The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha first camera samples from 108MP camera

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Is Completely Wrapped With A Screen And Costs Almost Rs 2 Lakh

When you look at the Xiaomi Mi Miax Alpha it’s hard not to gawk at its screen, but the 108MP camera on the “back” is equally unique. The company posted several camera samples and while they are downscaled, there are crops that highlight just how much detail is packed into each photo.

Xiaomi publishes first camera samples from Mi Mix Alpha's 108MP camera

The phone has a 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom, though by the looks of it digital zoom from the monstrous 1/1.33” main sensor will work quite well too. Especially when zooming in at night, that f/1.7 aperture will help the sensor collect as much light as possible. Pixel binning will increase image quality even further, producing 27MP shots.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples (downscaled) Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples (downscaled) Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples (downscaled)
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha camera samples (downscaled)

In the first paragraph we put “back” in quotes as there’s almost as much screen on there as on the “front”. This means that you can snap selfies with the main 108MP camera or you can use the 20MP 117° ultra wide camera.

Of course, the pricing means that the Mi Mix Alpha is just a technology demonstrator, much like current foldable phones

Apart from making budget-friendly smartphones, Xiaomi also makes flagship devices that don’t necessarily launch in India. The Mi Mix series is one of those products by Xiaomi that features flagship-level specifications and concept designs that you may not see every other company pursue. Mi Mix 2 was the first in the world that attempted to deliver a full-screen experience that has now become a reality on countless smartphones.

Similarly, the Mi Mix Alpha was announced today in China and is the company’s first attempt at a smartphone that is completely wrapped by a display. Since there is no traditional chassis, the smartphone has pressure-sensitive buttons to control volume and lock the phone. Xiaomi claims that the Mi Mix Alpha has a 180% screen to body ratio which is more than any smartphone available today.

Just because it is an all-screen smartphone, Xiaomi has not ignored the camera department in favour of the design. Xiaomi co-developed a 108-megapixel camera with Samsung which is being used in the Mi Mix Alpha. The sensor itself is quite big in size as it measures at 1.33-inches. A larger sensor could mean that the Mi Mix Alpha could let in more light for better low-light results.

The only thing disappointing about the smartphone is the fact that not many will be made which means it is still sort of a “concept phone.” Since not many units will be made, the price tag of the smartphone is also quite big as it will cost 19,999 RMB or ~ Rs 1,99,485.