Pulse – Remote Control for Your DSLR

 Pulse is a Full Fledged Remote Control for Your DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Controlling a DSLR camera remotely has never been that easy, the wireless triggers were limited to capturing the shots but one couldn’t just change the settings or control the camera in totality. That’s something the new accessory, Pulse promises to offer. The Kickstarter exhibit will let you control your DSLR or Mirrorless camera from your smartphone wirelessly by plugging in to the cameras USB port. The best part is that the device does render complete control of your camera to the smartphone including stills, videos and even Timelapses.

The Pulse works on the Bluetooth LE energy radio and an advanced form of USB control software. The software on the phone also boasts of an option to preview the picture wirelessly, before taking the shots, the range although will be limited to 100 feet. Next time you want to shoot the night sky lit with the skyscrapers you can position your camera and take the photo all the while snugging in the cosy blanket. The Pulse is compatible with any Nikon or Canon DSLR and the app is available on both iOS and Android.


The Pulse also helps out the users with the battery and the memory notifications – in essence it teleports all the controls from the camera to the smartphone app. The app also lets you to keep the shutter open for several hours or even a few seconds, the long exposure mode will let you to lock the shutter down manually and release it, still better it also allows to count down until its finished and shut down all by itself.

The makers of Pulse have spared quiet a lot of efforts to fine tune the product. The Pulse is also capable of helping you out with that perfectly timed timelapse thanks to its Exposure Ramping Feature. The feature will let you capture day to night transitions without actually touching the camera. The caveat however is that the previews on the Pulse app are actually thumbnails as the Bluetooth LE doesn’t has the transfer rates to deploy the images live on the app.

The bottom line is that Pulse has more use-cases than one can think of, the very fact that it lets you control three cameras at a single instance depicts how a one-man team can shoot from different angles. Wildlife Photographers will find a new favourite with the Pulse as they won’t be needing to venture near the camera setup thus leaving the scene to be shot undisturbed.

If you find the Pulse enthralling enough for your taste and utility, you can back it up on Kickstarter. The team behind Pulse has successfully delivered three other camera accessories in the past, so they can be considered to be reliable. The available slots for pledge range from $74 to $3000. If you pledge for $74 you will be the first one to own the pulse and will get a $25 discount on the sticker price. By Pledging $350 or more you can actually Beta test the product and also help the team to tweak the firmware plus you will also get a Pulse once it starts shipping. The folks who chip in $3000 will not only get their hands on the Pulse but will also get a 2-day trip with the Pulse team to learn photography.