How to enable WhatsApp calling on Android

WhatsApp’s new calling feature is like a unicorn.  Everyone seems to want it though its sporadic invite/call based roll-out ensures that everyone is not appeased.  However, that is set to change as the Facebook owned instant messaging service is now rolling out a new build of the app on the Google Play store for Android devices, which is enabling the feature for all.

There are a few caveats to the activation of the calling feature. You still need an invite to enable it. The invite is quite plain and simple . A call is needed from a person, who has the feature enabled.

Once you receive a call from a person with the feature you also get the feature.


In addition to this, there is some good news for them iPhone users as well. BGR India, which is technology website, is reporting that the company is reading an update for the iPhone that will enable calling. The report has a screenshot of the feature, which has been allegedly grabbed from a beta tester version

This update brings few minor tweaks to the user interface of the iPhone app. Importantly, when a user makes a call from the standard call button inside a contact, the user is diverted to a WhatsApp call. The call screen clearly spells this out. Earlier, users were diverted to standard cellular calls. There’s also a recent button, which catalogs all your WhatsApp calls.

Meanwhile; if you’re on Android then just follow the aforementioned steps to enable the function.  That being true, it is not exactly a life changer. Viber, and Skype are better at the moment in our opinion.