Google has now rolled out some new privacy-focused tools for its services such as Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant. The company, along with several other tech giants have been facing scrutiny globally about the way user data is handled and Google is taking steps to remedy the situation. The new tools allow users to control, manage, erase and in some cases even prevent the data that Google collects.

The company has introduced a new incognito mode for Google Maps and it is the same which is provided on Chrome and YouTube. The basic idea is that this incognito mode on Google Maps will prevent Google from gathering data about your usage of Maps including your travel history or the places that you’ve searched on Maps. The incognito mode can be accessed when you tap your profile picture and this feature is currently out on Android with an iOS update to follow soon.

Incognito mode on Maps.

For YouTube, Google is giving you the ability to auto-delete your YouTube History wherein you can set a particular time period for when you want o keep your YouTube History available. All your YouTube watching history will be deleted automatically before that and you can even now choose to manually delete the history.

YouTube History deletion.

Google is also making some privacy changes to Google Assistant wherein you can ask “Hey Google, how do you keep my data safe?” to know more about how to keep your data private. A new feature is also going to be announced which will allow you to delete your interaction with Google Assistant using voice commands.

Google Assistant privacy.

“Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you,” or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week,” are examples of what you can say to Google. If you wish to delete interactions earlier than that Google will take you account settings page, where you can make that happen.