Xiaomi Qin: the mobile phone for children

Xiaomi, in addition to the well-known smartphone section, it has a range of in China feature phone very interesting, call qin. This name, for the more tech-savvy Made In China it is not new, as the models 1S e AI Assistant / Pro have attracted attention and not a little, although never officially arrived in the West. Now however, the line up expands a new one phone, this time thought for children, with the particularity that it is equipped with eSIM and therefore without a physical card.

Xiaomi Qin Duo Ping An Q is the mobile phone for children with 4G eSIM

The name as long as a highway but a compact heart and totally in step with the times: this is the new one Xiaomi Qin Duo Ping An Q, a standard solution equipped with eSIM, therefore without any need to have a physical phone card (good ecologists Xiaomi!). The sector hardware it is however interesting, as it is equipped with a color display from 1.54 ” with resolution 1: 1 240 x 240 pixels and a large battery from 1150 mAh, which probably promises a few weeks of autonomy. It also has support underneath Wi-Fi and the GPS Compass in order to monitor the baby. Charging takes place via USB Type-C.

Regarding the side software, it is designed specifically for the communication safely between child and parents (the name suggests it, as in Chinese Qing is parent and Ping an you can translate it with confidence, ed), who can use the internal chat, record the numbers of family members in the phone book via the Personal Connection App. In addition, the same software is managed completely independently, therefore free of third party intrusions, just to not interfere in the security process. However, it does have convenient features like the smart alarm clock, L ‘voice assistant XiaoAI music reproduction and the opportunity to listen audio files for children.

But how much does this cost Xiaomi Qin? To tell the truth, the price is quite accessible, given that the basic version costs 399 yuan (approx 50€) which you can connect to in 4G at a cost of 0.01 cents yuan (in euros it is difficult to quantify) and then 19.90 yuan per month (2.50 € at the exchange rate). If instead you want the version with data package, it will cost only 699 yuan (19.90 x 24 months, corresponding to 88 €).