,900, along with the free AirPods 2 priced at Rs 14,900. The iPhone sold out in 11 hours, surprising even Apple! The company has not released information on exactly how many phones were sold. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. In other words, it was not Apple’s cheap strategy to sell only a hundred or a thousand phones by some Chinese companies and say that all the phones were sold out in seconds without saying a number.

Naturally, Apple no longer has to take classes on what the sales strategy should be in India. However, it was the Android phone makers who saw this. They are worried that the iPhone, which currently has only one per cent share in the Indian market, will suffocate.

According to national media reports, Samsung is offering huge discounts on two major models. The Samsung S20 FE is priced at Rs 49,999. The company says it can offer discounts of up to Rs 38,130 through the exchange. Bank offers are also available. Chinese handset maker Oppo has slashed the price of its premium phone by Rs 7,000. At the same time, Shomi has slashed the price of its eight best models by Rs 5,000 each. Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has slashed the price of its premium phone by Rs 7,000. Many companies have reduced the price by Rs 1000-2000 even for non-premium segment models. According to national media reports, the reduction is reflected in the ongoing sale and on the respective manufacturers’ websites.

We now see huge discounts on the prices of various brands. Market researchers say that this is due to the perception that Apple is keeping an eye on the Indian market. Prachir Singh of Counterpoint Research also said that Apple’s new pricing strategy has caused Android phone makers to fall in price. It’s not too long ago that companies like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo, which used to focus on the manufacture and sale of mid – range phones, began to focus more on premium models. They did not have models above Rs 30,000. Azim Warsi, Senior Vice President, Samsung India, said that many companies will be able to find models with discounts of up to 60 per cent and cashback of up to 12.5 per cent this festive season. Samsung, which has made a comeback in India with new strategies, is now facing Apple in the premium segment and Chinese manufacturers in the lower echelons.

But another interesting thing is that if the iPhones made in India start selling here, the price of iPhones will go down again. The starting variant of the iPhone SE 2020 is likely to be priced at less than Rs 20,000. Similarly, there are reports that the iPhone 12 Pro may start production in India soon. That, too, should lead to a reduction in MRP when it comes to direct sales. From this it can be seen that further discounts can be expected in the premium segment.