Google starts migrating Gmail users to INBOX

After several months of testing, Google has now started migrating its Gmail users to Inbox. Many users have now started receiving a notification saying that has been now replaced with Inbox by Gmail. “Thanks for trying Inbox! To make it easier we’ve updated Gmail to redirect you here,” the notification reads. So, now instead of visiting, you can enjoy Inbox on

But for those who don’t want to move to Inbox, you can simply choose the “Turn It Off” option. Another interesting thing to note here is that Google has been migrating some of its Inbox users for quiet a few months now. Just the difference is that previously it was only for limited users, but now it is migrating all of its Gmail users.

gmail to inbox

So, is this the end of Gmail, Google’s most popular service?

Well, it appears like it is. As Inbox by Gmail has advanced features which you will not find on any other email services. It includes features like smart reply, undo sent emails, reminders, and many other features. But this move will affect Gmail’s 900 million users, which is huge. As not everyone loves Inbox. But thanks to the “Opt-out” option, those who don’t like it can easily go back to old Gmail.

Migrating its Gmail users to a new service is a big step for Google too. As currently Gmail is considered as the most secure, simple and reliable email service. And millions of users use it to log into all of Google’s services. Whether it is YouTube, Android phone or Google Play Store, one Google account will give you access to everything. So, it is obvious that Google would have to think twice before making any big changes to Gmail. But we are happy with this migration. As Inbox is the much needed update for Gmail users. We are getting closer to the future every day and Inbox is the new and advanced email service for that future. So, take it in positive direction.