How to save bandwidth while on 3G?

Do you have an unlimited bandwidth on your phone? Then this post is not for you. for others, lets explore the possibilities of reducing the bandwidth overage problems.

Often the 3G bandwidth or 4G bandwidth you have subscribed would be just enough for browsing mobile friendly websites and emails. It may not be suitable for video or high bandwidth applications. Here are some tips for you, if you are worried about the mobile data caps.

Operating System Updates

The operating system, be it iOS or Android, let those updates happen only over WiFi instead of 3G.

Mobile Apps

Download and update of Mobile Apps takes a huge amount of data transfer when it comes to 3G bandwidth. To save 3G bandwidth, you might want to perform this activity while you are in a WiFi network.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini browser can help you reduce the bandwidth usage as the browser compresses the webpages before they are sent to your mobile. Additionally, you can also use the mobile websites instead of the normal desktop compatible websites.

Video Calls

Video calling services like Skype, Google Plus etc are for WiFi. It is estimated that video calls take 6 times bandwidth than voice calls.

Photo Upload

Many services such as Google Plus comes with automatic photo upload feature where the application is by default set to upload photos while connected to internet, irrespective of 3G or WiFi. Change the default settings of these applications so that the uploads will happen only when connected to a WiFi network

YouTube and Video sites

I have watched YouTube videos on 3G and resulted in bandwidth overage. Many of us are keep doing it. Now if you are worried about data caps, you should stop watching videos using 3G.

It is advisable to use some bandwidth monitoring apps on your mobile which will keep a track of your 3G data usage. This would help you get some indications of your usage and where you stand in a billing cycle. If you are about to meet your limit, then this last tip could give some help.

Automatic Email check to Manual checks

Change your email checking from push to manual. This is bit of an irritation, but can help you from overage charges.

The key change is not in your phone, but within you. Your behaviour towards the use of apps and data can save some cash for you.