Renault Captur in India will be Launched by end of 2017

Renault India will be launching the Captur in India this year

Renault India recently announced that it will be launching the Captur in India before the end of 2017. In Renault’s words, the Captur is a premium SUV with a strong crossover DNA. The Captur is already on sale in international markets and is one of the highest selling crossovers in Europe.The car that will be launched in India is in fact the Kaptur (which is on sale in Russia) and the Captur ( which is on sale in Latin America). In accordance to the global naming nomenclature, the car will be named Captur upon its launch in India for easy pronunciation.

The company believes that focusing on emerging segments is key for driving volumes and the launch of the Captur will be important with that very regard. Renault India believes that the SUV segment is witnessing a boom in India and more and more new car buyers are looking to buy SUVs, crossovers and the likes. Renault India will tell us the exact date of the Captur launch in the next two months or so. The company says that it has an aggressive plan for the Captur launch in the coming months.

Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and MD, Renault India, said, “We are delighted to announce that we will launch our premium feature loaded Renault Captur in India this year, which has delivered global success and is widely acclaimed for its stunning expressive design. Captur has sold over a million cars worldwide and will enhance our product portfolio as we aim to grow our presence in the SUV segment in India. Like all our offerings in India, there will high levels of innovation and customisation in the Renault Captur that will be launched in India, to best suit the Indian customers.”

Apart from confirming the launch of Renault Captur in India, the company also announced that it recently crossed the milestone of 300 dealerships in India. Renault is focusing on targeting customers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. One of the initiatives is the ‘Passion on Wheels’ program, which is a mobile showroom of sorts that travels from city to city and reaches out to customers. The company would like to be in the top five auto manufacturers in India by 2020. When launched in India, the Renault Captur will be going up against the likes of Hyundai Creta and other compact SUVs.