How To Trace a Mobile Number In India

Mobile phones have become regular and important part of our life and we all are so much attached that we can’t stay away from mobile more than few minutes or hours. As mobile phone is used throughout the world, everyone owns personal mobile number and as a result many people become victim of fraud activity, cheating, bad jokes because of unwanted callers.

You must have encountered such problems, calling from unknown numbers, insane messages from strangers. These are quite frustrating at times specially when you are in a meeting or doing something really important. So, these things force to know some ways through which we can know who the caller really is. At a point people become curious to know who is the caller and if he/she is you friends having fun with you or genuinely strange call.

Phone stalkers are everywhere and spread of mobile phones, unwanted calls, text messages have really become nuisance. It has become common to get blank calls, bank caller harassing for credit calls or donation, promotional calls, indecent text messages. It actually becomes big safety trouble for girls.

Tracing of mobile number helps in this case a lot. Even if you lost your mobile phone then tracing that number might help you to find the location where the phone resides or the location where that number was last activated.

Tracing mobile number was much difficult in the past but thanks to advanced technology and new achievements in technology that everything has become easy today that you can access anything by being in your ranges. You have used one of the most popular apps Truecaller to check unknown number in your smartphone.


We are providing you some ways to easily track any mobile number with all its details like location, place, services, provider and lot more. So, if any mobile number is disturbing you or get missed call from unknown number, then no need to wait, check out the methods and find out yourself.

Methods to trace a mobile number in India

Method#1. Using websites to track Mobile number

There are many good websites are available that lets you trace mobile number with all its relevant information.

1. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker is online services that locator 10 digit mobile number, service provider, signalling, location, circle and more. You just need to enter the mobile number with no prefix +91 or 0, once you entered the correct number, rest this service will do for you.


Mobile Tracker provides tracked details for India only and this service is absolutely free, so no registration and nothing, you can track any number easily with 100% correct result.

2. India Trace

India Trace is another good website for tracing any mobile number giving you all details regarding that phone number like location, service provider, longitude and more. It is easy to use, just enter your 10 digit mobile number that you want to search and click submit button. Once you are done, it will show you result in seconds. You will also get other services like landline number tracking, IP address, vehicle number and more.


There are many other such sites.

Method#2. Use Google Search Engine to trace mobile number

You know how Google search engine is useful in different ways. If you are not getting anything or want to search for anything like anything, you can search it on Google, images, videos, tutorial and the list in incomplete.


But you know you can even search for any mobile number using Google Search engine if that number has being ever used in Social networking websites. But this method will know give you exact location but you can still trace the number. This method will let you know about the owner of that particular mobile number and if you search further you will also get details about owner.

Method#3. Using Apps for tracking mobile number

No matter whether you are Android or iOS user, smartphone has been popular and used worldwide because of number of useful apps that are free to download and has actually provide ease to life. On Google Play Store and Apply Store, you can search for apps for tracking mobile number and will provide you details like profile picture of owner of that mobile number if provided, email address, name of owner, location, service provider.


These apps also sync with phone call details so you might not need to put that 10 digit mobile number. One of the most popular app is Truecaller and Mobile Phone Tracker, Phone number caller location and more.