What kind of Camera do YouTubers Use?

Vlogging is the new flavor of the month and is basically a blog that contains video content thus the term vlog. In order to be able to create it that will get you noticed you are going to require one that will not only give you great video but also still images and audio. Having one that allows for editing is even better. The best travel vlogging will need something that is easy to carry with them even when they are in challenging environments. So what do you need when you want to start vlogging?

Well, you need a good camera and a computer with the ability to connect to the internet at reasonable speeds. Sometimes vlogs are sent out through RSS feeds and this is called vodcast or vidcast. Oh and a great idea that people will be interested in following is essential if you want to start vlogging. When vlogging you may simply sit in front of their cameras and talk about things such as politics, pop culture or make jokes and more.

Some rise to success and some fall by the wayside, but having a professional recording goes a long way to people wanting to watch whatever you have to offer. The best kind of cameras for vlogging is the flip out screen types. There are three categories of flip screen cameras and we will go through them here for you.

Point and Shoot Cameras

These are the easiest vlogging cameras with flip screen on the market to use and carry around with you. They offer automatic optimization of your pictures and videos using AF and will also automatically adjust your camera’s settings and exposure. So you can film in any conditions and not have any concerns regarding changing of settings for different lighting and blurry footage. Point and shoot vlogging cameras, however, do not provide you the freedom you get with DSLR cameras but if your knowledge of cameras is limited then this is the right starter one for you to use to start up.

DSLR Camera

If you are a little more advanced in using a camera, you can opt for the DSLR flip screen camera. With this one you are free to change your settings, change your lenses and even connect your camera to external mics such as shotgun mics for your DSLR. They are a little bigger and heavier than your point and shoot cameras but that is a small price to pay for the control you get over your videos and photos.

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless flip screen cameras provide the best of both point and shoot cameras and DSLR cameras in one great package. They are small and compact without sacrificing the option of interchangeable lenses and manual settings and you also get those that allow you to attached external mics just like the DSLR cameras. The only downside to the mirrorless types are when using it for vlogging purposes, its battery does not last as long as the DSLR camera’s but you can always carry an extra battery.

Flip cameras are the perfect tool for vlogging, you can shoot at any angle and see the screen to ensure you are getting the best shot and also hold your camera high to shoot over the crowd at a live concert. It is also the best vlogging camera to use for taking selfies and some of them even have hands-free operation with the wink shutter feature when you flip it out, which allows you to take the picture just by winking at the screen.


YouTubers who are vlogging use all kinds of different cameras to shoot their videos for their vlogs, however, one of the favorites are the flip cameras. The reason for this is that the flip cameras, whether they be mirrorless, DSLR or point and shoot flip vlogging cameras, offer features that allow you to shoot yourself easily and ensure that you get a well-framed picture using the flip out screen to frame yourself properly.

Flip cameras are also good for using at music concerts and when trying to take photos or video at different and unique angles due to the 180-degree flip screen. Many of these cameras such as the DSLR and Mirrorless cameras will allow you to have control over your own footage, which is always a plus when vlogging.