Google Gboard brings the power of Google to your iPhone’s keyboard

Google’s Gboard keyboard for the iPhone has finally arrived on the App store. It will allow you to share Google search results from within the keyboard app itself.

At first glance, the keyboard looks like any other keyboard, but the secret to its power lies in a little G button on the top row. Hitting that button gives you access to all the power of Google search within the keyboard itself.

You can search for locations, contacts, trailers, images, and gifs, anything that you’d look for on Google, and simply drag it into your chat window. Google says that the Gboard will be much more convenient than a traditional keyboard, because you won’t have to get out of your app just to search for something like an address. You’ll also be saved the hassle of copy-pasting stuff on your tiny screens.

Flight times, news articles and even emojis can be found using the keyboard and all the results will appear as cards for easy drag and drop. If that wasn’t enough, the keyboard also comes with Glide typing, which is just another term for swipe input.

The keyboard is currently available in the US App store, but we can expect it to roll out to other stores as well.