Glam Up Your Eyes

"I spy with my little eye" that many women have scant knowledge of how to apply their eye make-up correctly. Either they prefer to go nude all the time or they come away looking like raccoons, with heavy eyeliner highlighting dark circles. The trick, girls, is that less is always more. Apply less make-up but do so expertly, so that you come away with perfectly made-up eyes accentuating your best features.

If you have pretty coloured irises, you should draw attention to them. The smart way to do this is to smudge your eyeliner. Then apply eye shadow in a shade of your choice. It could be brown, black or grey. Add false lashes to make your eyes look bigger and prettier. Apply a few touches of mascara too. Then you are basically good to go!
However, the real trick lies in applying your eye make-up properly. For example, it is very off-putting to see lumps of mascara on your eye lashes or an inelegantly applied eyeliner.
Applying Eyebrow Powder Properly
First brush your eyebrows with an eye brow brush. This will help settle the fine hair. Dip the brush into some eyebrow powder. And here is the trick: reduce the amount of powder by tapping the brush smartly. Or wipe with some tissue paper to make the excess powder fall off. Apply the powder sparingly and then brush your eyebrows again to soften the effect and distribute the powder evenly across the eyebrows.
Perfectly Applied Eye Shadow
Always use powder, as cream will settle into the creases of your eyes. If you must use cream, mix a bit of eye shadow powder in with it. This will prevent the cream from creasing. But before using this, apply some foundation to the area to smoothe out the skin and to prevent skin oils from smudging the eye shadow.
For Sparkling Eyes
Splash ice cold water on and pat it off with a soft towel. Alternatively, apply cold cucumber peels for fifteen minutes. Do pranayama and yoga to stimulate your blood supply to the eye area. Just before going to a party, apply hydrating drops. The night before, use an eye mask to hydrate the area.
Prevent Raccoon Eyes
The only way to do this is to dust some face powder on your eyes. Then brush it off in downward motions. Apply your eye shadow, eyeliner, and the rest, and walk away with beautiful, glamorous eyes.