Google launches smart messaging app ‘Allo’

Google has released a new smart messaging app designed to make it easier to keep in touch.

Named ‘Google Allo’, the app includes a ‘smart reply’ function that allows users to send automated messages with just a tap and adjusts to each user’s style over time. Additional features include being able to write on photos before sending them, change the size of text and emojis and make use of 25 new custom sticker packs. The app will also introduce users to a preview edition of the new Google Assistant, which can be used to share videos and information within the chat. The tech giant has also incorporated an “Incognito” mode to the service, providing end-to-end encryption, discreet notifications and message expiration.


To counter the likes of Whatsapp and Hike Messenger, technology giant Google has launched its own version of a messaging app called Google Allo for the Android and iOS platforms. Said to be powered by artificial intelligence, Google has customized Allo for Indian users by enabling smart replies in Hinglish. It is also rolling out over 200 stickers relevant to Indian users that have been created by popular independent artists.

Allo has features such as smart reply, options for sharing photos, emojis and stickers. Google Allo will also introduce users to Google Assistant, in a preview edition. “Now users no longer need to leave a conversation with friends just to grab an address, or share a YouTube video, or pick a dinner spot. Chat with your Assistant one-on-one in Google Allo to answer questions, or type @google to bring the Assistant into your chats with friends, whenever you need it,” said the statement.

Google also said that messages sent through Allo will be end-to end encrypted and users can also chat in Incognito mode which will have features like discreet notifications and message expiration