Is the M140e hybrid option added to the BMW 1 Series?

The 400 hp machine is said to be introduced in 2020

Currently, all car manufacturers are taking a serious step towards adding electricity support to their range. Hybrid often comes to mind with extra efficiency, but BMW may have a more exciting idea. According to reports from Automobile, the Bavarian manufacturer, which plans to sell 25 different electric powered vehicles by 2023, is considering adding the hybrid performance option M140e to the new 1 Series family.

We’ll never see a purebred “M model” in the Series 1 family who switched to the front-wheel drive platform, but BMW can confuse customers who want more power with the M140e, which will settle on the M135i in 2020.

It is estimated that the M140e, which is expected to be powered by a combination of a turbo-powered 2.0 engine and an electric motor, will produce 400 hp, 500 Nm of torque. The water injection system can also be used to increase efficiency in the vehicle which is said to offer electric driving between 80-112 km thanks to its 35 kWh battery.

It would be nice to see an even hotter 1 Series among 25 electric powered vehicles, 12 of which are plug-in hybrid and 13 are 100% EV. Considering that the Mercedes-AMG has a power of 421 hp with the A45 S and that the Audi Sport plays 400 hp even in the current RS3, BMW needs a more powerful 1er. Combining this with efficiency would be much better for the brand.