Apple’s iPhone 7 Upcoming Features

Do you have any Apple product or have you used it earlier? Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Apple products are loved not only for their slim looks but also its interactive user interface that make people fall in love with Apple products.

Now you know why Apple products are being loved by millions of people around the globe even they are quiet expensive and there are other alternatives available at relatively low-cost from different companies. Apple developers have made a unique in market because of unique design and feature perfectionism that they prove in every product they launch.

It is about the end of 2015 and Apple has launched many products including MacBook, iPhone 6 and has reached to a new series in case of products.

Future Plans…

Want to uncover clues of future Apple products, including Apple Watch 2, Apple TV, MacBook, iPhone and iPad. Excited what Apple will launch now or what Apple is working behind the scenes? If you want to know Apple’s patent portfolio then we have examined all of it’s products and tried to figure out all the product plans with in-depth technicality.

Apple is working on its products of their interest and show direction of working that they could take in future with its products.

What Apple say about its upcoming products iPhone 6S and iPhone 7

1. Solar Charging Phone

Apple has been committed in green approach and executes it in its new product iPhone 7. Apple is planning to build solar cells underneath the touch screen surface so that the panel could charge automatically throughout the day without making use of any plugins and socket.


2. Sidewall Edges

Till now you have seen display on the front of iPhone but with the new release of iPhone 7, Apple has granted Electronic devices with sidewall display that means you will have display screen not from the front but also from the edges and sides. This experiment would be the extension of touch screen and touch sensitive portions.


Apple also suggested that its side and edge display will be having some icons displayed over there including music player control, caller ID, system control, slide to unlock functionality and one or two more functions.

3. Viscoelastic material

Apple products are well known for its slim, unique and stylish looks. Apple has decided to use viscoelastic material in its products so that the material could absorb impacts and make the devices survive for longer run.

4. Metal Look Antenna

If you have seen or used iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus then you might aware of its radio antenna which most of the people thinks it has spoiled the look as its metallic backs were disrupted by plastic lines.


Apple has decided to give this device new looks with a metal appearance which would allow signals to pass through it easily.

5. 3D Photographs

Want to capture 3D photos of your? Well, now you could do that with new version of iPhone. Apple has invented multi spectral imaging process that will capture scene in 3D. Future Apple projects will allow you to select two suitable photos and combine them to create stereoscopic images that human eyes will perceive as 3D illusion.


6. Super High-Resolution images

Apple seems to improve its camera qualities and capabilities that you might observe in iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has decided to take it to large and quality efficient scale and thus describes a system that will a series of images with different angles and then will combine them together in order to create high or super resolution images.


7. Advanced Touch ID display and fingerprint sensor

Apple introduced its Touch ID in iPhone 5S and keep its sensor beneath and further extends this function as Apple could gestures to Touch ID Home button. Apple describes touch screen display with fingerprint sensor with multi-user support. Also an amazing feature called Mobile Emergency Attack and Fail safe feature that is a combination of software and hardware allows emergency service request system that you get in new future iPhone or in future Apple projects.


Apple iPhone camera: Refocusable photographs

Apple has revealed its interest in the field of photographs. The technology for taking photographs that will allow you to refocus the photos even after taking its shot. Such technology has already been used in Lytro camera and Apple has also decided to make a move in this area. So, it is a potential feature that you will find in your next iPhone.