Start Looking Prettier

Some women look as though their skin belongs to a teenager, others seem to be blessed with a peaches and cream complexion, and some girls almost seem to look younger every day. However, most of us only see flaws in the mirror: dark circles, wrinkles, bags, jowls and all the signs of ageing.
Stop! You will be so pleased when you see others looking at you enviously and whispering about your plus points: maybe a youthful jawline or pretty eyes. The truth is, when we look in the mirror we are unnecessarily hard on ourselves. Even the most gorgeous women in the world think there is some flaw in their looks. Not a single woman thinks she is perfect.
So, what can be done about it? Well, first cultivate a good self image. Think about all the compliments you have received over the years. Did someone once mention that you are tall, or that you have expressive eyes, or a sweet dulcet voice? Well, jot those down. You might not like your bountiful curly hair, but no problem – if it has been appreciated even once, it should be on your list.
Then, look in the mirror. List your five best features. They don’t need to be perfect or world class. Just, out of the things you see, which are the five best? Is it a slim waist, a swan-like neck or perhaps your graceful posture? Whatever you like, jot those down as well.
Now you have a list of your best assets. And these are the ones you should emphasise. If you have prominent cheekbones, go to a good hairstylist and tell her that you want a haircut that draws attention to them. Or if you have a busty figure, ask a dress designer for clothes that draw attention to it. If you are blessed with long legs, then feel free to wear short skirts.
Now that your arsenal of beauty is ready, it is time to improve. Make a wish list: maybe you want a slimmer waistline, a prettier smile, or a lovelier hair colour. These are all your aspirations and targets: objectives that you should work towards. Join a gym if you want nicer legs, or go on a diet for a slimmer waist, etc.
Once you have your targets, you can start working towards them. You will then find that you immediately start feeling better about yourself. You have already capitalised on your best features with the right haircut and clothes. This should immediately boost your confidence levels.
Once you start working towards your desired beauty targets, your self confidence will also increase. As a result, compliments will start coming in and you will start feeling more beautiful and more desirable than ever. Net result: you actually start looking prettier!