Yet another Xiaomi smart bike is to be unveiled on 23 June

Xiaomi has teased what appears to be a smart bike of sorts. Expect an official announcement at a Xiaomi event on June 23.

There’s little enough known of the bike and Xiaomi has only released teasers of the bike so far and what little of it can be seen does look nice. There appears to be a red tail light as well as a headlamp. Xiaomi has also teased what appears to be an on-board display that displays information such as speed, power and distance traveled. The fact that the display is showing power statistics might indicate that the bike is an electric one.

xiaomi bike display

Earlier this year, Xiaomi had unveiled the YunBike C1, the result of an investment in a startup called Yunmake. The C1 came with an electric motor and a slew of sensors. The bike would sense when a user was going uphill for example, and provide extra power. The bundled 5,100mAh battery could also power the bike for 55km before needing to be recharged.

The C1 included a smartphone mount on the handlebar and you could connect the phone to your bike via Bluetooth. A connected app would give you access to relevant information such as speed, maps, etc. Xiaomi has also successfully crowd-funded a smart bike, the QiCycle R1, of which they sold at least 110 units since May this year. This is all the more surprising considering that the bike was reportedly priced at $3,000 (and that’s USD, not HKD). We can expect the upcoming and as yet unnamed Xiaomi bike to offer something similar, but hopefully at a more realistic price. Either way, we won’t know till 23 June as no other information is forthcoming.