Samsung’s New Foldable Tablet will Turn into a Smartphone

Samsung’s New Patent Shows Off a Foldable Tablet that will Turn into a Smartphone

Samsung has filed a new patent with the UPSTO which shows off a tablet that can be folded and used as a smartphone. The patent drawings are clear on the intentions of the design, Samsung wants to offer a smartphone and a tablet in a single clever packaging. The patent attributes the design to the Korean IP authorities, since Samsung is a Korean based company plus also depicts the various forms this design innovation can be implemented in.

The project has been dubbed the Project V and it comes with the model number SM-G929 which is a slight increment over the SM-G928 a.k.a Galaxy S6 Edge+. As we said earlier, a slew of configurations have been depicted in the drawings and the horizontal clamshell which opens up like a book seems to take the precedence.

The patent has however just outlined the design and not the specifications of the screen. If the two display are hinged, then the chances are that even when unfolded, it won’t be that easy to use. We feel that Samsung might use a flex like screen which is completely foldable. It makes much sense since the patent also contains drawings of rollable screens.


Another possibility is that the display will be running across the entire breadth and will be glued to the device. This is something that Samsung had already showcased as a concept in a 2014 video. The plot twist comes in the form of an iPod icon, we are well aware of the strained relations Apple and Samsung share when it comes to patents but still the iPod logo doesn’t make much sense.

The Valley is expected to be sold across the European market inclusive of UK, Germany, Italy, France and Poland. It goes without saying that Samsung will also be releasing the device in South Korea. The foldable phone is still in concept state and it will take ample time to see the light of the day, the concept might also die out prematurely owing to the bottlenecks Samsung might face in the project. That being said such innovative designs are a welcome change to the rather drab looking smartphones being sold currently.