Combine Foods To Burn The Fat

Fat burning food combinations are an essential part of any diet or weight loss program. Diet and exercise affect your ability to lose weight effectively, but what you eat contributes around 80% to your weight, whereas exercise may only contribute 20%. Our bodies were designed to work best by eating certain food combinations, with specific proportions of carbs, fats , proteins and fiber. By improving your eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle you can dramatically and effectively lose weight and keep it off!
Fat Burning Food Combinations – CarbohydratesYou do not have to stop eating carbs in order to lose weight effectively – in fact, you shouldn’t! Your body needs carbs; you just have to regulate how much and how often you consume them. There are many fat burning foods that will provide your body with both complex and simple sugars and carbohydrates. Some of these include whole grains, turnips, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables.
FatsFats are also important to include in your diet in moderation. Any diet that tells you to cut fats out completely is likely bad for you. Fats such as those found in olive oil, sardines, almonds and avocado are ‘healthy’ unsaturated fats and are necessary for healthy body function and metabolism. You should make sure that your fat burning food combinations include some sources of fat, in small quantities.
ProteinsSome diets will have you cut out fats and carbs, and have you eating a lot of proteins – but this is very bad for you! You need a balanced diet which includes proteins, but too many can be harmful. Proteins are complex molecules and are difficult to digest and hard on your internal organs. Also, if you have too many proteins, they will be broken down and stored in your body as FAT. Fat burning food combinations should include protein sources such as fish, crab and lobster, eggs, and chicken.

Fibre is one of the most overlooked fat burning foods. It plays a vital role in weight loss by making you feel full so you don’t keep eating calorie-rich foods, and by cleaning your body of cholesterol, fats and toxins. Within your intestines, the fibres will actually absort harmful cholesterol and remove it from your body – which we all knows is good for your heart and arteries. All fat burning food combinations must include rich sources of fibre such as whole grains, beans, berries, and almonds.
In summary, fat burning food combinations include foods containing carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibre. These foods also contain many vitamins and minerals – all working together to fine tune your body’s metabolism so it can burn fat more effectively, and stop storing fat. WHAT you eat is important, but just as important is how often you eat, and how much you eat.