Interesting Facts About Tata Motors that you should know


Unknown facts about Tata Group..

  1. In general, about 66% of the profits of Tata Group go to charity (Tata Trust). Each Tata Group company channels more than 4 percent of its operating income to the trusts without any fuss or publicity.. (Its MOTHER of all charity)
  2. Tata group was the first to start a daycare for children whose mothers are working in company and had no one to take care of at home. It also started giving maternity leave much before it became law and it started concept of Provident Fund before anyone else can thought about it
  3. TATA is in every business. But you will never see them in alcohol business, cigarette business… Never
  4. More than 24% of the internet’s traffic goes through TATA’s cables. It is the world’s only wholly owned fiber ring around the world. Tata communication has largest active subscriber across the world, out of every 10 calls, 1 call is owned by Tata communication
  5. TATA never gives and takes bribe. It is strict company policy. Group usually choose to forgo contracts rather than paying any bribe, there are number of cases.
  6. TATA’s have built world class institutes like IISC, TATA institute of fundamental research (TIFR), TATA institute of social science (TISS) and many more. Tata group runs numerous research institute, public hospitals and sport institutes. These facilities are no less than most valuable gift to country.
  7. TATA Global Beverages is the second largest tea company in the world.
  8. TATA Chemicals is world’s second largest manufacturers of soda ash, the most essential chemical which is necessary for manufacturing around 670 numbers of household and Industrial product.
  9. TATA Motors is among the top 10 commercial vehicle in the world.
  10. TCS is second largest IT services company in the world by market cap and profit. It stands 1st in India, ahead of whole Reliance group alone.
  11. Tata group is largest integrated corporate house in India, with number of employees over 600,000, having International presence over 80 countries. Tata group revenue is over $108 billion (2014-15)
  12. TATA group believes in the parsi legend, humata hukhta hvarshata, which means good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

And Tata power is the largest integrated power company in India.

There is so much about Tata group, that You can go on and on and on.

A family which had migrated from greater Iran to Gujarat in 19th century has built a legend in India, In fact it has Made India.