What is the best text to speech software?

There is over 20 text to speech software applications that are in the market.

1. Notevibes

With this text-to-speech program, users will be able to get assistance in broadcasting, reading, and more. For those wanting a high-quality system that can convert their text into natural sounding audio, this is a great option. There are free and paid versions, if you need extra features to complete your projects. This software is known for its high character limit, offering over 5,000 characters for free.

2. Natural Text Reader

Natural Text Reader is another program that is looking to simplify text to speech so that it’s approachable for all users. They offer a wide range of premium voices, all of which sound human and don’t have the choppiness that many people expect to hear in a text to speech program.

3. Oddcast

Fully functional and fully intuitive, Oddcast is a TTS system that all readers can enjoy. Backed by 10 years of development, Oddcast can speak multiple languages dynamically with over 185 voices available. A great app for those with minor to major learning disabilities.

4. Voicepods

Voicepods offers the best of both worlds, as they combine an individual service with one that makes it easier for businesses to implement a text to speech API, wherever they need. One of the best things about Voicepods is that they’re much more user-friendly than many of the other choices.

5. MWS Reader

If you’re looking for a fully functional program to do your text to speech work on, then MWS Reader is the best choice in the category. While you can expect to pay more for MWS Reader than for one of the more affordable choices on this list, it offers expanded functionality when compared to many of them.

6. NaturalReader

Natural Reader is a versatile TTS software that can be used at work, home, or on the go. Users can upload documents and text and convert them to MP3 so you can listen to it anytime. So this is a software system that beginners will find of use.

7. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is an online voice generator that helps users with learning and reading disabilities. You can produce your own audio files with their natural sounding text to speech voices. With this software, you’ll be able to get your readings spoken quickly and at a natural sound and pace.

8. iSpeech

Next up is the iSpeech TTS software. The software is known for its quick online web browser, which allows users to add in some added passages quickly. By using this software, you’ll find it easier to paste in your text and get a high-quality audio recording that can be shared in MP3 or WAV files.

9. From Text To Speech

Users don’t have to download an app or go through an extensive process to use this software. Speed configuration is important for a text to speech software. And with From Text to Speech, it allows you to select from 4 different vocal speeds (slow, medium, fast, very fast). So you can hear your text at a reasonable rate.

10. Text To MP3

The best thing about Text to MP3 is that it’s one of the most convenient options available. You don’t even need an account to get started with text to MP3, as you can just go directly to their site, enter the words that you want to be said aloud, and true to their name, they’ll convert them to an MP3 file.

11. Vocalware

Vocalware can provide you with the required APIs so that you can allow any application that you have created, or you are using to use text to speech functionality. This is helpful when you aren’t the only one that’s going to be converting text to speech, and would like to enable customers to do so.

12. Speechnotes

Speechnotes’ design is inspired by notepad, and you simply enter text into it, and it converts it for you, providing you with all of the tools in a neatly-arranged row at the side. You can even export documents directly to Google Drive, giving Speechnotes built-in cloud saving functionality.

13. Read The Words

This software can be used to teach pronunciation to kids. For teachers, this gives you the ability to obtain text in their native tongue and then relay it in the language you’re trying to teach them. For teachers, make sure it’s installed to ensure your students can fully utilize the software.

14. TextToSpeech

This tool has a wide range of voices available in quite a few international languages, and it still offers some options to alter the speech to your liking. Due to the simplicity of the interface, you won’t have to spend any time learning how to use it. You just have to sit down and type what you want to hear.

15. TTSReader

TTS Reader is a TTS system that allows you to read RTF or TXT files out loud and save them for MP3 or WAV files. It highlights text that’s being read and allows users to skip paragraphs or sentences while you’re reading.

16. ttsMP3

If you just want an effective text to speech tool that you don’t have to jump through hoops to use, you’ll love ttsMP3. You don’t even have to sign in to get access to anything, though they have a limit of either 600 words or 5000 letters per day, which is the one thing that holds them back.

17. Speech2Go

Speech2Go is a more comprehensive program that offers a wide range of options to help you make your spoken text sound as realistic as possible. Speech2Go uses Ivona voices, all of which sound more realistic than a lot of the free alternatives that you’ll find available on the market.

18. Text2Speech

One of its main features is its 4,000 characters that are available. This is more than some competing brands but can leave more advanced users feeling limited. Still, its enough to read a few paragraphs, making it a good app for light reading purposes.

19. Voicery

For now, Voicery only features English voices, though this focus allows them to create more detailed text to speech when compared to services that provide several languages. If you need a high-quality English text to speech and you don’t mind the lack of other languages, then this is the right choice.

20. Amazon Polly

The thing that impressed us about Amazon Polly is English voices. They have a distinct accent, making it sound better than some competing devices. If you’re looking for an intuitive software, then you can’t go wrong with Amazon Polly.