OnePlus 7T series comes October 10

First 7T series in India September 26

OnePlus has officially confirmed that the OnePlus 7T series will launch in London on October 10 at 5 PM local time. The company is emphasizing that the new product will end up with 90 Hz display smoother than ever.

Pete Lau, CEO founder of OnePlus mention that at OnePlus, the general idea is the smooth and fast experience. The display of the Smartphone is the element that the end-user interacts the most and therefore investing in display innovations is the step in the right direction.

OnePlus fans will be able to see the webcast over the OnePlus website alongside YouTube and Twitter. The first part of OnePlus 7T series will launch in India on September 26, but the London will unveil even more.
One can expect Snapdraogn 855 but 855 Plus is also not out of the question.