Top 5 Websites To Download Music For Free Online

There is not a person on this earth who doesn’t like listening to music. It is our escape from the monotonous routine of everyday life. It provides us peace, satisfaction, motivation and so many other emotions. We tend to zone out while listening to our favourite artists. I bet you are not aware about the top 5 websites to download music for free online.

There are too many websites on the internet to download free music. However, they charge you for every song you download or they make you subscribe to some membership. You don’t want to pay to download music, do you? You want to download music for free.

If you too are a music freak and want to know free music download websites then you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 5 websites to download music for free online: is easily the oldest website on this list. Started in 1997, it has the best collection of jazz, hip hop, pop punk and heavy metal. It can boast of having the biggest list of MP3 songs with high bitrate. It is one of the biggest names in this list of websites to download music for free online. It offers free download of over a million songs

2. NoiseTrade : NoiseTrade is a platfom for part promotion and part free music. It gives to the option to download free music of independent artists in return of your postal code and email address. The user interface of NoiseTrade is impressive yet simple to facilitate free music download. It does not take much effort to search songs or browse artists.

It also provides a visual hub, which contains complimentary mixtapes and recommendations covering a number of musicians, genres and other upcoming events. The USP of this site is that they offer exclusive samples from artists
before their actual release date along with links to the social media page of the artist.


3. Free Music Archive : WFMU, an independent community radio station based in New Jersey started a mission, a mission to make contemporary music of each and every genre free to everyone in 2009. Thus was conceived. This site has become a treasure to download music for free online.
It maintains a proper index of the artists connected to this website and also allows users to upload their music to the archives of the website directly. It will literally take you months to browse through the collection.


4. SoundOwl: SoundOwl has around 300,000 tracks from both independent artists as well as Searching for songs to download music for free online is easy. It provides you a list of songs that fit the search words. The website clearly mentions that users are not allowed to upload songs that are not their own.
To ensure that people don’t upload songs which they don’t own, they have a partnership with Copyseeker. It helps in removing material protected by copyright and catch violators.big names of the music industry. The user interface is minimal and clean.


5. For a great music collection, visit There is a possibility that you might feel that this website only streams songs and cannot download free music. That is a misconception. You will find a free music downloads section which has a number of genres on the left column.

Browse through the collection and when you find something great, you will have to click on a “Free Download” button which is blue in color. You can even find some old numbers and get all nostalgic.


Hope these top 5 websites to download music for free online helped you in finding songs you were looking for. Download and enjoy listening your free songs. If we missed out any quality website or if you know more websites like this feel free to share them with us in the comments section.