Xiaomi launches ‘Mi TV 4X’, new series of smart televisions

Xiaomi also launched Mi Smart Water Purifier, Mi Smart Band 4 and motion-activated Mi Night Light 2.

Having captured the top spot for smartphones, Xiaomi is now pushing ahead with introduction of a range of home products. Xiaomi has launched a new range of smart TVs and other products such as Mi Smart Water Purifier, a Mi Smart Band 4 and a motion activated Mi Night Light 2.

The latest launch of TVs sees the 4X series being unveiled with four televisions in the Mi TV 4X range. These are the Mi TV 4X (65), Mi TV 4X (50), Mi TV 4X (43) and Mi TV 4X (40). The figures in brackets indicate the size of the screen in inches. While the first three will be sporting 4K HDR 10-bit display, the 40-inch TV will have a full HD display. Xiaomi’s own Vivid Picture Engine (VPE) is equipped in all the models in this range.

The smart TVs come with a redesigned version of PatchWall based on Android 9 Pie and have Netflix and Amazon Prime integrated out of the box, along with Google’s Data Saver Mode. PatchWall now provides a large selection of latest content: 700,000+ hours of digital and 4K content across 18 different content partners.

The picture quality is complemented by 20W stereo speakers with support for Dolby Audio and DTS-HD, delivering a cinematic experience with multi-channel audio.

Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV)

Xiaomi’s India-only product, the Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) sports a penta purification process. This is a three-stage process having Polypropylene + Activated Carbon (PPC), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Post Activated Carbon (PAC) filters one after the other. There is an in-tank UV light to remove bacterial impurities in the water. Each of these filters have a distinct function in removing particulate matter, metallic impurities and odour, all with high precision and efficiency.

The “smart” part comes from the ability of the water purifier to be connected to the Mi Home app and you can get real time updates on the TDS level of the water being purified as well as the filter life. When the time for replacing the filter cartridge comes you get a warning.

Xiaomi has gone a step further and made the filter cartridge replacement a DIY affair. This means there is no need for any AMC or cost towards that.

Xiaomi utilized the Smarter Living 2020 event launch to announce two more products, the Mi Smart Band 4, an upgrade to the Mi Band 3 fitness wearable and the Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2, a new product.

The Mi Smart Band 4 can be considered something between a fitness tracker and a smart watch. The Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 is a versatile night lamp that automatically turns on upon detecting motion. It shuts off in 15 seconds if no motion is detected.